Plagued by a spirit of fear

I am in need of prayer today! Please pray for me! Two things stirring up fear and I’m needed help in the battle against it. Yesterday was so discouraged and heavy hearted that I could barely function it seemed.

First, NY state is denying all exemptions for the mandatory shots. You might have seen me post in another area that my daughter-in-law and my son are being mandated to take the shot before Sept 27 or loose their jobs. They have two children and a mortgage. They have not accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. My daughter-in-law is pregnant with their fourth child. She suffered a miscarriage and lost their third baby just after she and my son recovered from Covid last February. We know the dangers of this shot for pregnant and nursing mothers and babies. We also know the risks of more severe reactions to the shot for those who have recovered. My husband and my children’s father passed away in 2009. He had battled with serious health issues for 10 years and was left disabled and eventually died. I am beyond believing/trusting in the system as I know that his condition was made so much worse by all of the medications and side effects from those medications. In my heart I just know that he lost his life because we trusted the doctors and their prescriptions. . . Oxycodone. Fentonyl. Blood thinners. Various meds for depression and anxiety. And on and on it went. I can’t bear the thought of my son and his wife suffering a similar fate.
In addition, just read that they will approve the shot for children 5 and up!! :sob::sob:

Along with my heartache over this situation, I’m also having a terrible time coping with fears of being imprisoned in some camp! You see, all of my life I’ve had a terrible sense of foreboding about this. . . And fear of martyrdom. I’ve never been able to watch a movie or read stories about executions without having this horrid dark sense of foreboding wash over me. Sometimes it paralyzed me with fear. I cry out to Jesus in my heart, and usually it subsides, but I’ve been experiencing this feeling a lot lately and can’t seem to shake it! I’m hoping that your prayers, added to the cries of my heart, will just move this heavy weight off my chest, even if just for a little while.

Thank you all. I am so very grateful that I can come here and lay out what’s on my heart and ask for help with the heavy lifting! This forum, and Pastor JDs messages, have been my lifeline! :two_hearts::pray:t3:


The Lord is with you mighty warrior! Don’t give in. You have many Aarons and Hurs on this forum. We lift your weary hands up now.

Lord, may Brenda @SongSparrow feel Your comforting presence this very minute enveloping her. Your word tells us not to be dismayed, not to fear, but we do. Help her as she cries out to You. As she waits for Your deliverance may she be strengthened in faith by Your grace found because she is Your precious child.
In Jesus’ name amen.

Of Benjamin he said: “The beloved of the LORD shall dwell in safety by Him, Who shelters him all the day long; And he shall dwell between His shoulders.“ (Deuteronomy 33:12 NKJV)

Deut. 31:8


I am so sorry for what you are going through. I will continue to pray for you.


@SongSparrow Brenda, lifting you up to the Father in prayer. May He hoist you into His arms, and pull you close to His heart so that you hear the rhythm of His heart that beats for you. Let that constant rhythm just soothe you into a spirit of calm.

You know the Lord will not fail you. You are an encourager of others, and you believe with all your heart He has covered us with His wings. He died for us; He sacrificed all for His precious children. That’s us! That’s you! You know this already; you know that you know that you know!

Praying for your family…and hoping they see the truth and turn to the Lord. You have been a good witness, but they must choose.

If, God forbid, we end up confined somewhere, we’ll be with believers, no doubt. But we’ll go down singing,

I have decided to follow Jesus,
No turning back now, no turning back…

In Christ,



“Though none go with me, still I will follow. . . “

Funny, I’d been singing that song a few days ago, then Pastor JD sang it in his sermon, and now you’ve added your voice dear @Cinchacha :heartpulse:. . . Another God-incidence this past week . . . I’d gone to the cemetery to weed and to pray. . . Needing reassurance. . . Carved in my first husbands headstone are the words from Isaiah 40:31 . . . The verses in last weeks Bible study . . . And, I believe Pastor mentioned them again in his sermon. . .

And now, this beautiful prayer you’ve prayed for me . . . :sob::sob: Im crying, but the heavy weight on my chest is lifting. God bless you richly for your prayers and encouragement.

Praying that you will be blessed in a special way because you are a blessing!


I :heartpulse: the image that comes to mind as I read the verse from Deuteronomy. I thank you and pray a blessing over you ! Such a beautiful, powerful prayer! From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful! Reading your prayer and that of @Cinchacha has lifted some of the weight already. I’m so very grateful. Beyond words. :sob::sob::hugs:


Well, as Pastor J.D. says, spoiler alert: I did listen to his sermons, so it influenced my post obviously. I thought of that image he painted of God holding us, and then the one of J.d. carrying his baby son in the sling.

I was wondering why I was singing that song…

It really does matter what we feed our senses, I guess.

Praise God you are feeling even a tiny bit better. What a mighty God we serve!


