Please pray for my son Brandon

Hello fellow Saints…

My son Brandon just found out about how much time he will spend in prison for a crime he committed while he was away from the Lord and in an unevenly yolked marriage. He has lost his kids and his freedom. His wife was I don’t know her spirits hated mine. She had control over my son and I saw it. She turned him against me and we stopped talking. Now that he is away from her, he is back with the Lord.

He rededicated his life to Jesus and is anxiously awaiting the return of Jesus for his bride. We encourage each other when we are down, but this time he expressed discouragement to a level that only God can get through. Brandon puts his feelings in and does not tell anyone until he explodes. I am trying to get him to open up but he has been taught that.

I am just asking for comfort, peace, love, joy, grace and for Brandon to be able to forgive himself. I do not think he has.

Thank you Brothers and Sisters in advance. I also thank God in advance for what He will do in and through Brandon. To light that fire in Brandon again.



Lord, we ask that Brandon rediscover the joy of Your salvation in complete forgiveness. Help him realize that forgiving himself is an important step in moving forward in peace and joy. We trust You to do a mighty work in him. Protect him from the evil one and show him that You are his great reward. In Christ’s name, amen


I will pray for you and your son Brandon and I agree in prayer with Anchored. Peace in Christ.


God answers prayers… Brandon found audio files on the iPod we communicate on from a pastor… it was about identity crisis just what he was having he said. He knows God lead him there. He listened to the sermon and the fire is back.

I bought him another Bible. The one he has does not explain like he wants. So I bought him a study Bible like I have. He will like it.

All the Glory goes to God!!!


Praise God and thanks for sharing. :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:


As long as Brandon is willing to reveal himself and his deepest feelings to Jesus, he needn’t express them to you. I pray that through a greater understanding of Jesus’ WORD and promises your son will eventually believe that he has been forgiven and cleansed which will allow him to forgive himself.


Hello Saved,
To our great God be the glory that Brandon has returned to the fold! I am sorry for the grief that consequences of his separation are bringing. I pray that God shows great mercy to you and Brandon. I am praying that his ex-wife’s heart softens and that she too will accept the redemption that Yeshua has provided. I pray for your grandchildren, that our Father keeps them safe and puts people in their lives who will love them and tell them about our great God— and the salvation available to those who believe in His Son. I ask our good, good Father to wrap His mighty arms around you and give you shalom. In the name of Yeshua, amen.


I prayed for him to get a peace he had never known before. Then last night all the sudden even where he is he is at peace and had no fear. Praise God.

I revealed to him that I asked for prayer for him from a bunch of dear brothers and sisters in a group I am in and he was very grateful. He had seen those video files but never listened until Sunday. Oh God you are so amazing. I love the way you work.

I want you to know that I am praying for all the members of this wonderful group. God answers prayers.

Thank you


I pray the same thing for you. God bless and keep you as long as we have to be here in these tents. Soon we will get our buildings. No prison can keep Brandon from his Lord. I don’t know if I hear God but I lay quiet and still and try.


I will pray for you all @Savedbygrace777

Terrible times come!

It’s not a problem for Jesus.
We often exaggerate things.

Maybe your son has the fear of something (lose his childs). Solve the problem and all will be better.

He has to keep the relationship with God.

Rem: you as a grandparent and him as a father, you still have some rights!

Keep courage :muscle:and be strong in the storm. God bless :raised_hands:


I will be bless to pray for you both. Remind Brandon, God has forgiven him. And he need to talk to God about His real feelings good or bad. God is there and ready to lead him. Stopping wright now to pray for both of you, God bless Amen


Thank you both very much. I will pray for both of you.

Can I ask you one more favor? I guess I will anyway lol. Would you mind praying for my middle son Christopher. He was dedicated to the Lord and raised Christian. He married a Catholic woman. Then he was inducted into her family Catholic church. Named my first grandson Jackson John. John after my beloved son I lost. Then he said after her dad too named John. I said no! That family never includes me in anything except the wedding. The Catholic church is so exclusive. I was also not allowed to see my grandson.

I saw him 3 times in 2 years. But sent gifts.
I am very sad about it. Don’t know why her side of the family dislikes my so much. Maybe cuz I would not go to the baby baptism. Babies can’t understand and consent to baptism.

He is not a nice person and he cares what it is in it for him. He still refuses to return my flag that was meant for me at my son’s funeral. That is a sore spot.

But I love him and want to see him out of the clasps of the Catholic church. Thank you very much. :heart::heart::heart:


You are a good person Grace. You asked help and finally you help others :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::two_hearts:

1Thessalonians 4.18: Therefore comfort one another with these words.

You know the context of this verse, it’s one of my top 20. We are in the end times, time is really short. Maybe tomorrow we will be in heaven, far from our problems. Remember that Paul was in prison waiting is judgment and still preaching the gospel to the guards and prisoners… we have to be “detached” from this world. Yes difficult for us! He wasn’t afraid to be beaten or suffering. As he said, we have to find strength (of the Lord) in the weakness, because God is there, the most powerful and present.

2Corinthians 12.9: And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for you: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather boast in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. (KJV 2000)

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Ok will pray for him too (a package for the Lord loul). :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Just a question: what will happen if he sees you somewhere on his road? Maybe you think his reaction will be bad, but maybe not. Seeing people and talk to them by phone, is different. He will always remember you are his mom.

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I know it must be a hard road to go down. We have family that was so close until their son married into the catholic church, then they followed and basically cut off all the rest of the family for the last 15 years or more.

This is full blown not casual followers of catholic traditions. Sad very sad we brought everyone together last month when we came through town it was nice but NO one spoke anything about Religion but we did make it through a good old thanking the Lord for our food and fellowship.



@Savedbygrace777 I think that if you put Jesus in the middle of the family, the “problems” could be solved.

I was catholic since I was a child and every night I prayed God. Let say that I was 10% with God and 90% with the devil, pfff. Until I took the decision to read again the parables (I did my catechism). And after, I have read Jonas, Matthew, watched videos of pastors on the young YT, and finally “switched” as baby born again without knowing I was born again.

All that to say that catholics are not so “different” if they have 1 or 10% of Jesus in them. They are just in the wrong church if they seek Jesus and want to change. All the traditions (not important) will be wiped out really quickly. No more Mary, the prayers to the deads, statues, purgatory… it’s easy when they will understand and more important, accept, they have been trapped for years.

The main problem of the catholics is (I think) that they don’t read their Bible and don’t want to change.

Psalms 119.105: Nun Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

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@Savedbygrace777 I have a brother that is currently incarcerated, so I understand that struggle that it is, not just for the one incarcerated but also for the family! Praying that the Lord uses Brandon to shine His light in a very, very dark place! Also praying for you as you walk this road with Brandon.


@Zalena The problem in France (I don’t know for other countries) is radicalism (to Islam) :frowning:


@hotchiwawa its the same here in America! My parents are in a prison ministry & they mentor a man who was in prison for 20+ years, converted to Islam quickly after being incarcerated, worked his way up the Islamic chain of command & the Lord used my parents to lead him to Himself!! He was attacked multiple times by his old ‘brothers’ & the highest Islamic guru guy at the prison even got ahold of my parents as a power move (we’re the closest thing he has to an earthly family) anyways, long story long, that’s a definite issue here in American prisons as well!


May the Lords Angels surround you though all this time of trouble and till we hear the trumpet call us up.

I believe Jobama is bringing more radicals over as they see it works in France and other places


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