Please pray for my dad

Hi guys, please pray for my dad Mario.
Two years ago he got a stroke (but was OK, no visible problems, it was a miracle) and last month after a scanner the doctors saw a possible block in an artery, and would need a surgery. Tomorrow we will meet the surgeon to discuss about it. My dad didn’t take the vax. He’s now more close to Jesus, I saw him prayed and asked him (he confirmed he was praying). My dad has always been rebel! This June 16, he will have 80 years old. I don’t really know if he’s saved. I often speak of God to him but sometimes he doesn’t listen, sometimes yes but I don’t really know if he understands, he’s becoming deaf. But globally, he knows. I asked him to repent… Except the artery, his health is good, he is always active and working.

If you can pray for him, for his health and salvation… ask also God to use good doctors and help us to take the best decision, for operation or not.

Thanks a lot :two_hearts:


Praying now :pray:for you and your Dad as requested.
It’s good that you can talk with him about the Lord. If he can’t hear well, can he perhaps read the ABC’s of salvation?
Praying also for wisdom about an operation and if that can’t be avoided, for competent and caring doctors to be provided.
May God bless you with peace.


Adding to my prayer list with Sally, my daughter Michelle and many other friends who need prayers.


O Merciful and Ever Loving Heavenly Father

We have brethren here who pleads and petitions your throne for medical help regarding her dad, Mario. As we see the sun rise and set in the same directions every day, we also know your protection and your help and guidance is even more laid in understanding. First, O Lord we beg You to place upon Mario a heavenly light and to deliver upon him a message fitly spoken to him for him to walk into the open arms of Christ and continue his walk with You to its utter fulfillment. It is with this we pray for a miracle with his hearing to be renewed for the conversation that awaits him with medical staff, whom we pray to You O Lord to bless them with the utmost knowledge and heavenly wisdom to make sound judgements and to guide them along their paths to help Mario in ways You guide them, Lord.

We pray you will enhance the calming of Mario’s and @hotchiwawa’s spirit during this time as they listen to counsel over what to do concerning Mario’s blocked artery. Whether cleaning through operation, or medicine, or whatever is the God-given path to fulfill Your plan for Mario, O Lord, let it be discovered.

Please bless Mario and the medical staff who meet about the options, and procedures available, to be in a heavenly calm and at peace while talking. May the understanding and comprehension of both sides prevail equally successful and may a solution and answer be agreed upon through Your guidance O Lord.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


No my dad can’t read. He’s from the old generation. He started to work very young.

He sinned with alcohol all his life. Last year, before march 2020 (covid), I asked God to act about this sin, seeing he can’t be saved this way. Believe me or not, but the same day he was arrested by the police when he was drunk. We went to court some months ago, where I saw him pray on the bench. Now he told me it’s over with alcohol.

Last year, I read him the book of Jonah and 18 or 20 chapters of Matthew, after he got fed up.

For info, my mom died at the age of 53, almost 20 years ago in 2001. At this time, I wasn’t saved. She believed in Jesus and prayed daily but she was catholic and lived in sin, pfffff. It’s so sad.

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Thanks so much guys @Pax @WSAYLOR069 @Jon
God bless you and your family :raised_hands:


:slightly_frowning_face: I can see you haven’t had it easy during your life. That was a great answer to prayer about your Dad giving up the alcohol. How wonderful that your Dad listened to you reading so many chapters of the Word!

As for your Mom, some Christian teachers say not to assume anyone was lost, on the basis of what you know about their beliefs or life. Only God knows their heart and if they might have been saved as a child, for example. I have similar concerns about my Dad, who died when a lapsed RC. I am sorry that you lost your mother at such a relatively young age.

I’ll keep praying for you and your Dad. :pray:

Your sister in Christ. :heart:


Thanks a lot @Pax :two_hearts:

My dad will have a surgery this July 12. The only solution was clear (surgery needed), thanks God.

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Thanks for letting us know. Will bookmark this for that date.

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Amen I too agree and thank you believing that you will do a good work in this family. In Christ Jesus.


Prayers said for your dad Mario. :heart::pray:


Thanks so much Steph.
God bless you and your family :revolving_hearts:

A quick update: my dad Mario will have surgery this Monday July 12. A 3,4 hours of operation and 4,5 days in hospital :frowning:

Please pray for him: for his salvation and health.

Thanks a lot, God bless you all.


Thank you for updating us, @hotchiwawa. Praying right now for Mario.


Praying your father will come through his procedures better than new…and with a thirst for the Lord. Praying you will be strong, @hotchiwawa , and you are able to be a blessing to your father.

In His name, Amen


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I will pray for you, your dad and family. Salvation, Healing, Comfort, Peace and Provision. Be well and have no fear.

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Some news: yesterday my dad was operated. The surgeon called me to say the surgery was a success. Today (one day later), I met my dad in his chamber. All seems OK. He has to stay to the hospital several days. Maybe this Friday he would come back home.

Thanks a lot guys for your prayers :pray::heart:


Thanks for sharing this promising news.
Will keep praying for you both.

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Some news: my dad is home since 2 days. All seems Ok :pray::heart:


All praise to God! Wonderful news… praying for continued recovery and strength and JOY!