Planning for Christian community because we will no longer be part of functioning society

I would like to propose the beginning of a plan to come together for when we can no longer function in society without a vaccine passport. My hubby and I live in Arizona and we are open to moving and creating a Christian group to help each other until the rapture! Please let me know if you are interested or have some helpful advice on this.


Welcome to the forum! I live in California and I would love, if God led to do the same thing.

It’s so surreal that we live in a world where pastors are being persecuted in the western world. Even though it’s clearly stated in scripture that we will face persecution, I don’t think I could have anticipated it happening this fast.

Like JD says, that tachometer is getting near the red line and anyone that drives knows you can’t stay in the red for long. Jesus is coming soon.

I’ll be happy to join you in prayer on this. Have a blessed day!


CA also, rural as I have large herding dogs that need land to run. I am wanting out of this state for months but not sure where to go. If something like this idea happens I’d take it to God in prayer for sure.


I’ve been wondering about this myself. If there will be people getting together to form Christian communities I would love to find a way to be a part of that.


I was just thinking the same thing, though the Waco (Branch Davidians) incident comes to mind. If the Lord tarries and the digital currency is implemented, along with the “health passport” (which is the ultimate goal), we will have to find others to buy for us. I am thinking that will not last long, since anyone willing to do so, will be forced to stop or will be afraid to help “criminals” and “conspiracy nuts.” I feel we are being cornered, and will be lumped in with real criminals, cartels, gangs who refuse to go digital and will be caught with fraudulent “passports.” (To that end, Do Not give in to that!) Every day the news is worse and we are going to be discriminated against at every turn very soon. I feel it getting worse each time I go out without a mask. People, family, neighbors, friends are convinced by this corporate media, medicine, and government that what they are doing is good for the community and those who do not, are ignorant and “diseased.” My neighbors are nurses and they are huge proponents of the shots, and I feel I cannot even speak with them anymore. The enemy’s deception, division, and destruction is going full speed ahead. I shake my head at the news every day and feel the pressure like a weight on my chest. Pray for continued sanity–sometimes I feel like I’m living in Alice’s Wonderland.

So very blessed and thankful for my church and Pastor who is on the same page as Pastor JD. He opened the church after the 2 weeks in the initial lockdown. We worship without fear! I am so glad God brought me here in December 2019, within walking distance of my church! Only God could have orchestrated my move to this location, with this “virus” right around the corner. I see God at work, and believe He will be right on time. I am holding on to the Blessed Hope and looking up! Maranatha!!


I feel the same-like I’ve fallen down that Rabbit hole in Alice’s Looking glass. thank you for sharing and please keep in touch-especially any ideas on how to get through all of this as it is happening.


For now, I’ve been stocking up. I have pets, so making sure I have plenty of food for them too. I am thinking after the “Great Reset” to digital, there will be a window of time to turn in cash and other forms of money, crypto, gold, silver. But I also think while they MAY allow us “outlaws” to convert to digital, it will be a short-lived deception to wipe us out financially… possibly giving us “one last chance” to take the shot.

I am so ready to leave this crazy world behind. Pray for the unsaved. Come quickly, please, Lord Jesus! Amen. Maranatha!


That is a huge blessing. There are so many church leaders that simply aren’t addressing what’s going on at all or even preaching prophecy in this time when so much is going on all around us. Feels like the shepherds are leaving their flocks to wander about on their own with no guidance.


I’m in Southern California and if any of us want to get out, it’s going to have to be sooner than later. “They “ have been talking about the big one (for those in other states that is what we call the really big earthquake that has long been overdue) for years. When and if it hits, any chance, especially for city dwellers like me, are going to be stuck here. There is no way we will be able to get out because there will be a mass, attempted exodus of millions of Californians. It will be the biggest traffic jam ever.


We have chickens…even though we’re not supposed to. They make food for us every day. I joke with my husband that if our utilities get cut off we will be making eggs every day on a frying pan on a grill. The eggs will be our manna. Hehe!

For those who are interested in chickens, get them fast because people are getting the same idea. We couldn’t get chickens for about a year until a few months ago. Aside from the eggs they provide, they are cute, curious birds, especially if you handle them as chicks.


Southern California here. I am thinking … hoping to be raptured. But, if that fails, I have a feeling we might be put in “reeducation” camps. They’re going to start killing people. Not just us, but everyone. The first to go will be disabled, seniors, Christians, homeless and anyone who is on food stamps. They want the young people. They will take them out of the homes like they did in NAZI Germany and turn them into little snitches.


Yesterday I went to a Good Friday service. It was a combination of 7 churches. There were maybe 75 people there. Apparently everyone was “advised” to wear a mask. I was the only one without one. I sat in the back. It’s the first time I’ve been since the “Rona”. No one spoke to anyone. I really didn’t recognize but a few people. It was horrible. My pastor got up and thanked everyone for wearing a mask. He said that the all the pastors had decided that they wanted to have everyone wear a mask so everybody would feel “safe” and “welcomed”. I stood up and started gathering my stuff. I just couldn’t believe how oppressed it felt. Some lady came over with a handful of masks and told me to take one. I said, “ABSOLUTELY NOT!!” I left. I will never go back. I went home and cried.


People are ruthless here in California about the masks. Here, we are worse than drug dealers or murderers in the eyes of the woke.

I’m sorry that you were vilified in your church. My husband and I know what it’s like to long for a church that takes a strong stand on God and not man’s laws and faulty science. It’s not right that you were treated that way.

We have a friend who absolutely refuses to wear a mask in church. He says it gets in the way of him singing and worshiping the Lord and he refuses to go to a church that makes him wear the face diaper.


My Bible reading and praying friends weren’t there, they also refuse to wear a mask. It was just a sad state of affairs, especially when 7 pastors agreed on this. My brothers on the east coast belong to churches that closed completely. One of them opened up at 25% capacity. They removed all the Bibles from the pews. It’s the church leaders making these kind of decisions that are literally driving people away. Then they wonder why no one wants to come back to support the church. I feel like JD is my pastor now. I do wonder, if I were to drop dead, would he fly out here and do my service? :laughing:


How sad. I realize how unique my church actually is, and praise God for this very special gift He’s provided me, a childless widow and an orphan. He is my all in all! I know My Redeemer Lives!


They took the Bibles from the pews?? My goodness. How can you have a service without giving people access to the Word? That is so upsetting that so many pastors are caving into the pressure. Pressure, that’s what it is: succumbing to worldly peer pressure.

It makes it the more important to pray fervently for pastors like JD to remain steadfast in his faith and convictions. He is not only a gifted teacher, but he is also becoming a reliable news source with the prophesy updates.


I live near the West Coast in Canada. I have had the “the big one” on my mind since yesterday. With the birth pangs ramping up I wouldn’t be surprised if that earthquake happened soon.

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If the big one hit your area, it would most likely be from the Cascadia area (I believe in Washington state). I read there has been a lot of seismic activity in that area as well as the San Andreas fault.

We had a rather sizable quake in spring of 2014. It caused a crack in our house that goes from the ceiling to the foundation of our home.

I still have faith that if the Lord wanted our homes to remain standing, He will do so no matter how big the quake is.


This would be so good. Start sharing with friends and neighbors knowledge about Jesus and ways to share resources. ie…food.


So CA peeps… if you were going to leave, where would you go?! I saw on Highwire that these four states have said they are banning the passport (Florida, Missouri, Ohio, Nebraska). If passport goes national though, would it overrule them?

BTW, just to clarify, I had already planned to move some time back and spent months getting the house ready to put on the market so this is not a new thing based on anything anyone said. :grinning:

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