Please pray for my dog Bonita

I found out today that our dog Bonita has malignant mast cells that have spread through part of her body (I’m not sure if it’s actually cancer or not, because I immediately went into shock and couldn’t fully comprehend what the doctor was saying). The doctor said that without medicine, she would have 3 to 6 months to live, but the doctor prescribed medicine to hopefully eliminate the malignant mast cells. It takes a bit of time to start working, though, so we won’t know if it’s working until a few weeks have passed. Please pray for her to make a full recovery.

Bonita is an extremely healthy and energetic 13-year-old dog who has no symptoms of illness, has no signs of aging, and still acts just like a puppy. In other words, she has zero symptoms of anything being wrong with her - we actually found out about the mast cells as part of what we thought would be a fairly routine checkup. My family of four (including Bonita) is extremely tight-knit, and we cannot function without her, so it’s essential that she survive along with us until we all go up together in the rapture. Furthermore, I have a weak heart, a frail constitution, and a family history of heart problems, and I’ve come close to having heart attacks in the past after getting too stressed out. Just hearing Bonita’s diagnosis was enough to incapacitate me for the entire day - I finally got enough strength to get up and write this prayer request, but I’m still suffering from uncontrollable chills and full-body weakness and I feel very sick right now. Suffice to say, if Bonita dies, I’ll probably die of a heart attack, and my parents can’t function in life without me.

Fortunately, God has always watched over our family in the past and saved us in our times of need - which are many, because we’ve already experienced multiple certain-death experiences that God saved us from. (For instance, Dad fully recovered from a severe stroke that the doctor declared would leave him as a vegetable, Dad made it through a life-threatening surgery with no problems whatsoever, Mom has been saved from both reckless drivers and poisonous snakes, Bonita perfectly recovered from multiple surgeries, and the list goes on.)

Additionally, unless I’m just in denial, it looks like God has been hinting that Bonita is going to recover fully and be just fine - either that, or the rapture will happen before her condition worsens. First off, while getting ready this morning, when Mom was looking for a sermon on the radio, she happened across a normally-unavailable station that was talking about the Shunammite woman, whose son was saved from a seemingly certain death because she didn’t give up hope that God would come through for her. (Actually, a similar situation, where Mom heard something on a normally unavailable radio station, is what alerted me to the existence of Pastor Farag and this website! If not for God’s intervention, I wouldn’t even have an account here!) Additionally, after I recovered a bit, I opened my Bible to four random pages and took note of the first passage I noticed, and all four times, it was a passage talking about God’s deliverance of people from seemingly certain disaster (such as when the Israelites ran out of food in the wilderness). Furthermore, ever since I was able to get up, my eye has been drawn to papers and decorations that talk about trusting God when situations seem impossible. After praying and asking if these events were really God’s way of assuring me that things would turn out fine, I immediately noticed a piece of mail that said “YES” in huge letters. So, unless I’m mistaken, I think that God has been assuring us that things will turn out all right, just as before. (Also, our forsythia bush suddenly started blooming in the middle of the fall with the leaves still on it, even though forsythias normally only bloom in the springtime and then grow leaves AFTER the flowers have started falling off, which seems kind of ostentatiously miraculous because of how impossible it should be.)

So, anyway, please pray that Bonita makes a quick and perfect recovery, or that the rapture happens before anything bad happens. (Sorry if I rambled too much…)


Prayers for your dog and for your family. It’s hard to see our fur babies go through stuff like this


I know things feel like they are out of control sometimes, but this is when you need to lean and trust our Lord Jesus. I pray that Bonita heals and that you find peace in knowing God is watching over you and your family. May God give you a sense of peace and comfort during these troubled times. Cast your burdens on him. Pray for strength and remember he is always with you. God bless you :pray::pray::pray::heart::heart::heart:


I’m sorry to hear this, I am glad that it sounds like you’ve had 13 wonderful years with your dog. They are so special to us and our hearts break easily and quickly over them. I know that no matter what happens you will do what is best for your pet no matter what that is. Remember that in the Bible it says that the Lord made the covenant with all the earth. Our pets are his creation and I know that he cares about them now and forever. I thank the Lord for having the blessings of pets.


I know firsthand what you’re feeling and will pray for our Loving Heavenly Father to extend HIS mighty healing hand on Bonita.


Hi ,
sorry to hear , dogs are part of the family .
I will pray for you and your family
and your dog .



