Please Pray For My Physical & Emotional Healing

Would appreciate prayers please.

I’m in great distress emotionally and physically. I have been having pain in my right parotid salivary gland for the past six months and it is unbearable and continuous. I can’t speak or eat properly without much discomfort. I have had antibiotics without any benefit. I am nervous to go to a doctor or dentist’s office because my area is having a very bad surge of the Covid delta virus and because of a low Immune system I have to avoid public places during the pandemic.

I have been praying continually for the LORD to intervene and touch me with His healing. I am 72 years old and have multiple health issues. I have no Christian connection and this is my online church and fellowship. I am very depressed because of continual barrage of health problems over the past several years

I am very despondent and weary and just yearn so much for the LORD to come and take us home!! I long so much for my real home and glorified body. :sob:

Thank you so much for your prayers.
God bless you all abundantly :heart:
Paulette C. Jackson


Dearest sister in Christ…
I more than understand your distress for I too have a multitude of painful conditions that I’m suffering every moment of every day with. Yet each morning as I waken give thanks for ALL of it… for I’ve been chosen to have these trials to overcome for His glory.
You and I need to run this race until the end in spite of our sorrows. So many are experiencing the incomprehensible…those without 1,2 3 or 4 limbs…those disfigured from the agonies of being burned alive…the sightless…the deaf and those who are both…those who are completely paralyzed…those whose minds are gone…those in situations who are being tortured morning noon and nigh at the hands of evil…those whose skin is literally falling off of their bodies leaving endless opened un-healing wounds and on and on and on. So…could what we (YOU) are experiencing be worse? If only you could be as grateful for what is just as much for what isn’t perhaps you might see it differently.
Compared to all eternity our suffering is but just a moment in time.
My prayer for Go’s strength and courage to keep you until HIS coming.
Hold on…and give HIM the glory for all things!


While I am not a doctor and what I am about to say is not medical advice just what I have used in the past and it worked. In one case I had an abscessed tooth. I started drinking a tea made from the spice turmeric in powder form with salt and a touch of honey to mitigate the taste. In about the same amount of time as antibiotics in the past did, it took the abscess down. At that time I was not employed and had no insurance and could not afford a dentist. Another time I had a severe infection of the lining of my lung making it hard to breath. I started taking oil of oregano 3 drops in a small glass of orange juice twice a day. In a couple of days the pain of breathing started to lesson. By five days it was mostly gone.

These are some common homeopathic medicines used in lieu of pharmaceuticals. Your call if you wish to use them. In the mean time will be praying for a recovery.


Have Prayed, will pray, you are never on your own when you have belong to Him… we are one family and when your hurting so are we. Keep on walking the walk of faith :orange_heart:


Great advice. I’m using turmeric for a toothache right now because of a discussion we had not long ago. Also oil pulling three times a day with coconut oil. It’s starting to get better.


Glad to hear that. If you can stand it the oil of oregano applied directly to the gums around the affected tooth may speed things up. Oil of oregano is very potent in how much it burns. It is in my opinion hotter than Jabaneros’. That is why I take it in orange juice unless I have to do direct application and then only as a last resort.

Both are antimicrobials. And while they are generally slower acting because the are natural the still work the same and there are no know side affects.

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Hello dear sister. I’m praying for you, and so sorry you’re in pain. The natural remedies @BayouBushi mentioned just might help you. I shop for these items at, and always try to get organic products. Sure do hope this helps you.


Thank you very much! God bless you :heart:

Thank you! I needed to be reminded of all those things to be grateful for that I DON’’T have!! Yes, that is what I need to do…discipline my mind to be thankful in every situation. It’s just so hard when experiencing pain and discomfort most of the time.
God keeps reminding me of the Scripture in Romans that says exactly what you referred to…these problems and pains are temporary and to focus on the things that are eternal…though it is very discouraging when it had been a long time suffering. I’m telling myself it is a “blink of an eye”

Thank you for the encouragement and exhortation. God bless you. :heart:


Thank you so much God bless you abundantly :heart::heart:

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Dear Lord ,
we pray in agreement for healing for your
child his little one . We ask you bring
healing and confidence . We ask you
you take the fear and bring her hope
and protect her from any diseases
she may fear . We ask you give rest
and sleep . We ask you bring one of
your faithful servants to her for fellowship .
we ask this in your name Jesus Christ


I pray the Lord gives you his comfort and peace and a resolution to the health issues you’re dealing with.
Please get into the Word of God and meditate on his promises :pray:


Hi Paulette I have added your name and needs to my prayer list and I will faithfully pray for you every day. May the Lord bless you and keep you.


Oh thank you so much for this message and prayer…I did feel your presence while I read your prayer and am in agreement with you.

I am just clinging to my faith in the LORD and asking for perseverance in this trial and physical discomfort especially during this time of much distress and choas in the world … it is a scary time but God is my shield and I pray the 91st Psalm daily and have for over ten years!

May God bless you abundantly and thank you for your online fellowship and support. I hope we will meet soon in the air!! Maranatha \0/
Big hugs - Paulette


Thank you so very much! :heart: That means so much to me!! I send you my love in the LORD.


You should go see an oral surgeon . The parotid ,has it increase in size or pain to eat?DO you have fever? Anyway you should an oral surgeon. Hope you get well.

When I have anything to do with the mouth I use Hydrogen Peroxide. Swish it around in your mouth for a minute or two. Use about five tablespoons. You will get used to how much you should use. Buy almost anywhere. Adding you to my prayer list. God Bless.


Good advice. I am a tooth grinder and have a tooth that seems to take more pressure than the others (even with a bite guard). It has been aching for over two years now. When I dip my toothbrush in peroxide and scrub around that tooth and of course rinse well afterwards…the next day, all pain/infection is gone… Don’t swallow it though. God bless and hope this helps.


Hi Paulette,
Let me first say that I love you and I wish I was there with you to help you. There is one thing however I can’t do for you, I can’t give you my faith! Here is what I mean by that statement. In the Gospel of John, chapter 15 Jesus talks about I am the vine you are the branches, the link below will play John 15 , listen carefully:

Tell me what you’ve learned after listening to it several times.
I love you and care. :heart:


We are near same Age Little One
Be encouraged to know many like me will pray

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