Panic attack due to life situation and pandemic

Having a panic attack that has been coming and going for three days. related to life circumstances and current situation. Please pray for me. I am on my own in this world


Poor dear sister :pensive: I’m praying for you right now, Alison. :heart:


Aliprio, I know what those are like. My mom and daughter have both suffered with them for years. I have had maybe two, but mostly just a constant feeling of anxiety most of my life.
My daughter and I were talking the other night about what believers are facing here and around the world. She said something that really helped me. She said no matter how bad anything is or gets, it won’t last forever…that is so true. Jesus told us to occupy until He comes….just one day at a time. Don’t worry about tomorrow. He will care for you each day, one day at a time, I’m struggling right with you, so hope I don’t sound all “churchy”…Try something warm to drink, do a google search on all the promises of God…we have a lot to look froward to ( I forget that ) find a silly or funny movie, sometimes that has helped my daughter. It will pass…also, if the sun comes out, even if cold, put on a coat and sit in the sun for a while, that helps too. This won’t last forever, we are in the last stretch….praying for you now :heart: Hang in there :pray::pray::pray::heart::heart::heart:


You are not alone. As someone who has mental health disorders. I can tell you that my episodes have been revved up due to a the stuff going on. Few things I do to help myself:

Pray (I pray proclamations) I will post them.
Seek support (friends and family or people here are extremely welcoming and caring).
Find something to distraction your mind to calm things down. Like a game, or reading, art or even just going for a walk if you can out in nature.
My doctor prescribed me rescue meds PRN (Ativan) - I am do NOT like taking meds but if I can’t get infront of it and it lasts for days I need to have a recourse. Having a body that’s in fight or flight it not healthy either. Knowing I have something to stop the cycle and I can recalibrate gives me a bit of control of the episodes. Perhaps talk to your doctor?

Hugs. I am here if you need to talk or reach out. I have PTSD, AS and definitely understand how it can be daunting. Many people dont truly understand unless they have lived it.




Stopping to pray for you, right now. Panic attacks are no fun at all, and it makes sense that you are experiencing them. They sneak up on you. Remind yourself to breathe deep and through your nose to help relax the racing going on in your body. Panic tightens everything up, as you well know. Praying for His peace to o’ertake you and bring you calm. :cherry_blossom:

ETA: I have a past history with this, so I am replying to you with understanding. :revolving_hearts:


Praying for you @aliprio Allison. I had a couple of those attacks a few years ago. They do make one feel helpless. Just remember, you’ve got all of us here praying and pulling for you, and Jesus is right beside you holding you in his loving, protective arms.


I get panic attacks often.
I also have OCD and was in very helpful medication for years. I am grateful to God to say that I haven’t taken any for over 6 years.
If I get a panic attack now, what helps me is quite scripture in my head, sing lines from a hymn, exercise, breathe deep while talking my situation into perspective either out loud or in my head and praying out loud.
Praying for you🙏


I am finding it hard to concentrate as well, will try though. thank you for your reply


had fellowship with a sister, that helped but I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything
probably because of the tightening so deep breathing right now
thanks for your reply


thank you so much i will use these


:pray: When you do your deep breathing, it can help to place a hand on your tummy to remind yourself not to do shallow breathing at chest level, but “inflate” your belly/balloon when you inhale. As you exhale, let your tummy deflate, just like a balloon that has lost all its air. So, inhale through the nose and let your tummy expand, then exhale through your mouth and let your tummy go flat. If you haven’t done this and are having trouble getting the idea, lay down on your back with your hand on your stomach. It comes more naturally when you lay down. I hope it helps you, and give it time! The panic can sneak up when you think you are having a good time…but the body reacts sometimes at very odd moments. :revolving_hearts:


Welcome :slight_smile:

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Can you keep some worship music going? Maybe even super softly if you’re at work?

Or pick a friend in need-and each time you feel a panic attack coming on, pray for them. Every time-the enemy hates this.

If mine get super bad, I will just repeat in my head….or out loud if I can….”In the name of my Lord & savior, Jesus Christ, I demand that all demons be gone from this (room, work space, home, etc).” I repeat it until it’s over.



My dear sister,

You are not alone. Christ is in you if you are His child. We are never truly alone.

That being said, I understand what you are going through. I have had an anxiety disorder for years. Since having Covid, it has gotten worse and worse. I, too, do not have a human to turn to that will help to bear my burden. My family doesn’t get it, my husband doesn’t want to hear it and just gets mad at me for it. I will not burden my children with it and since we no longer physically attend church (I have been too sick anyway and we have few if any solid churches to join) I am on my own as well. It is a hard road to walk and there is a pathetic lack of compassion and help for those with mental illness in the body of believers. So few Christian Counselors and who can afford one anyway?

