Please pray for my mum Cynthia

Please could you pray for my mum of 93 who is saved, she went into hospital on Friday evening after a fall which left her unable to stand or walk like she normally does with her walking aid. She reluctantly allowed me to call an ambulance as I couldn’t help her enough on my own. On phoning the hospital the following morning the first thing I was told was that she had tested positive for covid, as far as I was aware she wasn’t displaying any symptoms. Visiting to the hospital is not allowed and I get very little information when I manage to get through which is isn’t often. Got through just now then the call dropped out after 15 minutes on hold. Please pray that God would heal, bless and comfort her and that she will be released from A&E as soon as a bed becomes available for her. I have also been struggling for almost the last 10 months to offer her the care she needs so please pray that I will be able to find and or arrange the right level of care for her. Thank you in advance for all prayers offered.


Praying for your Mum now.


Praying brother


Oh, Dear Lord please put your hand on Cynthia. Protect her from harm and comfort her family as they are separated from her.
I know you love them and will bless them for the sacrifice they have made in caring for her.
Lord I ask you to comfort the mind of @Elpresidente and help him to rest in You.
Care for this family and deliver them.


Praying for your mom and for you in this undoubtedly unsettling situation. Praying for peace and for her healing.


Not sure of the situation in Wales, Geraint, but in a very similar, frustrating situation, we were able to get information via the ward social worker. If this person is doing their job well, they should also be able to guide you regarding available home care or residential care providers.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You know how much Your servant, Geraint, has been, and wants to continue to be, a good son to his elderly mother. You also have seen how he has been struggling to provide the necessary care. Please, Lord, would you alleviate some of his burden and guide him towards other appropriate avenues of care that his mother will be willing to accept.

Thank you Lord that we can cast all our burdens onto You and You have promised to sustain us.

In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Thank you for your prayers everyone. In response to @Pax comment my mum is still stuck in A&E and hasn’t got to a ward yet and social services wont get involved till she’s on a ward.


Dear brother, if your mom was not displaying any symptoms of covid, then the hospital lied to you, like they have been lying.
Another thing the hospitals do is they put people on ventilators to kill them.
I am not trying to scare you but to warn you (perhaps you are already aware of it).
You have the right to say “no” if they say that, she is your mom.

You and your mom are in my prayers. God our Heavenly Father will take care of the whole situation. Our Loving God always comes through for His children. Depend upon Him wholeheartedly and be guided at all times through The Holy Spirit.

We put out faith and trust in God Almighty, not man. Let God work through people to help you find a good “care” (helper) for your mom.

I pray in Jesus Christ’s precious name!! :raised_hands:t2:


Morning Geraint @Elpresidente,
I’m so sorry to hear about your mum’s fall and transfer to hospital. I’m sorry she is isolated. If you can do anything to keep her from getting remdesevir, do so. More than likely it will kill her. The brand name is v something. I can find out if you cannot.

I will keep your family in my prayers Geraint. Take heart dear brother, our Lord will not leave nor forsake His children. We can depend on that. No matter the way things look in the natural (even though they may break our heart) He is in control. He is working ALL together for the good of His beloved children.

Father God, You are our Rock and our Refuge, our Comforter and our Healer. We thank You for it and we need You to be all these things to Cynthia and her family just now, please. Bless her doctors and caretakers with compassion, wisdom, integrity and success. Please keep Cynthia from being given any thing that would harm her. Send an angel to keep guard over her so that evil has no way to get to her. Help Cynthia’s body to heal completely and quickly so that she can be released as soon as possible.

Please Father, would you also make a way for Cynthia to have in-home care? Send someone who is Your child, someone with the skills, patience, compassion and wisdom needed in this situation. We praise You for what You will do in this woman’s life. She is Your child and You take care of Your own. We thank You for that.

Father we ask that You would protect and make provision for ALL Your children, especially the frail, the young— those who must depend on others for care and for Your animals too. We need You desperately. We always have, but our eyes are more open now that You are shaking us awake. Thank You for Your grace and mercy. You are so good to us!

