Please pray for Lee Brainard

I copied from his email he send earlier today. Some of you may be familiar with Lee, he is a tremendous blessing to us in his teachings and ministry. is his web site. He is asking for prayer. Thank you.

Please pray for me. My health has been sketchy for the past few months. The biggest issue has been my neck—bone spurs, disc issues, frequent knots. At times my whole body feels numb, my face and lips tingly, my stomach nauseated, my brain foggy. I have degraded balance and coordination. When it gets really bad, I stumble around. A couple times over the past few weeks, I thought I had things under control with massages, hot showers, stretching, and doing some decompression on my own with a neck harness, but the symptoms have come back in the past few days. It takes significant time and attention every day just to maintain modest functionality. Between the debilitating effects of the symptoms and the time I put into attempting to ameliorate them, my writing and video production, which are a core aspect of my ministry, have been suffering.

At this point I am seriously considering seeking spinal decompression treatment this winter. I underwent this treatment seven or eight years ago, and it made a huge difference. At present, the situation has forced me to rebalance my ministry priorities to ensure that the critical projects get accomplished in reasonable time. Depending on how things go over the next month or two I may be forced to make some significant adjustments to my winter schedule. y is solely reserved for Prayer Requests.

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Thank you for sharing this, Alvis. I have seen him mention ill health conditions in his Tweets, numerous times. Definitely :pray: