Please Pray for my anxiety

My daughter is a nurse and she had her first jab today, she also had 3 of her teenage children get it along with her. I have tried to talk to her but she will not listen, she said she prayed about it but I’m at a loss.
Now we are finding out that the vaccinated are spreading the virus to the unvaccinated. How do I tell my daughter not to visit along with my grandkids? Lord Jesus cover us with the blood of the lamb and keep us safe until it’s time to go home. In Jesus Precious Name. Amen


Don’t tell them that this is your family. If you tell them they can’t see you because they took a JAB you were giving Satan what he wants. If you’re worried about it just stock up on the emergency kit and take your prophylactic stuff a day or two before and after they visit. But I’m here to tell you that what Satan wants is for families to be torn apart. You need to be more worried about what’s going to happen to them then what’s going to happen to you… eventually they’re all going to suffer from what she’s done. I’ve been anxious ever since I believe my estranged 20 year old son took it. There’s nothing I can do about it now he was fully informed and warned by myself. The rest is between him and God now. Just give it to God but I don’t think you should separate yourself from your family…. If they’re still wanting be around you . If they’re sick they can stay home but other than that no.


Thank you @December_Mist you put that into perspective for me. How right you are about satan getting what he wants, well, he will not be getting it from me. I am so glad I posted that as I have been full of anxiety as each time I tried to talk to her she shut me down. She has prayed about this but I’m led to believe she’s been deceived. Praise God for his Love and Mercy and for the Peace I pray for. God Bless you.


@ChildofTheKing Evelyn, I hope this offers some peace for you. My husband got the vx early on as required by his job. I have very close contact with him on a daily basis, and though I’m aware of the shedding, I am, by the grace of God, unharmed.

So, love your family as you always have, and leave the rest to the Lord.


I kinda side with what Kris is saying with not telling your family to ever visit you. Chances are, they’re not going to anyway BECAUSE they have the shots anyway. Remember, as Christians, we are to treat others as we wish to be treated. If you do what the Varsity team is doing to the Unvaccinated people, you’re perpetuating a cycle that as Kris indicated, Satan wants to happen. I’m not saying for you to go out and dance in the fields to the sound of music, and lick and kiss and slobber over every person you see who has the shot or not. That would be a bit weird.

But, rather, pray to be sustained in protection till the Lord calls us home. Just like Peter (here we go again) cutting off Malchus’ ear, he could have ruined 3.5 years of Jesus’ teaching with that one act. Thankfully he didn’t, but, his bravado and mentality could have done damage in big ways. So to can your “excommunicating” your family because of the shots. Also, think of this…once you say this, you can’t take it back. You can’t undo what has been done and in that, you will feel some sort of regret at some point for saying it. You’re illustrating the Christian life as an ambassador for Christ and that one act could destroy the depiction anyone could have of what it’s like to be a Christian.

We are to be prepared, yes. Prepared for danger and to be cautious. Not board ourselves in a position we cannot deliver the message of Jesus to people who have taken upon themselves a wrong path in their journey. My sister has an attitude about the rapture and Christ, long before she got the shots. She’s what I’d call a “fair weather Christian”. While still on formula and not even milk of the Word…others took to meat and grew. Keep that growing alive in you.

In the event I sound mean or harsh, I am not trying to be. I love you as I do all here.

Loving Heavenly Father

Please deliver onto @ChildofTheKing Evelyn the wisdom of Solomon as she is presented with a traumatic position to be in for anyone with a family in these times. Please provide her the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to speak on her behalf when faced with a chaotic situation such as distancing herself from her daughter and grandkids.

Satan boldly enters our lives right now on the same weakness: Family and how to handle the situation he provided us to test us. Either option A or option B and through anxiety, and through pressure of time sensitive responses, we act accordingly. Later, many of us see clearer, the option C we are never offered by him. Option C is never offered by him because C is You, Christ our Lord. Standing in the background, quietly looking on and knowing He will be seen at some point. Maybe it’s too late by the time we see You, Lord, or maybe it’s the right time for us to make amends both with you and others. Please allow Evelyn to see option C before A or B even come to view and have her walk away from Satan’s trivial pursuit game for our lives and into the arms of You, Lord.

Please wrap Your arms around her tightly and hold on to her and let her heart speak to You in ways our words can never communicate. May her tears and groans and sighs be prayer enough for You to create such a miracle within her moment of trial. Place upon her a galvanizing of protection from those not of You, Lord. Protect her from the wiles of the devil, even the possible sharing of this caustic calamity of Satanic soup. Whether shot or virus, may You protect her and her family.

