Please Pray for Lya's Hospital Bed

Greetings everyone,

Our dear friend and sister in Christ, @Lya , currently sleeps, rests, eats and basically lives 24/7 out of a recliner chair in her apartment in Kitchener, Ontario. As a lot of you know, she has multiple complex medical and congenital issues, is deaf and completely wheelchair bound.

She requires patient transfer services to get to her frequent medical visits, and also needs personal care services as she is unable to physically take care of herself. On top of all this, she is currently suffering from Stage 2 bed sores that are getting worse and is now in urgent need of a hospital bed with a gel infused memory foam mattress.

Her mom has put together a fundraising page to raise the needed amount for the hospital bed. They have tried their best to get the equipment covered through government healthcare or other charity organizations but are being told this is not a covered benefit. I pray that the Lord would touch your heart with compassion for Lya to help her in this time of urgent need. Please pray that she will be able to raise the needed amount. Also please feel free to make a donation and share this link with others as the Lord leads.

Thank you in advance for your support and God bless you!

Hospital Bed for Lya - GIVESENDGO page


God bless you Amela!!! I am so happy to do this and will get right to it!


Thank you so much, @Blessed! God bless you too! :latin_cross::heart::pray:


Thank you so much @Blessed. Thank you everyone for donating and helping. Thank you @Amela for posting. My mind is twirling right. I am overcomed with joy, tears and relief. Thank you @Janet7 for your prayers - God is working like we have fervently been praying.


All glory and thanks goes to the Lord, @Lya!

Putting into practice what Pastor JD taught us last Sunday in the Book of James Bible Study - Faith That Works!



Even if people are unable to make a donation at this time, they can send a prayer through to share with Kate’s mother on GiveSendGo site.


Don’t know what CAD means but I gave 50 of them. Seeing as the last two years of my wife’s time on earth was in a hospital bed in our living room dealing with inability to get up and move around and dealing with bed sores I am trying to figure out how to get more for her.


Well, Pax - your prayers and that of others worked wonderfully. Thank you so much on behalf of @Lya and her family!

Fundraising goal has been met and even exceeded in less than 24 hours! An angel named Steve Esparza donated CAD3K!!

Woohoo!! Hallelujah, Jesus!!! Your faithfulness is amazing beyond words!!

Love to all,


Thank you so much for your donation @WSAYLOR069! CAD stands for Canadian Dollar.

Please see my response to @Pax . The goal amount has been exceeded!! Glory to God!!!


I am so shocked and overwhelmed. Praise God. He is the one that moves. He is the God who sees. Thank you Father that you single handed orchestrated and met this need. How does that happen in less than 24 hours? Only one answer. God.

Thank you Father. Thank you @Pax, thank you @Amela and thank you @Stephmerm amd thank you all who have donated. I cannot express gratitude and the joy I have inside. Thank you Jesus. Hallelujah.


Now that the funds needed have been raised has the bed you’ve so badly needed been ordered…if so, when will you receive it?
What a merciful God we serve!


18-19 of May the funds will be in my Mom’s bank account. She will have to transfer it to Motion (they have a quote from the OT). It was 5,000 altogether. Once she makes arrangements with the bank to transfer it to the Kitchener Motion (payment) we will have to decide on a date and time when they can come set it up.

We are still currently waiting for quote for a protective mattress cover due to Sully’s nails. That wasn’t included in the original quote.

It’s going to take some time. Praise God!


Praying and giving you a BIG hug, @Lya.


Yes, Kate,
The tender hearted who have been so generous and willing to ease your pain and ultimately change your life can only be of God.
All the praise must be given to Him.

I sincerely pray that this will alter your entire perspective as we wait to be welcomed into heaven.

Maranatha Lord…PLEASE come quickly!


Fantastic!!! That’s God for sure. So happy for Lya and praising God!


Amen amen! Total agreement.


Oh my!!!
I am just now seeing this and look what transpired so immediately! Praise God and huge blessings to those who responded!


I know the hospital bed is now going to be a twin XL. Please pray that we can get the remaining costs of these items. I picked the cheapest I could find.

I don’t have the appropriate bedding for it. Sheets have been purchased already and sent! Pillows, comforter twin and mattress covers are left.

I need a mattress zip cover to cover the entire bed due to not only the kitten but Sully’s claws when he’s working/on the bed. If anyone feels led to - please don’t feel like you have to. Please. I know it’s alot to ask after the hospital bed as been raised.

The fundraiser is still open - people can donate to the fundraiser link as it is still open. I had no idea what the measurements were.

Now I know since I got an email from the OT and Motion vendor for my hospital bed verifying the length and width. Trying to be prepared so when I get the bed I can sleep in it. Instead of not having anything to use and having to wait.

My Mom can order it from and have it sent to me at my home address.

We didn’t realize there was additional/extra expenses when doing the fundraising.

We wanted to aim lower.

Thank you. :heart:


Hey there Kate,
No need to apologize for needing bedding for a bed, or for not thinking of that added expense right away. And no need to choose anything you need based on cheapest price alone either. Most the time cheapest is cheapest for a reason. (I know cuz I’m in process of rolling up six soaker hoses and sending them back— trying to save twenty dollars, lol.) Just saying, choose wisely. You want a mattress pad that will last and comfortable pillows, sheets and comforter. You spend a lot of time in bed, it should be comfy (and to your taste).

@moderators, I can’t thank the fundraiser creator or JD Farag staff/moderators enough for your generosity in allowing this fundraiser to be part of our forum. Kate is a beloved member of the family! So, thank you guys. May God bless you for this act of kindness.


I was just talking to @Twi and shoot I searched the name …have to check after @jasonacts177

But when I sink into this hospital bed to sleep, I am going to feel like my heavenly family is hugging me with Jesus! Imagine the dreams I am going to have!