Please pray for indiscriminate me

@Itsmywifesfault I hear what you say. We are inclined to defend ourselves and so react in the flesh. That’s why I decided to wait a few days and pray about it before I respond to the final questions. I think they will be short as it is true what you say about the pearls before the swine. There is also another one about wiping the dust from your feet…
So, now I can only pray that my brother will hear God’s words and will be shaken by them. Myself, I have nothing to offer.
Praise the Lord that He is able to do what we can’t!!!


@Jesuslover1985 Hi Linda, I feel truly blessed by all your beautiful prayers and replies. My husband and I are both under severe attack lately and I find it harder and harder to resist. Last couple of days I feel tired and depressed, but on the other hand I know that our Lord has all under control and even if I fail in a lot of things, I will never turn my back on my Lord and Saviour!!!
Last sunday we had a beautiful sermon that was spot on. As a friend of mine describes it: as if the Holy Spirit is sitting behind your couch and listens in on your prayers. lol.
Somehow we’ll get there. I have no intention to quit as we’re so near the finish line.
I hope you will keep on praying for me (us).


Father God, You are our Heavenly Father, to whom we can always come with our heartaches, fears and issues. We can come to You through the Holy Spirit and You give us comfort and peace in our hearts. Father God, there are so many of us here on J.D.'s forum who are hurting and in need of Your peace; the peace which passes all understanding. Through Your blessed Son, Jesus, our Lord and Savior, we have the right to come to You and to cast our burdens on You, knowing You love us so much more than anyone here on earth can.

I lift Jeanet and her husband to You. Father, You know how hard it is to witness to unsaved family members. Their often angry rebuttals leave us devastated and hurting. We love them and do not want them to go to hell. Jeanet and her husband have planted, the Holy Spirit waters and You give the increase.

Father God, I know that no prayer is ever turned away. They are all stored up in Heaven where we are told yes, no, or wait. A prayer for someone’s salvation is never a ‘no’ from You because we know You do not want to see anyone perish.

Please give Jeanet and her husband a way to reach their unsaved loved ones; if not face to face or by email, perhaps through the ABC’s of Salvation, a card or letter, confirming their love for the loved one, and, their concern as these last days seem to be near coming to a closing. In Your all knowing wisdom, speak to their hearts and tell them what You want them to do. Enable them to hear that still small voice. Please plow the soil of her brother’s heart to be able to receive Jesus and become part of Your family.
Thank You for loving us, thanking You for sending Your only Son, Jesus, to save us. I know that cost You and Him so much. Thank You for Your long suffering patience with us. Thank You for Who You are, and thank You, that we we are so tired, depressed, or hurting, we can climb up on Your spiritual lap, lean against Your bosom and just rest in You, knowing You are working in our lives in every way needed. We love You, Abba. I come in the precious Name of Your beloved Son, Jesus, Amen.

Jeanet, lean in close to our heavenly Father. He is always working behind the scenes on our behalf and working His Will in our lives. I like to think of our lives as a tapestry. On my side, I see tangled threads and imperfections, which are the events in my life where I did not listen to Him and my life took some detours away from Him. On His side, He sees the perfect, beautiful picture of the me He knows He is diligently working on until in Heaven, I am made perfect. He sees His Son in me. Not sure I worded that right; but that is the picture I have always had in my mind.

You, your husband, and God are like a three strand cord that is woven so tightly together, nothing can break it. The world seems to come against us. Family stands against us, but our God is ALWAYS for us. So who should we fear? No one and nothing!
Sending hugs and praying you know exactly who you are in Christ Jesus! He loves you so much.


No need to fret and stay strong in your beliefs. Once being a therapist doesn’t make him any better than you. It’s too bad he can’t respect your feelings but a questionnaire is pretty bizarre.

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