Please pray for healing

This is my first post and I am feeling rather selfish to be making it for myself. I have an undiagnosed health problem preventing me from being able to sit or lay down for five years now. I know God says He will not give us more than we can bare, but I am struggling with that. I am sincerely trying to find joy in the midst of this trial, but I feel I can’t take anymore and am so exhausted from having to be on my feet ALL the time. I have been asking God to take me home. I don’t think I can take much more of this. It’s turning me into a miserable person. I want people to see my life and say “ hey that person lives in peace, what do they have that I don’t” People see me as cranky and miserable and it is such a daily struggle to be pleasant under these circumstances. I know God is allowing it for a reason unknown to me, but I am no good to anybody in this state. If I could be pain free for just one hour after these five years, I would be dancing in the streets. It’s been five years. I am asking for,prayer for strength and patience please. God Bless


Hello :slight_smile:

I think its not selfish. Im praying for you !


Dear Lori,

Never selfish to bring your requests to God in prayer - in so doing we acknowledge His limitless greatness and our limited self.

Have prayed for your situation, especially for comfort and relief.

My partner has a similar condition to yours and despite numerous ultrasounds/MRI scans etc. it also remains undiagnosed.

It’s doesn’t seem to be quite at the same severity but any prolonged sitting or standing provokes chronic pain. She can lay down but wakes virtually every night in discomfort - and unavoidably then so do I.

This has been the case for 10 years now and has brought me/us to breaking point on several occasions, but God.

The irony in all this is I’m the cranky one…

There are many amazing prayer warriors on this forum so your petition will be well lifted - on which note I’ll add: welcome to this forum and fellowship.

Yours in Christ


Oh, Binky, praying for you now.:revolving_hearts:


Dear Lori,
Let me start off with welcoming you to the forum with glad tidings and a joyous warmth of welcome to you. Before I do what I do here, which is write prayers, I would like to give some thought on one thing you’re asking for in prayer. That is patience. I would SO advise not asking for that because, and I experienced it, the lessons of patience come in different ways, but many times they are lessons that go through bad situations. People turning on you, development of various problems (financial, housing, job, medical, etc.) I asked for patience and while the gift is grand (if I can even say I have it), the events that I went through were not. Losing my spot in an industry, losing money, bodily injuries, lack of people paying back their loans I gave, or not paying for their bills. Relationships falling apart…it’s like a really bad country song only no one is listening to it.

I do not wish your plight upon anyone and as it’s already been said, what you’re asking for, even as an initial post is nowhere near selfish. We all have problems and our problems are very personal and problematic for us. Some of us handle things like hangnails as equally daunting as a broken back (loose comparison but you get the idea, I pray). Don’t feel you are being selfish with your request because you aren’t. You have been fighting for five years with this debilitating series of problems and that shows an abundance of strength. That shows patience (even though it’s wearing thin). You have tenacity to keep going and your faith is stronger than some and perhaps that’s a teaching moment to the world around you.

Ever Loving and Understanding Heavenly Father

Glory to God in the highest and peace to his people on earth! We come to you today for just such an understanding for our sister Lori! Peace to her on Earth! Lord please bless Lori with healing and even curing of this sordid array of medical malevolence she has been enduring for a half decade! Please comfort her with rest and peace. Deliver on to her O Lord a blessing of healing and curing as we beg You as the Great Physician You are, to pluck these ailments, afflictions, illnesses and disease and infection (we’ll just throw them all together, can never be too cautious) from Lori’s body, please we ask of You O Lord.

Please encompass Lori with a blessing of bold strength and courage to be refilled in her through the Holy Spirit refreshed in her O Lord. Please deliver on to Lori a message fitly spoken just for her to open her to the discovery of the answer of “Why” but more importantly, “When”. When will she be free of this and please if this is to help her to speak and share her testimony of the reality of the Lord, please heal her now so she may revel in the peace and joy within her waiting to be let out and praise You in ways never thought of previously.