Please bless her daughter with enlightenment upon the issue at-hand, Lord. Please provide discernment the likes of which we have never seen, upon this family in all their ways. Help Evelyn, if I am correct in my metaphor, Lord, to sheath the sword before any harm comes to Your servants. Of course, if I’m wrong, then, ya know…Creator’s choice on the matter. Which is Yours anyway, as we all know. Love You, Lord!

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thank you @Jon for your words of wisdom. Well, I prayed about this a lot yesterday evening and night, I ask The Lord for protection and to be covered by the blood of the Lamb. I had decided that I was not going to give anything to the devil except to rebuke him. I woke this morning feeling God’s peace as I left it all in His hands. I know God has got this and that I am not to worry over things that are handed to Him. Praise God for all of His people on this site and for being in one accord with you all. Jon, I read your prayer for me and it made me cry I could feel the Holy Spirit was moving. Much love and Blessings to you all God Loves you so much. All Honour and Glory and Praise be to Your Holy Name Lord. Amen.


I would hand you a tissue for the crying, but that would freak both of us out. Lol

I’m glad you decided against it all and I apologize for not seeing your response to Kris till long after I posted. But God had me write a prayer for a reason, right? It’s been a long two years now and we often times feel like we’re running of fumes…which we are at times. Now, we just need to pray for a revitalizing of abundant joy in our hearts and reenergize the Holy Spirit to overflowing again. Hugs to you!


Hi Evelyn,

Say this:
Anxiety GO in Jesus’ name!

it works for me everytime!


i find listening to this calming :yellow_heart:


praying for you Evelyn :pray:

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Prayers to you from someone too who tried and tried stopping her only daughter who is a RN from taking the jab BUT she did. Breaks my heart and I have handed it over to the Lord because it is the most hurtful thing to happen to me. The last week especially all I have done is cry and pray and found solace in reading my bible.


My heart goes out to you @MerryHeart your message had tears running down my face. My daughter is just finishing her RN which further pushed her to get the jab. I also only have 1 daughter. Praying for you and your daughter. May God bless you abundantly and give you peace which only comes from our Lord Jesus Christ. Much love in Christ.


Thank you @ChildofTheKing and I see your name is Evelyn which is my middle name. I saw your response earlier just as it turned lunch time here in Australia and I had a moment of losing it again. Therefore, packed the car with lunch, the dogs, my bible and headed for a tranquil spot to take a long long walk in the fresh air and had some heart felt conversation with the Lord. It worked I have come home just now more at peace thank you. :pray: :pray: :pray: sister in christ


I am so glad to hear that @MerryHeart, I also have had to call on God for peace as felt a bit anxious with the scary things going on. I also live in Australia so we have that in common as well. God is Good, all the time. I pray that He keeps Blessing you in these times of trials. Much love from one child of God to another. :pray: :pray: :pray:


Did you see the article? I also posted it in the most recent Bible Prophecy Update topic.


God loves you so much! :heart:


Have to agree God is good and we just have to trust in that plan. As I keep saying in my prayers to Him I have put all my eggs in his basket. Oh so if you are in Australia you have a taste of this crazy wicked world they are trying to say is our new norm. Wonderful that we have a few things in common. Have a great day and great to know there is a few of us on this forum from Australia. Love from sister in Christ


Yes last weekend where I was also near water everyone I saw and I mean hundred of people at least weren’t wearing masks and social distancing was ignored as well. To the ones I spoke to they were wised up. Will say because I am in country vic that is was horrible to go for a drive to Daylesford and the surrounding area and QR code check in even to go to the loo and use the children’s playground etc etc. Keep praying that Jesus comes quickly for there is so many that aren’t coping and soon I told someone everyone will have to refer to their phone to see if they are allowed out of their homes. For those of us that are diligent and read our bible daily and study and keep focused on Jesus have that to lean on but for many lost they are stuck and we need to reach them. Regards from a sister in Christ


I am praying constantly for all my brothers and sisters, and for Jesus to come soon. Surely it won’t be much longer. I love you all so much. This doesn’t seem real, but I know it is. Keep clinging to your bible and Jesus, and know many are thinking of you and praying for you.


Yes, @Janet7 I did watch it. It is scary what people are doing. As for me I barely go out of the house. I used to have a house cleaner provided through Australian Home Care but they live in a hot spot here in Victoria Australia so I had instant anxiety. I’m sure now they would have had to have the Jabs so I have stopped them from coming, but, boy I miss them. They worked in pairs, very nice girls, so it was two people for one hour. This world is crazy. Come, Lord Jesus Come. Much Love from one sister in Christ to another.

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