Please Pray for BIL who is suicidal

Dear brothers and sisters, please pray for Corey who has battled depression and anxiety most
His life and he tried to take it for the third time a little over a month ago. Please pray he would be healed, that we would have wisdom on how to help and sharing the Gospel again in Gods perfect timing. That
There would be a way for he, his wife and young son to be saved through this all.
And also for
The wife Kristi for salvation and peace ,
that she would turn to Jesus for hope.

PS, praise God he is in a day treatment program now (although not Christian). They are looking at electroconvuslive shock therapy and please pray for Gods direction.

Thank you all so very much.


Loving Heavenly Father

Please send forth someone to listen to Corey and his troubles, but also to make him laugh. To help him see rationality over the case of him trying to be suicidal. Not pressuring with the “go to” responses but lending an ear and shoulder. Just sit and get their perspective on things. Then, introducing them to Your word through various accounts of people troubled in the Bible that You helped. Please guide the staff inducing “treatment” to Corey, with Spiritual wisdom and understanding.

I pray, Father, my prayer will intermingle in Your will being done as I ask that within this family, You inspire the lost to flee the prisons they’ve made for themselves and accept the truth of Jesus, in order to become walking-talking depictions of why it’s essential to have Jesus in our lives. Doing far better than any follower of Christ witnessed today.

Please bless Corey with peace and calm in his heart and mind. Please instruct him to follow the Truth in order to find the Way and experience the Life that Jesus has set out for all who call upon Him and believe.

Bless Corey with someone to enter his life and listen to him. In order to share Your Truth with him before it’s too late. We pray for a conduit of Christ-filled compassion and comprehension to fulfill Corey and Kristi’s life and thus into their son. Or, I mean, Creator’s choice, perhaps the son will lead the parents in the right direction? Not like You can’t do that. Or even let an animal lead them to salvation. Like I said, Creator’s choice!

We just pray that simply out, this family is led to the saving knowledge of Jesus and salvation is accepted and Corey discontinues any and all acceptance of thought about suicide. Transforming his problems into solutions, questions into answers, anxiety into peace, anger into laughter, depression into happiness, despair into hope, confusion into clarity, devastation into restoration, illness into health, fear into courage, infirmities into strength, sorrow into rejoicing, hate into love, trials into victories, and worry into calm.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Amen brother, thank you!

Please instruct him to follow the Truth in order to find the Way and experience the Life that Jesus has set out for all who call upon Him and believe.

And esp the last paragraph too. What a powerful prayer :raised_hands::heart_decoration:


You’re welcome. You should have seen my expression when I saw that typed on the screen before me. I basically get put in the passenger seat when these prayers get written. I just wish my iPad would make everything read properly with no typos lol.


Joining in this prayer , belatedly.


Update: Corey is home waiting for electroconvulsive shock treatment. He is as depressed as ever and feels this is his only hope. I have shared the Gospel with him before and it has fallen on deaf ears.

Today when he shared he is very depressed (lives far away from us) and asked for prayer (good sign) I prayed for him via text and I also went deep and hit on the message again. The Way, The Truth and The Life.
I went all in and said today is the day of salvation and for a new life. Please pray his religion bondage of Catholicism would be broken and God would grant him healing , repentance and salvation.
Thanks everyone. I felt I had to give it another try given where he is at and time is short.
Please pray the enemy would get no foothold over the message.


More prayers for him and God bless you, Blessed. Amen!


Thank you so much everyone!

I believe I may be attacked by his catholic family possibly at some point here for texting this to him. There is a stronghold on them with this religion. Most importantly, Jesus is the only solution to Corey’s problem (and all problems).


I am going to pray protection for you over this, Blessed.


Thank you sister! I felt very heavy after sending it . I told my husband about it and told him to be prepared for any spiritual battle.


I’ll be praying too. Get in the Word and put on that armor!


Hello @Blessed,
I am praying for your BIL Corey and his whole family. Thanks for inviting us to pray with you.

Father in Heaven,
Thank You that we can come to You in prayer, confident that You always listen and Your answers are always what is best for us and always perfect. Thank You for Blessed, for her faith, her courage, and for her inviting us to join her in prayer for Corey.

We thank You for what You are doing in and through Corey’s situation. We thank You for blessing Corey’s health care team with wisdom and compassion, with integrity and success in treating Corey. We thank You for bringing revelation to the lost and encouraging their repentance unto salvation while there is still time. May the Name of Your only begotten Son Yeshua, our blessed Kinsman-Redeemer be lifted high on the earth and in the heavens. In His beautiful Name we pray, we praise You and we thank You. Amen.


Dear GR thank you!!!


@Blessed :pray: my prayers are joined with yours and all who are praying.

I know this is an incredibly difficult time for many, especially when it comes to mental health. I pray the Lord lifts this cloud of depression and despair off your BIL. I pray the Lord sends the right ppl into his life to witness to him. I pray he receives this word without distractions, and may every attack that is coming against him and his family be stopped in the name of Jesus.



this maybe a dumb question but I wonder if he is in the RCC is under condemnation mentally?
May the Lord open his eyes and he see the grace and love of Jesus


Hi dear sister, definitely not a dumb question. His mom is the devout Catholic and he is as raised in it and does not practice but it’s all he ever knew … It definitely has him deceived and thinking he is fine.
I don’t know what to think about it but the deception is the worse thing ever . A little bit of Jesus with the majority of teachings false .

Thank you both for your prayers :purple_heart::latin_cross::innocent:


Much prayers. Did he go thru with shock therapy? Encourage him to try B Vitamins first. B vitamin complex and B-12. Plus see that he eats a better nutritious meals too. Praying about family. God cares for him. Sandra


yes, those 2 vitamins the b complex and b-12 very important.
also, magnesium is good too sometimes needed to upload vitimans.


Thank you so much Sandra!
He is not yet scheduled. May start in a week.

We just started a fitness membership for him as some say workouts and saunas help. We sure pray he goes… he definitely needs to get out of the house.

Good idea with the supplements . I will look into that with his wife and maybe purchase some clean ones. Thank you for your prayers!


Thank you!!! This is very helpful!!!