Please Pray for Wisdom

Good morning from the Philippines!

My family and I need your prayers. My mom is coming home from California. She is super duper Leftist. She is now asking us if we have been vaccinated. She wants us to be vaccinated. Telling us it is for her protection. My mom and I have a very difficult relationship since I was young. But when I became a Christian I have resolved in myself that I want to respect her from now on. I want to love her, be kind and gentle to her. I don’t want to fight her anymore.

Please, please, please, pray for our situation so that GOD THE FATHER will get the glory! Wisdom and peace and joy is what I’m asking for.

In the school, in the neighborhood, in our jobs, in our family, in our church, we are the only one left standing. We are the only ones left unvaccinated, even the children in my family (my brothers’ family) are all vaccinated.

Thank you all my brothers and sisters in Christ. Maranatha!


Hello Raphonzel - I am from Canada.
I will pray for you and your situation. :pray: :pray: :pray:

Jas 1:5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.


Hello @DallasT

I’ve seen the funny pictures you have posted :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I really need it. It breaks my heart to even think of fighting against the thoughts of my mom. I don’t want to be mean or hurtful to my mom. I love her so much. But this is a battle I can’t backdown. Your prayers is so appreciated! To God be the glory!



Hi Raphonzel @Raphonzel :blush:

i will pray for you that God will fill you and your home with His love and the sweet aroma of the Holy Spirit. i heard someone once say when you bless and anoint all the doors of your home with the anointing oil and plead the blood of Jesus Christ over them, they say when others walk in, they feel the love and the sweet Holy Spirit… so i hope you will want to try this. i will pray for you that God overwhelms you and your family with His love and sweet peace and that you will recognize to avoid all negativity by redirecting your mom’s thoughts into another subject. i pray that you will be filled with the power of God to avoid all arguments by stepping away and give her time to let it go. i pray that you pamper her with so much gentlness of love that she is just overwhelmed with joy and sweet peace in the name of Yeshua :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” Romans 12:18

Blessings and Maranatha
:heart: Stacey


Thank you sister @StaceyLee

Please keep praying for us. This is a fight that I will not backdown. At the same time, I want God to be glorified. May the Lord Jesus keep me in HIS peace, wisdom, and joy. May I do and say only what is from our Lord Jesus.




My husband just came home from work. He works in a hospital. The owner of the hospital have issued a memo to the Human Resource Department, asking for the list of employees who are still unvaccinated.

All walls are closing in. Please keep praying for us.



I will be bless to pray for you. As for your mother I would look into her eyes and just say I love you and want you here. But am not getting the shot so let move on, we just don’t agree. If you have to tell her to look up J.D. Farag . org or his home page. Maybe that would help her understand Parents our not always wright, but you can still love and respect them even in a disagreement. Amen


I have found ways to respond to unbelievers or those in my family who have some wrongheaded ideas they want to push on me. I stay prayed up, and I respond as graciously as possible with a little humor when appropriate.

For example, in response to some unfortunate occurrences in his life, my son said this morning: I guess God just gets bored and starts messing with me, making bad things happen.

Nope, I said, God Loves you and wants the best for you. It’s the devil that’s messing with you. I set him straight while still reminding him that God loves him and wants the best for him.

I pray your mom will be kind, and like @StaceyLee said, I’d anoint places with oil and pray for peace. I pray she will be so happy and blessed to see you all that she will wonder how she can have some of your blessing.



I love that you mentioned this - I just told my daughter recently that I really get tired of people blaming God all the time when it’s the devil that’s evil.


praying for your strength and determined resolve!!! this will be hard to step through but it’s so great that you’ve stood firm. your family will be standing with you and I pray that your mom will at the very least make herself respect your decision to a degree.


Thank you all.

This morning she just announced that she was already in touch with someone in the Philippines and made an appointment for me and my family to get vaccinated. Ever since I was young she has pushed me to do things and I would always rebel and we would always ended up fighting and not talking to each other for a very long time. Even years. But now, I know that is wrong. But what can I do? The person she contacted has made an appointment already. That person is working for the government. On top of that, she’s messaging us that if we’re not vaccinated and she is going to visit us and stay with us, that WE will give her the virus and might cause her to die etc etc.