May those who see her as “cranky” be bewildered at her transformation as she expresses the heavenly joy You cast upon her with comfort, peace, and calm in her heart and mind and the release of pain and discomfort from her body.

Galvanize Lori, O Lord with that bold strength and courage, bless her with a heavenly understanding to the issues at-hand. Shine your heavenly light down upon her and may Your joy flow out of her to those You desire her to reach and Lord willing, guide out of their prisons made of their own ways and into the open arms of Christ.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


I’m praying for you


Father I ask that You will heal Binky of this affliction that is robbing her of joy. Not only for her benefit but Your Glory, Lord. In Jesus mighty and loving Name, Amen


@Binky :cherry_blossom:

You are not alone, my friend…you’ve come to the right place full of God-fearing, Lord-loving prayerful bunch of good souls :purple_heart: :place_of_worship: :purple_heart: :latin_cross: :purple_heart: .

:heart:When you can’t trace His hand, trust His heart.

May the peace of Christ wash over you, strengthen you and comfort you :two_hearts: .

Blessings & Maranatha :revolving_hearts:


I was brought to tears this morning when I opened my email and saw tons of email replies to my prayer request. I cannot thank you all enough! I think I am still overwhelmed by the amount of replies from complete strangers who took the time to care, reply and pray. And to “TWI” your story was extremely interesting and I am going to check into that sticky nerve diagnosis. Like you said, amazing that it could be something so simple as stretches that could give me my life back. Maybe God brought you to me for that very reason. There is apparently nothing structurally wrong with me, so all the tests say. I will call a local sports injury therapist and discuss this with them. With me, I do believe it is going to end up being a simple cure. And every lead I get I will follow through with. I don’t believe that God wants me to live out the rest of my life like this. I want to shine for HIM! Again, thank you all so very very much. God bless JD and all you wonderful people! Love from BC Canada!


A belated welcome to the prayer community, Lori.
Your joyful, grateful and hope-filled reply brought tears to my eyes, too. :crying_cat_face:
Praying :pray:for that simple cure now.

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Jesus I praise you, in your word you say to come. I come now and ask for healing and comfort . Binky has come to us , you , asking in faith knowing you are the only one who can give her rest from this burden. I pray that you will bring light to this problem and that the darkness will flee. I pray for understanding of what is going on. We all have a desire to be free to worship and come together in gathering to fellowship. With such pain I know it is not easy and a hardship to get out and enjoy what you have given us, while we are in such pain. Thank you for the love , agape love, you have and give us to continue to love on others. You love us more than any , and continued to show that you loved us even though you suffered so much more than we can ever understand. Thank you for the peace that perfect peace that only can come from you. Father, please I pray for complete healing believing in Christ Jesus amen.


Lori…okay, I gotta get this outta my system, so forgive me…
“Hey, @Binky Boo! I see you!”
Okay, got that out. With the sports therapy and what our Mod @Twi said to you… I wonder if Inversion therapy could help you any? I mean, there is only two moments where you’re laying down and that’s when you’re rotating upside down and then right side up. It stretches the spine (at least that’s what they say it does) and releases pressure in the discs of the spine. It does a few other things too, however that’s what I have focused on with learning about this therapy. I wouldn’t mind using it for my back, but haven’t yet. Also, minimal space lol.

Anyway, I pray whatever you discover to help you, or lead you to the answers and solutions you need, is swift. I also wonder if there could be anything with swimming for you? Or just standing in a pool. Same idea applies of releasing tension with more weightlessness. Or perhaps a Jacuzzi…I just don’t know of one where you stand in it. I’ll have to look into that.

Glad to see you here, Lori and Let’s pray in hopes you find a ton of refreshment in relaxation and joy soon! (Which, I guess we all already have for you lol).


My dear Binky:

I have no words . I know how you feel. I have also suffered for what feels like an eternity.

All I can say is, hold on beloved. One day at a time.