And last Father, but certainly not least, pour out blessings of comfort to Geraint. Bless his family with all they need. Please keep them in Your care, providing safety and a boldness to tell others about You and Your Son. We thank You for this! We ask these things in the Name of Your blessed Son Yeshua, our Kinsman-Redeemer, amen.


Praying for your mum now


Thanks for all the prayers so far my mums situation is far from ideal at the moment she was trying to discharge herself from A&E this morning despite still having COVID and no real mobility at all, I was told she was being discharged later in the afternoon according to the doctor I spoke to. I fought against this as I would be completely inable to cope with her needs as she is also incontinent. A friendly and helpful sounding social worker has now got involved and she has been moved to the Acute Clinical Decision Unit with the hope of getting her to a cottage hospital for renablement and give some time to try and get the right domicilliary care at home package in place if possible.
I am exhausted and feel like I’ve been through the wringer several times. I’ve been going into my mums 7 days a week for the last 7 months with only 3 days off to make food and give her medication and clean. I’m truly at my wits end and was angry at God this afternoon as my Dad went through an awful time for nearly 3 years before he died and all this stuff with my mum brought it all flooding back.
I realise we live in a decaying fallen world and it’s not Gods fault our health service in the UK is in a terrible mess. I keep saying imagine if all the resources thrown at COVID like the deathvax masks, track and trace and testing had been put into extra doctors, nurses and hospitals.
Please pray for an intermediate and long term solution to mums care needs, and also that The Lord would grant her that peace that passes all understanding until she makes some kind of recovery, because she can be a nasty and aggressive character at times despite being born again since her teenage years and the one who took the gospel back into a family of 13 children.
Thank you for all your kind words so far you are my only real church family.


Still praying brother - especially for peace for you and your mother.


Praying about your Mum’s care arrangementsand empathizing with your difficulties. It can be such a strain. At the very least you need respite care.
Thank you for the update.


Praying as you have requested


Hello brothers and sisters time for an update. My mum is doing ok she had to have a brief amount of time on a cpap machine to increase her oxygen levels. She responded rapidly to this and by today she only is on a tiny bit of oxygen through a nose tube. The staff I have spoken to have been exceedingly compassionate and kind. Mum also had the presence of mind or more like the prompting of The Holy Spirit to reject an injection (possibly remdesvir)
Please could I ask you to continue to pray for the necessary care package to be put in place so she can return home. Without this in place I won’t be able to cope with all her needs.
I truly want to thank all of you for your prayers and give praise to The Lord for hearing and answering.
I would also like to ask you to pray against the satanic attack we as a family are under myself and wife have COVID but are recovering quickly, but my son and his wife now have it and also my father in law who is 84. On top of all of this my son has been horrible to my daughter today and she was on FaceTime earlier quite upset at his attitude. We are under attack but I know we are not alone. These are strange times and I know our battle is not against flesh and blood.


Glad to hear your mum is being well cared for.


Prayers are being answered Hallelujah


@Elpresidente Putting you mother in the hands of a Gracious-Loving-Life Giving, ABBA [Father]. I ask His Sovereign Will be done in your mother’s life, and yours.
Asked in the Name of Jesus :pray:
Doc :dove:


Thank you Doc how are you doing these days


Probably better than I deserve, awaiting HIS return.
Thank you for asking. I hope you are OK, considering what is going on in your life.

I am just traveling through, and getting impatient.
The word sojourner covers it.
In English, a “sojourner” is defined as a person who resides temporarily in a place.
Php.3:20 " For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ,"

I am 80+ going on 100+, I want to go home. Daddy :pray:is my prayer [for me] others at my age are running marathons.

Bet you sorry you asked, what seemed a simple , polite question, “how are you doing these days”

My Love to you mother Cynthia ** :rose: :rose: :rose:**

Doc :dove: