Please pray for my sister Wieke

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I’d like to ask if you can also pray for my sister, Wieke, who’s battling stage 3 lung cancer.
She gets heavy chemo- and radiation therapy. She’s in a great deal of pain, nausea, anxiety and she lacks sleep and rest (she has a family with 2 children still living at home, 2 are not home anymore, and 1 is with Jesus since 1995, her first girl child who had a brain tumor at the age of only two, she also went to Jesus at the age of two).
My dear sister is already a survivor of breast cancer since several years.

Please pray for her! Thank you in advance!
We are all so looking forward to the rapture! :cry: Please dear Lord Jesus Christ, come quick!! It’s getting nearly unbearable… :pensive:
MARANATHA!!! :heart:

(Edit: I asked if she was ok with giving her name, it was ok. So her name is Wieke)


Heavenly Father,

heal Anna’s sister with your healing touch, comfort her and strengthen her and Anna in the name of Yeshua Jesus! Amen!


Father God,
Thank You for Anna’s faith and that she has invited us to pray for her family, especially Wieke. Thank You for what You are doing in this family and in the world. Please use this situation to draw people closer to You and to turn the hearts of those who are lost, that they might seek You and accept the salvation that Your only begotten Son, Yeshua, purchased with His precious blood.

Thank You Father, for being with Wieke in her time of trouble. Please help her pain and nausea to cease so she can rest and build her strength so she can win this battle. Please bless her heath care team with wisdom and compassion, with integrity and success in treating Weike.

And please bless Wieke’s family Lord, especially those living at home who depend upon her. Bless this family’s resources too and make it so that her insurance generously covers all costs and their other resources stretch further. Wrap this family in Your mighty arms Father, hold them so tight that they will feel Your love.

Thank You for all You are doing for Wieke and through her illness. In the Name of Yeshua, our Kinsman-Redeemer, we praise You and pray. Amen.


Lord help me on this one a lot.

Merciful Heavenly Father

It’s fitting almost that as I read this, I’m listening to a song called “The Race”. Don’t bother finding it, it’s not a Worship song. But something said there is fitting. “Come for me I’m gonna win the race!” Granted the song is about an actual race car race, but my mind uses it for this moment as well. I’m pulled apart, Father on how to pray over this matter because I know what You’re gonna say. “I answer prayers the way you need, not the way you want.”

Wieke (which is a rather cool name btw), is a multiple survivor on so many fronts and has battled hard and continues to battle hard. I see her much like the 300 Spartans at the battle Thermopylae. Odds stacked against her, and still standing against a horde of 20,000+ trying to steal her crown. Not happening, Father. Not with You by her side. Each time the sun is blotted from the sky by the fiery darts thrust upon her, You laugh and say, “I guess we’re fighting in the shade.”

This is the kind of person You created in Wieke. You knew she would go through heartache and pain and still stand strong. I beg of You, Father to bless this woman with relaxation; with rest from the pain, nausea, anxiety and lack of sleep and rest. (Sounds like a commercial for like Pepto Bismol.) We pray that when it IS her time, she’ll be reunited with her children, yes. But we pray that a miracle is bestowed to her. There are many races we are running, Father. One being the rapture. As selfish as it sounds of me (and it is) I do pray she finishes the race to the rapture.

We know she will win this race against cancer because inevitably, there’s one definite way she will win so that it can no longer do harm to her. We’d like to put a pin in that for now, if at all possible to heal her through a miracle by You. Please place a message within her ears fitly spoken by You, Father. Whatever it is You need to share with her. Please bless her with peace and calm in her heart and mind through this course. Transform any despair into hope and doubt into Godly confidence for her and her family.

Place upon her a resonating blessing of serenity and correct and rejuvenate her if to only speak the Truth of the Lord to those who need her voice and heart to pierce their barricades around their heart to the Truth. Allow her family to see her smile and transform any sorrow into rejoicing within her and her family.

Father - please help Wieke in whatever way You have for her at-the-ready. Please, Father - let her win the race through Your grace and mercy.

We pray this in Jesus’ name

[Editor’s Note] Right prayer request this time - If the lyrics are incorrect, I don’t care, that’s how I hear it. :smiley:


Dear Father, Please heal Wieke. Please provide the healing that only you can, and send comfort and strength to her family. In Jesus name I pray, Amen


Hi pray,fast for 7 days.God will heal her just has faith .Everry minute that you have pray.God is in control his listening.See you all in heaven.


Everybody thank you for praying and taking the time for it, and thank you for the extensive personal prayers, it gives her new strength to carry on, thank you! :sparkling_heart: :pray:


Update: good news for my sister Wieke, the tumor is shrinking and the oncologist was very positive! Thank you all so much, dear brothers and sisters, for your prayers and heartwarming messages on here! See you soon! Maranatha!!! :heart::pray:


Our God is good to us!

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Thank you Lord Jesus for your goodness and love :yellow_heart:

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