I wish I could hold your hand, and cry with you, but alas we are physically distant, but close in heart, because the same Jesus saved us both and installed the same spirit in us both.

So though you may feel isolated and defeated, your brothers and sisters feel your agony, and pray for you to hold on just a little bit more. Jesus is coming …


I’ll pray for your recovery, Binky

Please try to find a medical specialist for this issue. God isn’t displeased with us for seeking help from doctors. The Apostle Paul recommended treatment for Timothy, who was sick with many illnesses;

“No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for your stomach’s sake and your frequent infirmities.” I Timothy 5:23

Just a quick update here. Although there has been no relief from my pain, for the first time in a very long time, I feel…hmmmm…OK! And OK is a very good thing right now. It’s hard for me to put into words, but to be able to say I am OK, and mean it, and feel it, well to me that is a miracle in itself. Now one more thing if I may. I’m ashamed to admit this but I used to go for my quiet times ( bible reading and praying) almost with a feeling of doing it because that’s what I am suppose to do as a Christian. Not even looking forward to it, but more of an expected requirement. NOW I can’t wait to get on my knees before the Lord! It’s not a feeling of “ oh geeeshhh, I didn’t have my quiet time yet, I suppose I better do that” something has changed. And it feels wonderful! Even if the pain is still overwhelming, I feel OK! As we know God often answers prayers sometimes in ways we don’t expect. PTL and God bless you all for the many prayers you have sent up on my behalf!



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Thank you for sharing your joy with us, Lori.
This is an encouraging development for sure.
Hopefully, people will keep on praying for your physical healing too.
Praying :pray: for the Lord to bless you with all that you need. :heart:

Hi, I’m so sorry for your endless suffering and I wish and pray for you soon to have some answers. In my case in my family we suffered quite few health conditions, nothing so serious like yours, still we thought after many years we could never solved by conventional medicine so one day I asked God why because I need more answers, I thought I was doing alright, looking after ourselves, eating the right things exercising following the doctors recommendations but after many years I turn into alternative medicine that was after my son got sick and my dog as well so I was seeking for more information and try to have an open mind, educate myself where ALL diseases start and why happen? In the Bible talks how fasting can heal the body, and I believe the true creator has given us everything we need to be healed and live healthy lives but we just lost our way, a lot of that wisdom for the rule of man. I believe truly your answer is in nature and cleansing, feeding back your cells in a intercellular level with real food which is uncooked and natural. Have you tried MMS to clear toxins and parasites or colloidal silver for viruses and fungus? fasting in green leafy greens and dry fasting. How is your gallbladder? are you producing enough bile? do you have the right enzymes? the right bacteria and enough electrolytes like high mega dose of vitamin D3 to build up blood with defences of white cells, sunshine, deep leafy greens restores your microconidia in the cells and sea salt is very important, zinc stops virus reproduction among other beneficial things. Eliminating process foods like vegetable oils, grains (breads, pasta, cereal), and sugar, all diary products is important for cleansing the liver, cleansing the blood. Cleansing spiritually is as important as cleansing the body but do not over do it too fast detox can have side effects but also do not give up just be gentle but serious and continue cleansing fasting and nurturing with only God made things from that grows from a clean earth. God be with you.


Thank you for sharing that vital information … I agree with you on every point from my limited knowledge … I have screen shot this , for information many thanks and God bless you :pray:

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Glad I could inspire and help others with my experience and knowledge, I want to make clear also some people can’t digest vegetable fibre that well because of lack of enzymes or blockage so one way to eat those deep better leafy greens is to juice them. Apple cider vinegar is also very good for healing as is rich in enzymes and remove heavy metals in your body. Seaweeds are good to clear away radiation and are rich in minerals. For healthy Bile green bitter juices, wormwood, dandelion or bile salts supplement depends on your production and remove all dental amalgam fillings those are toxic. Really the creator thought about everything that we could need but satan is too jealous and loves the souls of man and only can do is a poor imitation of truth and deceive.