I know all that sounds depressing but truly, what I want to do is let you know that I know how it goes. I also want to tell you that while God is able to cure us instantly from all things and fears, there are some things He wants us to learn along the way. From learning that He is in control and not us or the world, to knowing that He knows our pain. Fear and “what if” thinking never yields any good fruit but faith, trust and reminding ourselves that He is in control of all of it, even our life and death, yields so much comfort. You cannot die unless He has determined it is your time. You will not face anything unless He has willed it to be so. I think most of us get stuck in the “what if He allows…(fill in some catastrophy here)” or “what if I suffer”, “what if He won’t heal me”? Well, even in all of those then it was His good pleasure to allow it and the fruit it will produce is up to Him isn’t it? It doesn’t mean it won’t break our hearts, it will and often does, but it does mean that it’s not the end of the story. Remember, we know the end, and it’s a glorious one!!

Oh sister, I write these truths to you and please know, I struggle to live that out myself. Some panic attacks and anxiety are also chemically driven and beyond the thoughts and fears of our minds. If you can find a counselor so you have someone who will at least listen and not judge, please do. Otherwise, I am here for you. I will pray the Lord to release you from this terrible disease. It truly is a hard one to fight.

You are dearly loved by the Lord, don’t lose sight of that. Hold fast and cling to it with all you have. He is for you and can renew your mind. Spend time in His Word, in prayer and write out the Truth.

With much love and prayer


I do not sleep well and Satan loves to “ show up” when I’m tired and not even anxious.
I think I’ll have no problem falling asleep but many times I’ll almost doze off but wake up minutes later doing that for 2-3 hours.Which triggers my panic attacks creates So…
I have called out basically the same thing as you have said. It does help immensely. There is power in the name of Jesus !


DUDE! Seems Satan changed up tactics on brethren again! Man, for an idiot he’s pretty smart. Alison, may I call you Alison? Lack of focus…the squirrel moment. Man I am hit with that lately as well.

Trust me when I say there’s nothing to worry about. Well okay, don’t trust me, but take what I say with a grain of salt. Maybe a shaker full.

While your life situation is unbeknownst to me, the aspect of worry is daunting. While easy for me to say, don’t sweat it. Don’t let it get ya, the practice is as daunting as the worry. Let’s see if another prayer could help ya out?

Loving Heavenly Father

Please envelop Alison with a blessing of peace and calm in her heart and mind as we beg You to deliver her to the answers and solutions she needs to maintain balance in her life as she waits for the day You call us Home. Please revitalize her heart with Godly joy overflowing, and re energize the Holy Spirit within her. Bless her with a Heavenly level of concentration where most needed in her life and help her to take on whatever life circumstances are troubling her as we beg You to smooth the turmoil and the choppy seas of her life into a smooth and calm sea.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Dear Alison,
You are NOT alone in this world! You are a child of the Most High, a daughter of the King. His Spirit is with you, always. And through His Son, our blessed Saviour, you have many brothers and sisters.
In the natural world, you have a loving and talented son. You, dear sister, are surrounded by love and siblings. You may feel lonely… but you are not alone! You are compassed about with angels of El Shaddai. Alison, you are NOT alone.

Our enemy wants you to think you are so he may then convince you that you are outnumbered. But that is a lie. Refocus! He is a liar.

Your Father in Heaven holds you in His mighty hands. He has said He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. HE IS WITH YOU ALWAYS Alison, ALWAYS.

May God bless you and keep you Alison.
May He make His face to shine on you.
May He look upon you with favor,
and give you shalom.

Abba, dearest Father, Most High God,
Thank You for Your daughter Alison. Thank You for her faith and perseverance. You know she is struggling with loneliness and I’m asking you to open her eyes to see how not alone she is. Please wrap Alison in Your mighty arms and comfort her. Please help Your dear daughter Alison through this difficult time. Thank You. Thank You for loving us. We praise You for Your goodness! We love You! In the name of Your beloved Son, our Kinsman-Redeemer Yeshua, we pray and praise You always. Amen.


Thank you for pouring out so much love in my direction , all who have replied. I feel the power of the Holy Spirit upon me. Claiming the power of Jesus over what is happening to me at this moment has filled me with His peace and calm. My sleep patterns are now completely disrupted. I usually fall off to sleep straight away and sleep soundly for 6 hours. I have been only sleeping for about 1 -2 hours so exhaustion is setting in, a good night sleep now would be the tonic I need.


thankyou Lya I have downloaded the scriptures. I have had depression in the past, this is different though. It is situational. I live on my own so life is precarious, if I don’t pay the bills then I am in big trouble financially. I have a 30 year old son who lives along way from me.