Please pray for my husband right now at Bible study

Dear brothers and sisters,
Praise the Lord my husband is finally going to a Bible study, 4 years after saying yes to Jesus! His first study was with a “spiritual mentor” using a book for godly men… I forget the name… Anyway, that never sat right with me as the Word is the place to be.

Please pray the Holy Spirit would draw him closer to Him and that my husband would desire the things of God, desire to be there each week and identifying with godly men and study. That he would surrender fully to Christ and his identity would be fully in Christ, not at all in the world.

I am so grateful he is going. I know he has some thoughts on it tho not being for him , not being drawn to it as much as others… Please pray for his heart an d mind to be completely changed .

Thank you!!!


Any update on his account to the study he went to?


Thank you brother!

Back now and said “it was good!”. No further details other than a group of about 10 men ranging in age. He sounded positive about it. Please Lord continue to work!!!

Thank you!!!:two_hearts::innocent::grin::blush:


Father in Heaven,
Thank You that Blessed’s husband is being drawn to study Your Word. Bless him with open eyes to receive and understand Your Word and dedication to stay in the study. In Jesus’ Name, thank You. Amen.


thank you sister!


Fantastic! :smiley: