Please pray for our family with the loss of my husband

I have been asking for prayer for my marriage & my husband. I’m heartbroken to say that he passed away. Our hearts are broken. Please pray for our family- Keith, Dylan, Stephanie & Michael Rourke


Wait, are we talking literally, or figuratively?


Literally. He left angry on Thursday after I confronted him over adultery. We thought he went to stay with her. He sent my boys and I a text on Friday saying he was sorry for everything & he has always loved us. We got worried. Didn’t know where he was so we had the police do a well check to see if he was on our property up north. The police came to our door at 2 am this morning and told us he was dead. He had shot himself. I am completely helpless at this point. My heart is so broken I have absolutely no strength. His son’s are devistated. I said some terrible things to him out of anger & I feel like I can’t forgive myself. It’s now burning my heart. I hurt because I don’t know if I will see him in heaven one day. Please pray for all of us. And if anyone is in a prayer group if you could put in a prayer request :broken_heart:. Thank you so much


Ah, man! I’m sorry! I thought you may have meant figuratively which I was hoping for. A lot of people will chime in on this and obviously I’ll be praying for you and your kids.

Regarding how you feel for what you said, I understand your plight and wish I had some words of wisdom to help you out on this. The ole “You have to give this to God who understands and understood and He forgives, but also you must rationalize your forgiveness even with how things transpired.” It doesn’t seem to have teeth a lot of times. Will have to work on this one.

And telling you not to beat yourself up is next to useless because, well, you are right now. I’m not good with death. You all will get through this and in ways you could never imagine (positive ways). Arrest any and all “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve” thoughts as they enter your mind. Give ‘em all to God.

I definitely have your family in my prayers, Amy. I am beyond sorry and my deepest condolences.


Thank you for your kind words and prayers


I`m so sorry, Amy! :heart: :pray:

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Matthew 5:4


I’m crying with you and praying for you and your family. I’m so sorry.


:heartpulse: @AdR4Jesus Amy, what a heartbreaking shock and tradegy for you and your kids to endure. Praying that you will rest secure in God’s strong, loving arms.


oh my… I am so sorry dear sister. My heart breaks for you and your poor children. May the Lord comfort you and keep you in His peace. Please Father , this family is devastated and needs You urgently to help them through :sob: :pray:


We do not know what happens to anyone at those final moments of life.

You can call it vivid imagination if you want to, but I have this idea in my head that when an unsaved person comes to the point of death, God freezes time for the dying process just long enough to ask them if this is what they really want, to spend eternity away from Him. One last time, a holy “is that your final answer?”. God can do stuff like that, He’s not limited to time. And I’m not of the opinion that He just lets someone go, forever, without that one last conversation with them.

I have absolutely no Biblical basis for that and I have never heard anyone say such a thing. I do believe it is the character of God, though, not to allow anyone to leave His presence forever without making sure they’re really making that choice. Looking at things from the continuity of our time, such a thing could happen within the time the bullet is fired and when the bullet touches the skin. Maybe God doesn’t stop the act from completing (in some cases, I believe He has stopped it) but IF that person says “yes” to Jesus in that last final moment, wouldn’t all of Heaven be rejoicing?

Leave it to God. Where we se no possible way, God may see 1,000 ways. We are not privy to all things and only see through a glass dimly, so to speak.

Blessings to you and yours as you mourn. God loves you and He is gonna fix all of this. Believe. Even if we can’t see how, He does, and He will fix it.


He asked Jesus into his heart in 2002. He was just extremely bad place mentally the last two years. Thank you for your prayers


Oh my dear Amy,

I am praying for each one of you: Amy, James, Keith, Dylan, Stephanie & Michael Rourke. May our Father in Heaven send you each comfort and protect you all. May He bless your coming and going, and bring you each through this valley of the shadow of death with His love and in His mighty hand. In the Name of Jesus, the Name above all names, we praise God and pray. Amen.

Amy I’m so sorry for James’ death, for your family’s loss, for the trouble in your marriage and for the pain you feel — not only for all that has happened but for words that were said in your anger and pain. Know that your Father in heaven knows your heart Amy, and He knows all the circumstances that led to the anger and pain you were feeling.

Remember dear Amy, that you are loved. You are forever a child of God and He loves you. He will always love you. Nothing you have done or will ever do will change His love for you. Our God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. And He has told you in His Word, the Bible that He will never leave you nor forsake you.

with love,


He is our Blessed Hope.
I also believe we do not know exactly what happens between God and our loved ones at that last millisecond. (My nephew took his life, and I find great comfort in believing God never let go of him.)

@AdR4Jesus I hope you can find some small comfort in knowing your husband did believe, and you are forgiven no matter your words to him. Constant prayers for you and your family, sister. I cannot imagine the pain you all are in. God surround you with His love and comfort.



I am in agreement with @dan @Gold @GR @BrianT @Susan @Cinchacha in prayer for you. I have no words. I am so very sorry.


Hey there Amy @AdR4Jesus,

I’m sure today has been hard for you and your family. I’m just about to turn in and wanted to say that I am praying you are all able to get some rest tonight. May our Father send the sweet relief of untroubled slumber to each of you and send His angels to watch over you all. I pray you wake in the morning, with your strength renewed and your faith strong.


Dearest Amy,

I’m so very sorry for what you and your family are going through and will be going through as you mourn the passing of your husband. My deepest condolences.

I agree with all the prayers that have been said here by our brothers and sisters on this thread, and will add you to my prayer list too.

Because your husband gave his heart to the Lord in 2002 as you shared, he cannot be unsaved. I will pray that God gives you His supernatural peace in this matter.

Please always know that you have a family in Christ who genuinely loves you with the love of the Lord in this forum. We will be here for you anytime you’d like to unload your grief and anguish.

And most of all - you are loved by the Creator and Master of the Universe, our Triune God who is the only One capable of healing your pain and agony at this point.

We will sincerely keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Love in Jesus,


Thank you so much for that. I just didn’t know if suicide was forgivable. Some people have said to me it isn’t. But I just have trouble believing that the Lord would not forgive every sin if you are His child. Thank you for your prayers.


Thank you so much to all of you. I can feel so much love in your prayers. It’s very comforting. I don’t know how to keep going from here. BUT GOD



There is only one unpardonable sin, and that ain’t it.