Please pray for my parents 🌺

Tomorrow, my parents are going to get the jab. Both my sister and I have shared much information with them about this experimental shot. They are both Christian’s and are aged 85 and 86. I have been praying for months about this. Thanks in advance for your prayers.


Dearest Heavenly Father
We know that through You all things are possible as You are the one who makes the seemingly impossible, possible. You have shown us the concern placed upon us by feeding the birds of the air and clothing the flowers of the land. You have promised to us that all we need is but ask and our prayers will be answered. However, sometimes we may not like the answer of wait, or no. We feel we have unanswered prayers, yet it’s that wait and no that are the answers.

We know Lord You will not let Satan take your children from your grasp. We know that we are dealing with a spiritual force within those who have offered up the population as sacrificial pawns to their Prince of lies. But God is in control, no matter what. So, we come to You, O Lord and beg for a miracle within the appointment for the parents of Marlese. May a wrong answer help change the outcome of this visit. May a question be asked that raises the final flag needed to bring them back to Marlese unscathed.

We don’t like the idea that people have to go through wrong decisions to find out how right loved ones are, and yet that seems to be happening. We beg of You, O Lord, to please bless these parents of Marlese to “turn around, don’t drown”. We place the circumstance within Your loving hands, O Lord and we await for the blessed hope promised to us so long ago to place us all in Your arms soon. Preferably through the rapture.

Bless Marlese with calm no matter the outcome of this day and bless her parents with protection through these hours and this day so they may know truth before it’s too late.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thank you Jon. :hibiscus:

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Dear Lord we pray for Marlese’s parent’s safety. That you might protect them in their decision and permit their testimony of you be of beautiful witness to friends and family. That their hearts toward you transcends the stigma, concerns, risks, and complications that are associated with our times. That this would be a time you deepen your communion with them in their hearts. That their days of fellowship with you may also be with Marlese in glorying you together. May you provide Marlese with comfort, peace, wisdom and supernatural care toward the spiritual needs of her parent’s as they may relate to you dear Lord. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.


Dear lord , we place both marlese parents
in your hands . We pray for safety and protection . We pray you give marlese peace and comfort at this difficult time .
In Jesus Christ name we pray amen

Thank you :heart:

Thank you. :hibiscus:

Thank you and God bless you. :sunrise_over_mountains:

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Update:. They did get the first jab yesterday. I continue to pray for them. They are doing o.k. so far but I keep praying that God is with them and that they will not get the second one in a few weeks. Thanks again for the prayers! God bless you. :two_hearts::hibiscus::bird:


Praying for your precious parents Marlese…Oh Lord we cry out to you to come against whatever convinced them to do this …Please Lord would you give them pause about taking the 2nd shot. I pray that you might intervene to keep them from going back for the second shot…In Jesus name

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Hi! I really appreciate the prayers. My mom and dad made it through the first one but will get the second one today. I am continuing to pray for them. I had a concerning dream last night. I am so thankful for the years I have had my parents. They are in God’s hands now and I hope the rapture comes soon. It will be very hard when more people pass away from these awful satanic jabs! Maranatha Lord Jesus! God bless you brothers and sisters in Christ. :heart:


Dear Marlese
Reading your post I am in the same boat but with my daughter, and son in law. Waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak…
So Dear Lord …We cry out to You …In this evil confusing time Dear Lord we are crushed watching all this …We pray for them to be saved if they have need of being saved… Please LORD will you draw them close to yourself and show them how much you love them and how real and true you are and how we all need the salvation you have given to us all free for the taking…Please will you bring them with us…as you saved Noah’s family and some of Lot’s family and others …Please continue to give Marlese your peace daily in the days ahead…it is so very hard on us Lord…watching our loved ones taking these horrible untested injections …
Oh Father help us … :heart:In Jesus Name


Praying, Marlese. :hugs: I’m watching and praying over a friend and my dad as they’ve both taken the first injection. God bless you. :heart: