Planning for Christian community because we will no longer be part of functioning society is a treasure trove of information for anyone wishing to know the concerns of many experts.


Well explained and thank you
I think with Christians taking the jab it’s years of following the rest of the sheep and not following the lord they don’t recognise his voice they only ear the mumblings of the other sheep bar bar ( it will be ok) bar bar ( god will look after me) well I hope that god does have mercy on you because this is not about a one off injection and back to normal this is irreversible this will change your body and they will not stop at one two or three they want you dead physically and spiritually


Maybe God wants some of us Californians to stay and be the light. For a state with a lot of sunshine and warmth, the spiritual environment is dark and cold.

The deep question is, would it matter where we went (unless God specifically told us to move)? Things look bad all over the nation. Our neighbors to the north in Canada have it really bad. God could keep us safe here in the golden state or any other state.

Reading posts from so many people here has made me realize that it’s bad everywhere and no one will ever be able to fix it until Jesus Christ comes back to rule and reign.

We have to lean on the Lord and be here for one another, which is something I have been blessed to find here. I’m thankful for you all…the remnant Church.


Hello, I live in British Columbia, closer to the coast, but still only a 4 hour drive from you.

Would love that. But I’m in Canada. Anyone else here in Canada?

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:raising_hand_woman:t2: Saskatchewan here @Max

@Glen is in B.C. as well, if memory serves me correctly. There are more but I can’t remember them all. lol

Nope. Ontario. Southern Ontario. :smile:

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Ahhhhhh!!! So sorry, Glen! I was going to make a joke about my rather imperfect memory…:joy::rofl::woman_facepalming:t2::woozy_face:

I will be moving…God willing towards your country!

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Awesome! We would be happy to receive you. :relaxed: Our C-19 measures aren’t quite as draconian (yet) so you may feel a little freer.

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I love a Saskatchewan. Actually, the western provinces. My wife’s mom lives in Alberta. I love Alberta as well.

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I declared I would never live here but here I am. :smirk::joy: Serves me right. Alberta is one of the most beautiful provinces. I had the pleasure of living in Calgary and surrounding area over a five year period. Driving west toward the mountains always made me happy.

Just realized I’m derailing the thread. Sorry! :grimacing:


If things get bad enough that we have to flee and are separated from families, not sure where I’ll go. My husband is not a believer. Not many people that I know are actually awake.

But I live in the capital so if anyone else is close message me.

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Amen! I trust in our Lord!!


I was watching a video off of lifesite? I think…anyway, this was an 86yr old woman praying in public with an anti abortion group.
A young woman, Pro LGBT, wearing a rainbow flag, a rainbow mask, dancing to music and smoking came up to the old woman mocking and trying to antagonize the group…the old woman, with tears in her eyes, made the sign of the cross and kneeled down to kiss the young womans feet…the young woman was so moved. That moment changed her forever…

I don’t criticize because I have the same thoughts, but If only we could all set aside our natural instincts of defense against our enemies for the love and compassion that Christ and that Old Woman showed for theirs…Maybe I could change someone’s life too!


Plus their plan is right out there, if we are willing to open our eyes and see it!!


I so hear you! I have family in the LA area, and it is so overdue. Doesn’t it just seem so likely that during these troubling days IT would happen now?

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The question I have is when you say, “do a chart for you,” what kind of chart are you talking about. I went to look look up his channel but most of his videos are well over an hour. In one of the shorter ones as I skipped through it I heard nothing of any information explaining or predicting anything.

Generally when I see stuff like this or information given is patently false as in the case of one called Marfoogle I dismiss them as a reliable source. In most cases they are just running channels to make a few bucks and pushing whatever sounds right to them. I feel it appropriate to warn off on people like this for any serious information.


Debbie, we have been on earthquake watch for a while. We know it’s only a matter of time.

One member here (I wish I remembered who they were to give them credit) told me about a guy on YouTube who goes by the name Dutchsinse. He does earthquake forecasting and he is pretty accurate. He’s good enough to get dinged by YouTube a couple times. The last forecast he did a few days ago, he called for a quake in California, either the Bay Area, Monterrey or as south as Simi Valley.

Our dog has been acting kind of weird the past couple days. Maybe she feels something we don’t.

Hopefully your family is prepared with the basics for survival.

God bless you and your family.

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Every word written by the Holy Spirit’s guidance through men, is perfect…perfect for you and for me.
You say that you are a new babe in Christ, right? This is a time that Satan is working his hardest to pull you back into the world, his world. He is a master of whispering lies. He will use every emotion in you. He has no problem with giving you 9 truths out of 10, in hopes that the 10th one, the lie, will cause you (us) to sin.

My humble advice is to pray, read God’s word, and pray some more. If you stay in the Word and in holy communication (prayers), then there is no room for the wiles of Satan. A lie of Satan, the sly snake, is to tell you that you can do anything and it will be alright as long as you trust in God. Please read in (KJV) Matt. Chapter 4; Mark Chapter 1; and, Luke Chapter 4, of our LORD and Savior’s temptations by Satan. Satan twisted God’s word and true meaning.