Please help me Lord

Dear Lord,

I don’t know if this is right to pray for or not. My friend gets her check and then is broke. If I borrow from her I pay her back as soon as I get paid. Not very often do I ask for anything from her.

I don’t want to complain because I love her and lead her in prayer to accept You. But when she borrows from me I rarely get it back. She borrows a lot. I give her food and water from my house. Her daughter lives there and is supposed to be paying rent. She says she is not. Oh Lord I love my friend so much.

I know you will provide for me Lord but do I have to support my friend too? It is hard to help her and take care of my bills. I don’t want to say no that is not very Christian. Please Lord lead me in Your path.

Your servent


All Loving and All Knowing Loving Heavenly Father

May the hard issues of SavedbyGrace777 reach the foot of Your throne as we ask of help and direction to her plea for help and instruction. We are to be Generous Givers as we follow You O Lord, but sometimes we look at our situation and believe what You have provided us is meant to be used for us, not for giving to others. We mean this as understanding we have to take care of ourselves, just as we are to take care of others, knowing You will take care of all. We need guidance through heavy waves of discernment washing over us, Lord. To make the right decisions, like SavedbyGrace777 is dealing with now.

Please help them to the Godly decision and with such a response needed. Perhaps in enlightening the friend of the necessity of prayer to the Lord for abundance of that which is needed (not to be confused with wanted). Please comfort them with peace and calm in their heart and mind, and may the voice of You through the Holy Spirit be heard with an answer for a time like this and a situation like that.

May the understanding resonate like a struck tuning fork and whatever You decide Lord, may SavedbyGrace777 find peace and comfort in that decision.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Your heart is so good, @Savedbygrace777, and you are so giving. I remember the post you made when you led your friend and neighbor to salvation…how excited you were.

As Christians, we seem to be loving and giving, and it’s hard not to provide for others when we can. There will always be those who take advantage of our kindness, I guess. I have a family member who will borrow and never pay me back, and now when she asks, I know upfront that is the case. Sometimes I have to say no. She never manages money well, and her dependence on my other sister and me prevents her from growing in that area.

I know God will give you the right answer, and hopefully your neighbor’s daughter can find work and help provide for her own mother’s needs.

Praying for your peace in this matter…



Thank you so very much. I can always count on you Jon for a prayer and not criticism. We all have had enough of that.

Love you in Christ,


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Thank you Cindy. Yes my friend went with no income for years applying for disability. I was glad to help any way I can. Now she gets SS Disability each month and still needs as much help. I don’t understand.

I have bills but I pay them. Credit cards but I pay them. What I am saying is we live within our means. That is what God knows we can handle. That is why I am not a millionaire. I would give it all away. :slightly_smiling_face:



As long as you save some of your millions so you can supply your pretty little kitty with food and catnip! :smiley_cat:

Yes, ma’am, I know—we have to be good stewards. Both of my parents were depression-era, so I was taught to be very frugal. My sisters joke that I could make a whole meal for a family of four with one chicken breast! Lol :woman_cook::chicken:

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LOL I could do that too. Might need some rice though. Giggles

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He did get a birthday present. His very own bird feeders. He likes to watch them eat. :grin: