Please pray for my 14 month old granddaughter

Oh yay! She is adorable. Amen!


Thank you everyone! Eíra is doing great! Her catheter was removed today and she is finally healing well. This has been a rough journey but am so grateful for your prayers and Gods grace. :heart:


Okay, first I gotta get this outta the way and say, “What a precious and spunky little girl! She has charisma and she has such a cute depiction of, ‘yeah, I’m all that and a bag of chips’. So precious indeed! And Glad she’s recovering at home with family!

Now, at first glance of your report of she went home, I kinda sank on my seat as that has a different connotation for me anymore. I’m thankful it was the earthly home with family.

On to what I really needed to say and while this will come off rude or insensitive to an untrained ear perhaps (or trained, I don’t know), I mean this with a sincerity that fills my heart with joy,

Whether the Lord allowed your precious princess of power to live here, or live with him, the plea for her to be healed would have been fulfilled. That’s at least how I see it. I tried to pray for God many times to take my instruction on healing and even curing others only to have him get in my face and say, “Do you want to do this, or should we let ME do what is good?”

I have a hard time writing prayers in ways that will answer the prayer to cure and heal loved ones when I’ll especially [see requests like this] like this and worse, because that question rises to mind for me. Do I get in His way, or let Him do His thing? We almost always want the person to live and especially a little child, not yet begun in life, to be able to see it outside a hospital room.

We also as you indicated, sometimes in the storm have a hard time walking the walk of our faith when faced with adversity. I’m no prophet but, I think your Eíra has had a multi-tiered purpose to fulfill for your family and friends. She was given a major storm to get through right away. In doing so, she was given the understanding of the importance of prayer and of God in her life. Through her situation, she also gave your family and friends a reminder of how important prayer is but also how we need to stay close to God and lean upon Him especially when we are weak and unknowing.

Through the power of strength given to you by God to ask for prayer, you were given a chance to if needed, renew your trust in brethren of Christ to come through and answer prayer, through Eíra‘s illnesses, your brethren were given a moment to walk the walk they claim and to present prayers to God in faith He would answer.

Through answering those prayers, He gave an epiphany to someone watching all this who was on the fence about belief, to believe in Him. Not because of a miracle performed, but because He answers prayers. Something they probably had a hard time with. And with all that, someone who struggled with a moment with God, where the prayer wasn’t answered as desired for them, was given a new hope and faith in Christ that not all prayers are answered in the way that caused them grief and brought them to pray for someone they didn’t know, and thank God for answering the prayer in a manner most desired by all.

All because Eíra was sick, and you came to ask for prayer…a whole slew of moments opened up and the same storm you and she went through, brought perseverance and strength, along with hope, and belief restored and renewed in people touched by this one simple act.

And Eíra will get to be shown within herself, that God walks with us and carries us through storms in one fashion or another and she will be ready for the next storm to prepare her for the perseverance found within. And anyone that sees her, will have found God’s precious example of why we trust and have faith in Him.


@Jon, a little back story. Eíra was a complete and utter surprise from the moment we knew my daughter was pregnant. My daughter had prayed for years for a second child but was unable to get pregnant.
She had a son who was 7 at the time and my daughter was supposed to be getting married in July of 2019. A horrible thing happened and my daughter and her son were forced to move in with my husband and myself and basically start a new life. During the first couple of months, they had to travel back and forth state to state to go to court. This was a painful and scary time. On September 9,2019 by daughter went to a doctor visit to be part of a trial so that she could earn some money. The first thing they do is a pregnancy test. That was how we found out about Eíra! On October 1st, my daughter met her now fiancé.
On April 28,2020, during the full upswing of a rising pandemic, Eíra was born. We thought she was a month early! During the first hour of her life, we knew there was something very very wrong. The cord was the first thing, it was wrapped around her neck and body 3 times completely. Her genitalia was what is called ambiguous and her blood glucose was nearly Non existent. She was immediately taken and life flighted to a level one hospital where worked furiously to save her and did. She remained in ICU for two weeks.
Over the months, teams of doctors, loads of blood work and many tests and an education on a condition called CAH took over our lives. It is a genetic disorder, much like sickle cell or cystic fibrosis where a bad copy of a gene is passed from each parent and inherited in the child. Although she has adrenal glands, they do not work.