Precious Jesus, this beloved sister knows You. She knows that she has resurrection power to overcome these hints for her heart is in heaven, her spirit is seated with You im the heavenly realm. You are for her, completely in her side for she loves Jesus. Now, she herself, used the word ‘foreboding.’. I come against this foreboding spirit that attacks her and tries to lure her into the deception of the future, that is stealing from her what You’ve provided. Give her tools that are needed im this fight for her battle is not with flesh….doctors….hospitals….employers……even her children. Her battle is one that she cannot wage without the armor of God and I ask In Jesus’ Name that she be completely overtaken and overwhelmed with Your love….for Perfect love casts out fear and fear only brings punishment and torment. I pray that You would help her to hedge her thoughts in You and not have the memories of the past rule over her mind. I ask for healing about her husband. I ask that she would trust You about his passing and leave all that in Your capable and compassionate hands. I ask that You would let Matthew 6:34 be her reality….letting the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day. I’m asking tha Isaiah 26:3 would be her reality…her mind stayed on You and Your perfect peace filling her heart. I’m asking for a shout of triumph to rise in her and that she would know that You are greater in her tha the lying, deceiving evil one who roams in the world, Halleljah! You sing victory over this sister! The enemy has no part in her. She is Your dear daughter and You are fighting for her to be released from this tormenting spirit and You are doing it, In Jesus’ Name! God, grant salvation to her kids. Open their eyes to their need for Jesus. Lord, Send the Hoky Spirit upon them and woo them with the love of Christ Jesus. we ask in Your Name, amen
sister, i’ve also been nervous about the camps. but, think of this: if we go……can you imagine the awesome fellowship and how strong the believers would be that were sent there? I mean, like, so amazing! Joy, singing, everlasting glory and opportunities to share the gospel. Be filled with praise for His love is enduring, His grace is sufficient, His mercies are new every morning and He wants to carry your burdens. Every one of them. Sending lots of love!


I will be praying for you. :hearts:

I think that Faith is put into fire to purify it.


1 Peter 1:6-7

In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.


She is Your dear daughter and You are fighting for her to be released from this tormenting spirit and You are doing it, In Jesus’ Name! God, grant salvation to her kids. Open their eyes to their need for Jesus. Lord, Send the Hoky Spirit upon them and woo them with the love of Christ Jesus. we ask in Your Name, amen

:sob::sob: your prayer, your beautiful prayer has blessed me so very much! :sob::sob: my heart is strengthened! God bless you and keep you . . . Until we meet in the air . . . Singing!! Hallelujah! :pray:t3::two_hearts::cherry_blossom:


Oh May it be said of me on that day! Thank you so much! :pray:t3::two_hearts: God bless you and keep you safely until then. . . And then no more tears


Sometimes it’s best to say nothing at all and just cry or hug it out and cry. Other times, you have no alternative other than laying it on the line. You know what? I know this wasn’t part of your fear, but it takes courage to come out and write as you just have, telling others your fears. And guess what else? Many have the same fears you do. Do you realize that in the Bible, it speaks of persecutionS? Now, hang with me on this.

As I’ve indicated previously on this forum, we know of various kinds of persecution that are taking place as we speak.

  • Financial / Economic
  • Social
  • Residential
  • Family
  • Religious
  • Ethnic
  • Political
  • Yes, law enforcement

I have feared as you have, Brenda: incarceration. We’ve seen it romanticized (not like that) where it’s like an amusement park with no Merchandise and Souvenir store. No funnel cakes and sodas and hot dogs. We know in reality it’s far different and darker. But God is always with us, Brenda. And while that one instance is ALWAYS upon our minds, we forget about the other types of persecution that we face daily! We can live with those persecutions quite easily.

I can’t tell you how I deal with that worry except to say I don’t. It’s always in the back of my mind though. I’ve seen these prisons that we MIGHT see in our time. However, let me give you something to ponder.

Are we truly the people that will see the inside of a prison, or is it more acceptable to perceive those who are left behind, who will not bow or acknowledge the Beast will see them?

Now, Brenda? B R E A T H E. We’ll make it through this. One of the only things I have in this fleshly life is comedy to help subside the fear. Who gave that to me? God. And He also gave US His word! To know He did not give us a spirit of fear, that comes from the Devil. So what step must you start with? Acknowledge where that fear originates and capture it. I have a cartoon-like mind and visualize grabbing the thought and dragging it to the throne of God and slamming it down and saying, “FATHER! Here ya go! I don’t want this nor need this! Please help dispose of this nonsense from me!”

What’s God do? Presses a button, a trap door opens, and the thought hovers for a second and then falls away. Trap door closes and God high fives me and scoots me on my way.

Now with the other aspect of life for ya, I got nothing this side of a prayer for ya. My dad was on his own pharmaceutical store from the VA and I think that did him in but he didn’t help anything when he stopped taking his meds for awhile and none in the family noticed.My one half sister has taken both shots now who lives with us and well, she’s odd anyway. She did this to keep her job as well but knows they are bad news. I guess you could say, she took one for the team? I remember your telling of these events though in another post too. I’m going to take my own advice at this time and when I don’t know what to say, sometimes it’s best not to say anything at all.

Loving Heavenly Father

Please bless Brenda with a comfort cascading over and through her as we ask to bless her with peace and calm in her heart and mind. We petition Your throne to rid Brenda of this spirit of fear as we all know You have not given us such. Galvanize Brenda with bold strength and courage to face what’s ahead, no matter what it is. Bless her to continue holding onto her faith with both hands and clasp her hands Lord with Yours. Revitalize her with an over abundance of joy in her heart and replenish the Holy Spirit within her to overflowing as to touch anyone she encounters.

