Please pray for Family of Charl de Villiers

Charl was a friend of my husband’s and I’m not sure if he was saved. He certainly had reason to be, but as he was deaf/mute and South African (English was not his first language); communication between he and I was very limited. Unfortunately, God wasn’t really talked about among our sailing friends. (We sailed for 25-30 years, in another life, lol.) They knew we were Believers but conversations never got that deep. I regret shirking my privilege and obligation to tell these people about my Savior. We hadn’t visited with Charl in a few years (Where does the time go?) so I hope he was saved sometime in those years. So many of our sailing friends were/are not Believers….

Charl was an amazing person, a rugby player from South Africa— he was the first deaf person to circumnavigate the globe solo. If you’re interested in his story, check out Silent Voyage.

Charl leaves behind two adult children, his wife, and lots of other family and friends. I’m asking for prayers for his family and friends. And I’m asking for prayers that my words speak Life to people I visit with at his funeral (that is yet to be scheduled). Most of his family (except wife, ex-wife and kids) still live in South Africa. Not sure how that’s gonna work. Thank you for praying for Charl’s family.


While not important, I gotta ask about pronouncing his name. Is it “Ch” as in “Karl” or is it “Ch” as in “Church”?

Loving Heavenly Father

Please place upon @GR a more than extroverted mentality when visiting with friends and family of a fallen friend. While we don’t know if he was saved or not, we pray her words and conversations will lead someone closer to You or in the right direction. An opportunity to get out among the lions and wolves (and tigers and bears) and discuss the important topic of the day: You.

Please transform any hesitation on her thoughts or actions into exuberant adulation for the Truth. Please transform any sign of fear into courage and throughout the funeral, transform any sorrow into rejoicing. Should this be Your will of course, we pray that @GR enlightens a world with her beacon of biblical beamingology (we’ll just say that’s a word).

We pray she finds out her friend was born again before he passed and that his life will somehow, Lord willing, bring someone closer to You.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Hey Jon @Jon,
The “Ch” in Charl is pronounced like in church. “Charles” without the “z” sound.

Amen, amen, amen! On both counts!

Laughing now Jon, generally do when I read sumpthin’ you write. Thank you; you always have the right words— even the ones we have to agree on, wink wink.

Thank you my friend.


SOME may disagree on that point with you, but I thank you lol. Also, thank you for clarifying how to pronounce his name. Helps me out in the long run.


Its a French name so it is pronounced sharl
oops sorry I didn’t see your response GR. I see he was American


Thank you for the apology.

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Charl was South African by birth, living there into his adult years. He did become an American citizen but I doubt his whole family changed the way they pronounced his name. Pretty sure he just followed his parents’ lead on that.

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Lord I pray for Georgia Ruth that you will give her boldness to speak a witness of salvation to Charls family and their friends. Help her find the words to say and prepare the hearts of her friends to receive it.
Comfort all who are involved and magnify Your Name.


Thank you Naomi @NStallard. From your lips to God’s ears!