When you said all you said in reference to Eíra, you nailed it. She is “All that and a bag of chips!” She was born with purpose and determination. She was an answered prayer and at the same time a prayer in action on so many levels. For her, we pray without ceasing. She has a gift of healing in a way that is unconventional. We have seen it since day one. Through all that has transpired and all that she was born to deal with, the Lord has shown favor on her. People are immediately drawn to her and many do not even know her back story. Upon holding her or even looking and talking to her she brings this peace and comfort that is unexplainable except to say, it’s a God thing.
My daughter, although raised in the church, had not been living for the Lord. To be honest, she has and is still on the fence. During this last two years, she has reached back out to the Lord for moments of prayer when the going gets tough but never turned to him completely. This time was different. I know the Lord is doing a work in her life and that she is seeing Him in Eíra and the situation. I pray hard every day for my daughter and her family. They know the truth, but like so many have not truly grasped and held with fervent hope to the Lord.
I am so grateful to the Lord for so obviously placing those words and love in your heart across the distance for Eíra and my family. I do indeed know that He hears us. I know that I struggle with my will vs His.

I have been a lifetime church goer and with that, there are so many back stories it would take up every bit of server room and much more of anyone’s time than necessary. Saying that is only to imply, of all the things church and church goers had ever truly ingrained in me was mistrust, hurt, disappointment, betrayal, and judgement. There had been some stragglers to whom my heart I hold dear. The genuine who showed the Love of God. It is by Gods mercy and favor that I know and hold onto His love and promises. I am a work in progress and if you only knew, how difficult it was to reach out and ask my fellow brethren to pray for the most precious things in my earthly life, you’d know a lot. That was a milestone for myself personally.

Thank you, for taking the time to convey that message of love and hope from the Lord. I cherish His messages whether it be of admonishment or encouragement as I know He is working to create on me the person He wants me to be. There is much work to be done and I want to grow. I did not take a single word as harsh or insensitive but straightforward and transparent which is exactly how I am. I have come a long way in my walk but I have in no way come close to being what and who I am supposed to be.

I am grateful and blessed and ask for continued prayer in my and my families lives. I want nothing more than to know that when that trumpet sounds, my children will be going with us. Blessings dear brother and thank you again!


There are no words to describe the sentiment so simple and trite sounding of not only “You’re welcome” but “Thank you” as well. I’ll work on that. May have to make up some new words!
The events portrayed in your response are amazing to read and just thinking about them as I do (I have a movie mindset) could be made into said movie. That is an amazing and rather Godly touched situation for you all. You already know that, so my apologies for stating the obvious.

I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write that prayer for you (that’s how I write all the prayers I do), and so, whatever I try to convey as best I can…is apparently a message fitly spoken to the recipient. When you mention how you’re a work in progress, I am reminded of my ceramics class in college. Working the clay on a kick wheel (dangerous if you use a manual one…I prefer electric) and shaping that clump of clay into a vase or what I often made were Saki bottles. The accidents that happen and you have to either start over, or work out the kinks in masterful ways. You are more-than-likely still in that phase, but I’d like to think you’re in the drying phase (not the kiln) and an extra design stage is being done to you. Hard to explain but it’s a beautiful result giving fuller dimension and value to the piece. Then, the kiln, then glazing, then the kiln again and then…a vision of perfected beauty, flaws and all.

I am thankful beyond words of how you read my post to you and I am humbly honored it was received so well. All glory goes to God, both in the prayer, and with you, and your granddaughter and all involved. May the beauty in which you wrote here, reflect the splendor in your day and overflow the joy within you to everyone you touch today. God bless you and your family again.

May the good news be yours on this blessed day


@Jon, the Lord never ceases to amaze me! Like just now… again! When I turned my life back over to the Lord in September 2018, my prayer was please Lord, make me a beautiful vessel. You know what He said to me? What if I only want you to be a useful vessel? What if the vessel I’m making you into is ordinary and doesn’t stand out but is instead just a plain and useful piece? Ouch! Pride hit number one, but…. Man He is so good! That’s what He needs and what I need.

Yes, a work in the potters hands for sure! I am only wanting to be what He has created me to be. It’s not about me, it’s about Him and what service I can be to Him and for Him!

So cool! Have a blessed and fruitful day!



That is my biggest prayer! What an honor right?! :heart:

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Nicole, I am touched by all I have read in your prayer topic and the replies.

What you said here reminded me of an online Bible study I did some months back, entitled Insufficient Vessels Containing Sufficient Treasure
based on 2 Corinthians chapter 4. The teacher used the analogy of a clay pot with a beautiful flower growing in it. :rose: The fragrance comes from Christ Himself, because the life of Jesus is manifested in the believer’s body. (v.10)

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us. (verse 7, NKJV)

Thank you for sharing Eira’s story with us and for the good news update!
Praying also for you and your daughter & her fiance now.