Please pray for my wife

My wife just got notice, if no jab, she will lose her job Nov. 1. She has been at UMASS Medical Health Ctr.
for 30 years.
She just put in a religious exemption letter for review. I have faith in God’s Sovereign will is going prevail.
Please pray satan does not interfere, as he does, when he can. 1 Thess.2;18

Thank You Doc


Going to pray in a few minutes . Will also pray the people viewing the religious exemption will be inspired by her testimony and want to know our Lord and Savior and seek HIm.


Praying that God’s will be done in your wife’s situation. Lord, prevent the enemy from interfering at every turn.

In Jesus’ name,



Loving Heavenly Father

Please encapsulate Namdoc’s wife with a band of angels to fend off the attacks of demons as she awaits her results from religious exemption review for this shot of satan soup. Please place upon the hearts and minds of those reviewing, Your image continually. Your message constantly. Your guidance to the open arms of Christ as they review the situation and his wife’s obligation to do what is right in Your eyes, not in the eyes of corrupted mankind.

Whatever the outcome may be, Lord, we know your ways are just and everything works out as it ought to and we pray that we are in sync with your path choice. Please keep Namdoc and his wife close to your heart, Lord, and remind them continually “You are not the only one in this situation and there are far more out there you will never hear of that are within your same trial. Know that I am with you always.”

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thank you all for your prayers !!!


Praying that NameDocs wife’s employer accepts her exemption.:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


Prayed and praying @NamDoc - asking/knocking/seeking and ultimately trusting/knowing/believing without seeing that He will provide for you and your wife in this situation.

Yours in Christ


Thank you all for praying, whatever way it goes, we will accept it as God’s will, and adjust to it. HE knows best, knowing we don’t have to like what we have to accept.


Wife didn’t get her religious exemption. We have to accept God didn’t want her too. He is Sovereign , and if He wanted her there she would be there. :butgod_dark: Thank you all for your prayers. Doc


@NamDoc its Massachusetts….center of evil in the US…I live here too so I can attest to this. Make them fire her!!! Do NOT leave of own accord. Get it in writing and SAVE that document. Justice will come. God bless and I’m praying for you both.


Lord please stop the tyranny of this nation. We know we need to trust in You and Your timing but we ask that you do something quickly. For Your namesake we ask that they may see Your power. In the name of Jesus the Christ we humbly ask this according to Your will.


Just saw a great posting in the Oct 3 update- several bulleted items to deliver to the employer re: them proving to her the safety of the shot. Maybe worth doing and opening up some eyes. Whether she stays or not , it should serve as an eye opener.