I don’t have any negative feelings towards my mom. I just want God to just truly control my mouth and my actions. WISDOM WISDOM WISDOM.

Thank you all!!! Please continue to pray for me. I want my mom to be saved. That’s the reason I want wisdom on dealing with her.




My husband this morning is already wavering. We had a discussion during breakfast, 8:43 AM today.

He said, “If push comes to shove, I will have to get the vaccine. Anyway, it’s not going to affect my salvation.”

:sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

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Hello again Raphonzel,
Apologies for the length.
I will pray for you— for your mother, for your whole family, your friends, and your situation. That said, I’d like to make a comment on respecting a contentious mother. I hope it helps you in your search for the wisdom you seek.

I had a mother who was very selfish and manipulative. My step mother barely contained her contempt for me. When I was ten years old I made the mistake of disliking a dress she bought for me. She swore she’d never buy me another, not even for my wedding. She never did. One time when my father was beating me up she tried to stop him. He “might have a heart attack and I wasn’t worth it.” I tried to kill myself when I was 12. I went to live with an aunt and uncle. I’ve been on my own since I was 16, three days after graduating high school. Needless to say I was born into a very dysfunctional family. The stories I could tell….
I escaped. I made a way for my siblings to also escape. I locked the door to my past and my family and built a normal life— by the good grace of God.
After I got married my husband couldn’t understand any parent being as messed up as mine were and he encouraged me to contact them. I did. We’ve been married 36 years and we tried to cultivate a civilized relationship with them several times. I can’t count the times he has apologized for that. I didn’t bring up the past; I forgave them and behaved (in every way) as a loving and respectful daughter. My husband was the model son-in-law. No matter what I/we did or didn’t do, it was never enough.
There’s a word for relationships like that: toxic. I was never going to be acceptable to any of my parents. My father passed in October; no one called my brother, sister, or me. They didn’t want us there when he was alive, and they weren’t going to tolerate any of us showing up at his funeral. Not that any of us would have gone….
Why am I telling you this? Because part of wisdom is knowing when you cannot win. And dealing with that fact as gracefully as you can.

Raphonzel, you are a grown woman with a family of your own to care for. Your mother is not respecting you or your family if she demands you go against your beliefs in order to placate her demands. She is overstepping a boundary and abusing emotion to coerce you. IF this shot works and she has chosen to trust it, that’s her right. But no one has the right to force you to take an unapproved, experimental jab of God knows what just to make them feel happier, safer, whatever.

Have you researched what has been found in these ‘vaccines?’ They have NO therapeutic value. None. Doctors and researchers across the globe have explored their contents. Graphic Oxide, living hydras, nano particles, the weed killer that’s in RoundUp, the chemical they use to kill death row inmates, mercury, aborted fetal tissue, feces, animal DNA, and many more ingredients I can’t remember. Doctors and researchers have also verified that not all vials contain the same ingredients. Some vials have only saline. People are being experimented on.
The CDC (NOT a govt agency, btw) actually admits that only a small fraction of adverse reactions are being documented. They actually admit a lot if you know how to research their site. The vials can be individually researched by lot number to see the few reactions they ARE recording. No adverse effects are noted until 14 days after final dose, which is different depending on brand and booster recommendation. Your husband is in the medical field; he should have no trouble verifying any of this.
Research the patents— the dates and owners will blow your mind. Then there are the money incentives paid to hospitals, clinics, and now individual doctors. I’ve personally read several medicare documents regarding incentives and protocol. Incentives are paid for treating patients in an effort to have the worse possible medical outcome. Doctors who are successfully treating patients are now being targeted— losing licenses and jobs. IF this vaccine is so good for you, why all the cloak and dagger moves? Zelinski, the doctor who treated Donald Trump, is on video saying that giving your child this injection is tantamount to child sacrifice.