Prayers going out to your dog Bonita and to you and your family. Totally know how you feel about the potential loss of a beloved pet. May Bonita pull through and continue to bring joy to your home.


PLEASE give us an update for Bonita!


Ah, sorry! Right now, there’s no way to know whether or not the medicine is working - her checkup isn’t until late next week, when they’ll do some sort of scan to see whether the mast cells have started decreasing in number.

She’s still acting perfectly fine and full of energy, just like always. One of the medicines has a side effect that causes her to accidentally use the bathroom if she relaxes. (It’s a temporary effect that fades once the medicine leaves her system.) She quickly became aware of this and started trying to hold her rear end up in the air when lying down to avoid having an accident, and she was visibly upset about this, but I had the idea to get diapers for her to wear indoors. She doesn’t mind the diapers at all, and now she can get comfortable indoors like usual. I get the impression that she only needs this medicine for a little while, so this shouldn’t be a long-term issue. Aside from that, she’s not having any side effects from the medicine, and she still has absolutely zero symptoms from the mast cells.

…Actually, I’m starting to wonder if maybe the mast cells aren’t even spreading any more. About a month ago, she had minor surgery to remove a benign fatty mass from under her arm that was starting to make it difficult for her to walk; everything went perfectly, but about a week after her stitches were removed, she suddenly got an odd tumor that we had to get surgically removed…except no one could seem to identify what sort of tumor it was. An initial test said it was an unidentifiable malignant tumor with mast cells present, the biopsy said that it was a benign tumor without any mast cells, and the test on the tumor post-removal said that it was a malignant mast cell tumor. When she was checked to make sure the mast cells were all gone, that was when the doctor saw that they had spread throughout several parts of her body, but she hadn’t actually been scanned like that since early spring. Additionally, after the tumor had been removed, her rear end was swollen and she had unusual-looking droppings for about two weeks until the swelling went away. Having looked it up later, her swollen rear end and unusual droppings match the description of what happens when mast cells invade that part of the body…except these symptoms went away and she got completely better. This also happened directly after all of those rapid-fire surgeries and tests. As a result, I’m wondering if maybe all that physical and emotional stress released a bunch of mast cells all at once, which then started going dormant once she was no longer under so much stress. It would explain why she suddenly had so many mast cells with no warning (which is what the doctor was surprised about), and it would explain why she only had symptoms for a short while AFTER all those surgeries. If this is true, then she’s almost certainly in the clear, but I don’t know enough about this to really know for sure.

Right now, she’s acting exactly the same way she always does. We just went on vacation to a place a friend of the family lets us use for free (we go there every year, and we’re very grateful, because we could never afford to go on vacation otherwise); we thought we were going to miss vacation because of all of these problems, but fortunately things worked out. Bonita loves it here, and she’s been pulling us around on walks to explore the island and check out everything that catches her interest; after we get back to the house, she grooms us and then snuggles up to us and takes a nap. She has no problem running up and down the stairs, either. She has an excellent appetite, her droppings look perfect (in contrast to how they looked after that surgery several weeks ago), and she lets us know whenever she wants us to take her for a ride in the car somewhere to explore. (And as always, she never lets us out of her sight; she’s very clingy.)

Thank you so much for your prayers, and please keep praying for her! I’m still nervous, because there’s no way to tell whether or not her condition is improving right now. I tried flipping to random pages in the Bible a while back while thinking about whether God really did hint to us that she was going to be fine, and I got two passages related to Gideon in a row, the second of which was talking about how Gideon kept asking for further signs after God had already told Gideon that He was going to deliver him. Hopefully, that’s God’s way of affirming that He did indeed promise to save her, and that I need to stop doubting and worrying constantly…


Praise God that your sweet girl isn’t in any pain…that in itself is a tremendous blessing. It was a wonderful decision to begin using diapers because of the extra stress of trying to avoid accidents which might have worstened her condition.
We who have been pet parents are aching right along with you and feel your distress. Bonita is a very lucky girl to have so much love and devotion. When my kitty Bailey was still with me I’d often look down at him cuddled up beside me and think how pleased God was for the love and care he was receiving. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if God gives jewels in our crowns for the tenderness we show HIS creatures.
Please keep us informed…as we’re all praying for your Bonita.