Regarding her family Lord, I can only ask that You deliver upon them a message of woe to the vaccine and to help find some answer and solution they need to overcome this malice of malevolence they face. First though, Lord, please guide them from the prisons they’ve made for themselves and into the open arms of Christ, as you have guided so many of our Spiritual Brethren out of our own prisons made ourselves. Some of us have one foot left in, others have “Feng Shui’d” the place to our liking. Please Lord, guide us out and may we bring ourselves closer to You in these days to come.

I don’t know how to word this Lord except through heavy sighs and groans and You hear those just as well as words. This is beyond unsettling, Lord. The long we go, the harder it gets but we know You are with us, carrying us through this storm. For one storm each and every one us is going through and that is life itself in a darkened world. Please deliver unto Brenda’s family the wisdom needed to see the truth, please provide them a message fitly spoken that resonates like a tuning fork going off in their hearts and minds to witness and observe the truth.

May this happen before it’s too late though, Lord.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


love you so much…will keep praying, take heart dear sister.
(I’ve been thinking….with all the evil we see and the desperate times we are in….would we choose to ‘unsee’ it? I mean, this is bad stuff……global agenda to kill people….plus, just all the crazy delusion and distractions….wars, rumors of wars….well, sweet sister, I would not unsee it. Because this past year, I’ve never been so thankful for the grace of God or pressed so deep in His Word. I have no trouble admitting, i’m desperate for Jesus. and soon, and very soon, we are going to see our King! love love love​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Dear Jon. . . Prayer warrior . . . A name fitly spoken. You have just blessed me in the way I’ve seen you bless many others here. I am so very grateful!. Your thoughtful attention to all that I shared touched my heart deeply. It is encouraging to know that, even warriors battle these kinds of fears sometimes, and thanks to that bit of humor interjected, I’m forever going to picture it as Wiley Coyote! :joy: (Though to be truthful with you, I always felt a bit sorry for that guy! :joy:). God bless you and keep you safely tucked under his wing until our rescue! :eagle:


:smirk: I’ve been repeating “with knowledge comes much sorrow” a lot lately! And I must admit that sometimes I’ve wished that I didn’t know so much and could just enjoy the last breath of summer unhindered by this incredible grief for the world entire. Then I remember a couple of prayers I prayed 5-6 years ago now when I became especially uncomfortable with the direction my home church was taking. I prayed that I not be deceived! And . . . I kept singing this verse from a song, “break my heart for what breaks yours.” . . . Well, I can know attest to the fact that God answered both of those prayers!! Truly, though it does get heavy sometimes, the Lord has led me here where I find so much support and blessing. . . And I know He is using all that he’s shown me to tell others. . . And I’ve definitely spent so much more of my time focused on prayer, and reading His Word . . . But even more important, I think, just longing every day for more of HIM!

One day we’ll find each other, I think!! It will be wonderful to give you some love with arms on :wink:, but for now we’ll have to settle for the virtual version! :hugs::hugs::two_hearts::cherry_blossom:


Same here! I never quite understood how with all that financial income, he didn’t just buy some food!? I mean, how much did he spend on ACME products all that time? Sheesh!

I never know if the title given to me is appropriate as I have many other titles given to me by others that…we can’t type here, but they seem more in tune with the consensus of my station in life. But I welcome prayer warrior for sure lol and I am thankful I could hopefully help you in some way. Even with humor from a guy we both feel a bit sorry for lol.


My dear sis, I hear your cry and will pray for and with you. I understand and fear similar things regarding martyrdom and God has heard my cry like he hears yours and will give you supernatural strength if and when that ever happens. I wish we could know the future, but just know that He will be with you just like He was with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Just remind the enemy about his future when he comes to attack you with fear. Be strong, stomp your feet at the enemy and call on the precious name of Jesus. He WILL rescue you.


I sometimes find myself stomping my feet and shouting at the top of my lungs at that ol enemy of mine! And I’m always glad at such times that my neighbors live out of ear shot! :joy:. . . Love to you, my fav flamingo! You have encouraged me again! I’m so grateful!! God bless you! And on those days when you are especially troubled by those dark imaginings, I’ll stomp and yell with you and for you! :hugs::hugs::two_hearts:


Dear SongSparrow,

I have no words like Jon and the others as I have been given a gift of emotional strength. So the best I can do is pray, Father, you have blessed me to be strong with broad shoulders. You have had me always available for family when we lost someone. I was always able to be a shoulder to cry on, a hand with what ever needed to be done. I now ask that you share that with Brenda as she faces struggles in her life based on current circumstance. I ask that you share that with everyone filled with fear. You say in your word fear not. It sounds simple but it is very hard for us mere humans to at times stand on a strong faith so we need your help. Please give each according to your riches the strength to stand in faith in the face of the evil filling this dying world. You ask us to endure but the truth is we can only endure if you make it happen. Please make endurance and faith a part of each person dealing with fears. In Jesus’ name.