Please pray for my pet frog Red

Please could you pray for my pet frog Red who I realized today has severe inflammation in his thighs and so is really red. He didnt move from his hiding spot yesterday and I didnt bother him as result. I think he may have injured himself in a fall the other day. But am glad I made him get down today because otherwise this would have gone unnoticed. Im afraid I might lose him since I know frogs are so sensitive and the slightest thing can kill them. The Lord has blessed me so much this year with being able to raise 30+ tadpoles during Lockdown. I have kept 3, Red and Orange as companions to Lemon who I couldnt release because he has spindley leg syndrome. They are all I have right now that gives me some sense of joy in this hell of a world we live in. I have no one to really talk to. I left my church last year when I realized they are fake christians anyway.

God Bless you


yes, i’ll pray for your pet frog Red :heart:



I’ll pray as well for Red, your pet frog. :pray: :pray: :pray:
God made and loves the animals and not even a sparrow falls to the ground without our heavenly Father knowing about it.


aw… I had a little pet frog when I was young, had him through some tough times too. I will certainly pray for Red, we only want the good kind of croaks!



Lord Jesus, I ask that You heal this little frog, Red, who Maz truly loves. Lord, bless Maz as she seeks You and works hard to care for the lives You put in front of her to care for. Thank You, Jesus. I ask this in Your Name. Amen.


I am agreeing with Jessie’s prayer. Amen!


Maz ( Marianne),
I too am praying for the quick recovery of little Red. God watches each day as you so tenderly care for HIS creatures and is well pleased.
It’s just a thought but if you could do a Google search you might find some suggestions regarding Red’s condition the apply then to ease his pain. Of course we know that God is our healer and physician so I also pray that HE covers Red with HIS healing hands.
Please keep us updated…


Oh I pray this little one recovers. We love our pets so much and I am heartbroken that you are going through this. May God hold him close. :pray::pray::pray::heart:


Maz ( Marianne),
I googled Red’s symptoms…it’s suggested that as it’s most likely edema so you must change the water every day and clean the cage much more often. You should also humidify the room Red is in.
Of course…finding a vet knowledgeable and able to diagnose for treatment is most likely best. If you want to save Red’s life please be proactive.


Thanks Vicki. I quarantined him in his own enclosure right now and gave him a honey bath to help with any bacterial infection, suggested by a frog forum. His legs seem much better today, swelling gone down, so am keeping a close eye. He is stressed at being in his new enclosure tho so not eating but will try again today to feed him. He has lots of spirit in him yet, evidenced by his trying to walk thru the walls of his tub.
@Twi what kind of frog did you have?
@StaceyLee That is a cool pic. :heart: it!!

God made and loves the animals and not even a sparrow falls to the ground without our heavenly Father knowing about it.

One of my favourite verses. Its good to know we have a heavenly father who cares about every detail of our lives. No matter how small.

Thank you all for your prayers and support!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
The video below is a song I used to love as a kid. Don’t know if it ever went to the US or not? Enjoy!!


Praying for Red… I hope the info HIS has posted helps. We used to have chubby toads! Loved them!


He was a wild wood frog. I wouldn’t suggest anyone take a frog from its natural habitat now, but I didn’t really know any better back then. And he ended up having a full and spoiled life with me :joy:

And hey, that’s Rupert bear! I used to watch the cartoons when I was a kid (Canada). I have a few very old books that my dad passed down to me too.


That was soooooo adorable. Thanks for sharing and bringing much needed smiles. It really filled my heart with joy.
I do hope that Red continues improving. Please give your froggie a message of love and perhaps a plump treat from me…his auntie V
If possible I know we’d all really like it if you could post a photo of Red.


Honestly I thought this was silly; praying for a frog. As I read your post, I felt your concern for a loved animal. God created these beautiful creatures to bring us pleasure and He does care for them also. I will pray that your sweet slimy Red gets better and continues to give you joy.


Marianne. How absolutely precious. Couldn’t resist this prayer request. My heart goes out to you and I am already praying.


This is what we all need…A pet frog…
You made my day.
Give Red a kiss from me! Seriously.
love you in Jesus…



I know what it is to be close to what others may not always understand, @Maz. Pets truly do grip our hearts. Praying for your pet Red.:frog:



Hi Marianne :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice to see you around, but sorry about the circumstances… I’ll say a prayer for you and your little friend Red the frog :pray:t3: :frog:

You can talk to me… or the rest of us whenever… my message box is always open :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia: :grin:


Thanks Kevin. You made me laugh with this pic :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :clown_face:


Some day my prince will come…He is COMING SOON!!
Thanks Kina …Red sends you a big WET kiss!!