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Minor update! A week ago when we saw the doctor, we requested physical paperwork describing the diagnosis and health statistics (or whatever you call it) because we couldn’t really follow exactly what the doctor was talking about. After a week, we finally received the paperwork summary of the diagnosis via email, and unless I’m misinterpreting something, it…doesn’t really look bad at all? In fact, although the doctor said she has cancer, the paperwork says she doesn’t!?

I’m relieved yet cautious, because although the detailed writeup on Bonita’s medical document sounds like what the doctor was talking about, there’s nothing on the paper that indicates that Bonita’s life is in danger, which is weird, considering how adamant the doctor was on that point. I thoroughly researched all of the potential issues the paper pointed out, and none of them are life-threatening unless they progress to an extremely obviously severe state (like how influenza can be life-threatening, but usually isn’t with proper treatment.) I don’t know if anyone here knows much about the health and medical field, but here’s the summary of what the paper says and what my findings were after doing some careful research.

  1. “Probably” has mastocytosis in the spleen
    -The paper really does say “probably”. It’s bizarrely difficult to find information about mastocytosis, and it seems that it’s commonly confused with a mastocytoma, which is totally different. (Mastocytosis is when large numbers of mast cells gather in odd parts of the body. A mastocytoma is a mast cell tumor.) From what I read, if mastocytosis only has mild symptoms, it usually won’t affect life expectancy, although you have to be careful of allergies. Incidentally, Bonita has none of the symptoms of mastocytosis.
  2. Numerous enlarged sublumbar nodes
    -This appears to be talking about lymph nodes. I read that lymph nodes may enlarge when that part of the body is irritated, and her rear end did get very irritated after her surgery (which is probably when the mast cells were released). So there’s a good chance this doesn’t mean anything, especially because she doesn’t have any symptoms of lymph node problems.
  3. Spleen is tremendously enlarged and mottled
    -The spleen is probably enlarged because of irritation caused when the mast cells settled there. I discovered that many dogs have naturally mottled spleens, so that might not mean anything. She doesn’t show symptoms of any spleen-related problems.
  4. Adrenal glands are enlarged suggestive of pituitary-dependent Cushing’s disease
    -Our doctor has been insisting that Bonita has Cushing’s disease for several years now, and yet she’s never ever displayed a single symptom of it, nor has she ever taken medicine to treat it. We keep being told that it’s going to worsen, but it never does, and we keep being told that she frequently wakes up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, even though she sleeps through the night perfectly fine. (Does the doctor just think we’re not very observant or something?)
  5. There is heavy biliary sludge and concern that she may be developing a mucocele.
    -Apparently, many dogs have high amounts of biliary sludge normally, with no complications. I suspect this may be tied to the initial release of the mast cells and/or her body’s stress from having three surgeries in rapid succession, which suggests that this probably won’t worsen. If it does, there are multiple ways to safely treat it.

All of her lab results fall within the normal range, except for RDW % (something about red blood cell size variation), which is just barely above the normal range. The paper doesn’t say anything about her life being in danger, and simply says to give her the medicine and come back on the scheduled date for a recheck.

So, I’m not sure if anyone here knows more about this sort of thing than I do, but it LOOKS like she might not be in any real danger, especially because she still doesn’t have any symptoms of any of the suspected issues in the paperwork. That, and unlike what the doctor said, the paperwork doesn’t even mention cancer. We’re planning on giving her a turkey tail mushroom dietary supplement to help suppress the mast cells, because I read several research papers that decisively determined that turkey tail mushrooms are both safer and more effective at fighting off mast cells (and even cancer!) compared to normal medicine, both in dogs AND humans. (We’re still going to finish her prescribed medication doses, of course.) Please keep praying for her, and please let me know if you have any useful insights on the situation!

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Still praying for Bonita, and you and yours. I know how difficult this is and know all about the worry. But God.

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God came through for us! We had our recheck appointment this morning, and all of the mast cells are gone, and her spleen and lymph nodes are back to their original healthy size! The doctor was astounded and said that it was an unbelievably miraculous result. So all those signs really WERE signs from God! In the end, I think this entire series of events strengthened our faith in God considerably, and it also led to us realizing that Bonita was born with mastocytosis and allowed us to find a nutrient supplement that prevents it from affecting her, so it all worked out for the best in the end!

We’re so grateful to God for always rescuing us in our time of need! Now, we can finally rest easy while we await the coming rapture!

Thank you so much for all your prayers!