The two types of hydras found in the serum are virtually impossible to kill— you can chop them up in tiny pieces, and each one will grow into a new hydra. The graphene oxide destroys your body’s tissue. The nano particles move on their own, searching out more of their kind and then form into groups.
Let’s talk about the hydras for a moment— and see if there is a Bible connection. The hydras are incredibly hardy creatures right? What does the Book of Revelation say about men wanting to die and not being able? Rev 9:6– And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

Did you know that there are many doctors who warn that the vaccinated are actually a threat to the unvaccinated? Johns Hopkins confirms that there is such a thing as transmission. I read a 71 page report (that you can access online) that verifies this technology already exists in animal medicine and is being developed for humans. I’d bet my last dollar it’s already being deployed.

Look at the patents, the agendas, and the Georgia Guide Stones. Depopulation is the first order of business for the NWO. These shots seem to be a means to achieve their vision.

BTW, I did a search of respect/Bible. Obedience is never mentioned. Bottom line, respect does not equal obedience. And, respect should be mutual.

I am asking our Father in Heaven to give you wisdom and peace concerning your situation. I pray that He covers you and your family with grace and mercy. I pray for your relatives who are lost, that their eyes be open to this deception. May He bless you and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you. May our God look upon you with favor, and give you peace. In the name of His blessed Son, our Kinsman - Redeemer, amen.

I implore you: do not make any decision that cannot be reversed if you do not have complete peace about it. It’s better for someone to be upset with you than for you to harm yourself, your children and husband and then regret that decision for the rest of your life. Because THAT regret will drive a wedge of hate into your heart. We live in perilous times. Trust God. Times will no doubt get worse. Trust God. No matter what. Shalom.


Hello there @GR
I love it!

Got it!

Thank you so much for this.

Ahhh…yes, I am not backing down.



Thank you so much. My husband actually used to work for Pfizer and ironically, mom is a pharmacist. In the Philippines, we have Sinovac, Made in China, they use dead virus and some even say, it’s only a placebo. My husband is thinking of getting the placebo instead. He told me this morning. But he has not made up his mind. As for me and my daughter, I will not let anyone touch us with the vaccine. As for my husband…please continue to pray for him. I don’t want to get into fights. I am too sad right now actually.

I mean, I have joy and peace in my heart, but sadness for the rest of this dark, dark world.

Thank you again. Your letter is really appreciated. Please keep praying for us. I am also continually praying for all my brothers and sisters in Christ.



Wow! Blessing to you and your family. God is really good. The devil wanted you but God didn’t let the devil take you away.

God is good all the time! All the time God is good!


Dear Raphonzel,
I’m sorry that your husband is considering a vax and pray that it is a placebo.
You are right, God IS good, ALL the time. I’ve been sooooo blessed. I shudder to think of the many ways my life could have gone wrong. Thank you for the kind words and prayers Raphonzel. You and your family are in mine. We’ll have to get together on the other side!
Hopefully sooner than later. Shalom.


That’s true.

I am always amazed at how God saves people. Really, every time I hear a testimony, my whole being just leap for joy!

With all the odds against a person, God saves him/her, completely saved.

Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing me my sister in Christ @GR . Please continue to guide her and her family. Continue to bless her and her family.

I also pray for all my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world, in Afghanistan, in communist China, in Korea, in Vietnam, all the underground churches and also to all my brothers and sisters in the western countries. I know that they are facing more of a psychological warfare than anything else. AS for us here in developing countries, it’s more of physical harm. But both are still evil, very dark. Protect all Your children Abba, we are waiting for the rapture of the church. But while we wait, help us to occupy. Thank you. In the mighty name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!!


Amen and amen!


i will be praying for you and your family, Raphonzel that God will bless you and your mom and show out His goodness. :two_hearts:

may this video bless you and encourage you with wisdom. Karen Wheaton pretty much is talking about what i was talking about.

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God bless you sister in Christ! I’m continually praying for America, Israel, Afghanistan and our underground churches in Iran and communist China.

Thank you so much for your prayers!