Please Pray for Wisdom

When God closes one door, He opens another. Have faith. He will provide for your family.



Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Watching, waiting and praying for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



Hi Raphonzel,

There is no talking with a person like your mom. My mom was exactly like that and while she was alive there was quite a bit of tension between her and me.

Looking back I wish I had said and done things differently but sometimes my anger would get the best of me.

Can you simply lovingly tell her that you will not get the vax because of all the injuries and deaths associated with it? You may also have to tell her that if she is that fearful, she should probably not travel to see you and it is far more likely she will get sick from some traveler than from you.

You may also need to respectfully say that you do not appreciate her deciding for you something that us for you alone to decide.

Additionally ask her why she never thought this way with any previous illness like the flu? She probably never masked up for the flu even though in certain years over 650,000 ppl died here on the USA alone.

You may have to lovingly put your foot down. Your commitment is to yourself as an adult and to your immediate family (for this cause a man shall leave his mother and father and be joined to his wife).

Ultimately, while we must always love and respect our parents there comes a time when we must draw the line. She has no right to decide for you especially if she is the one visiting. She is coming into your home and she must understand that your loyalty is to your own family. If she is unwilling to see that then maybe she shouldn’t visit.

What she is doing is so reminiscent of what my mother did constantly. It is a difficult situation and I’m glad you are not angry about it. But she really does need to realize that you do not answer to her anymore.

If she is that fearful of a disease that has a 99%+ survivability rate then she has bought the lies. Chances are excellent that she will simply contract something because of how the vax has weakened her own immune system, not because of you.

She’ll probably never see that truth unless God opens her eyes.

If it was me I’d start praying that she simply changes her mind about coming and cancel that appoints for the vax she made for. If she asks tell her lovingly she had absolutely no right to make such an appointment.

You will not win with her unless God opens her eyes. She will never see you as an adult with your own family.

It is not that you are pushing her away. It is her deciding to be angry at your decisions and she will choose to stay away.

I’ll pray for you and your situation.


Very wise words indeed.
I wonder Raphonzel, if your mother would have done whatever HER mother decided she and HER family were supposed to do (even though it went against her thoughts/desires/wishes). Even if the answer is ‘yes, my adult mom would have done whatever her mother said to’ your mother never had to deal with this modern day scenario. StudyGrowKnow has given you words of wisdom. With ALL that’s going on, you’ve got one more challenge-and a difficult one at that- on your plate. Praying for you and your family Sister.


Praying for you, stay strong in the Lord. Show them all the info about the jab. It does not protect from virus. It is not a vaxx. The inventor of the mRNA vaxx his name is Dr. Marone said if you follow him, that he never intended for this protein to go into humans. It’s never been tested on humans, only animals. All the animals died. Let your family do their research. People are dropping like flies. But you will never hear of it, cause they have an agenda.


Hello Warrior, Just read about a German doctor who committed suicide because he could no longer participate in the genocide being accomplished by the jab.
Thought this might help your case @Raphonzel.


Really? Suicide? That makes no sense.


My first take on this is hopefully wrong. Erased it.

Doctor’s method of dying is a bit suspicious; makes me wonder if he had “help.” I wonder IF his note was really at the scene. Makes more sense that he refused to cooperate, wrote his reasons elsewhere. Went to work to resign and the suicide was staged by people who did not have custody of note in question.
No matter the way this happened, it’s very sad. I hope the man had accepted Jesus’ salvation— maybe that’s why he couldn’t go along with the program. May God have mercy on this man’s soul and give his family comfort, protection and open hearts (if they aren’t already).


Hmmm…I read the article. Thank you @GR.


UPDATE: My situation is getting worse. My husband has been pushed on the wall with this vaccine. The Philippine government is demanding that all people be vaccinated by December 1. So, my husband has been looking for a placebo and even a fake vaccine passport, underground, black market…something like that. He asked if I want to take the placebo (Sinovac, Made in China) I said “No.”. But he can if he really wants to. I’m praying. Constantly praying now. My mom is no better. She just keeps bombarding me with this vaccine. I still don’t have the heart to tell her off. I’m just ignoring her messages and then I would change the subject/topic. Whenever she would still insist. I would stop talking to her. We’re communicating via FB messenger so it’s easy right now to just ignore her.

I wonder how long we still have to stay on this planet? There is really nothing for me here now. I just want to be with Jesus. I am so tired of this world.

Please, anyone? If you feel and think the same, just click the heart button. It is so heartwarming to read all your replies and guidance.

Oh Lord, How long?


Dear Sister,
My heart breaks for you. I wish there was something I could do in addition to prayer. Knowing how to get you and your husband a fake passport would be nice…
You know, we could be called home at any time or we could be here for a lot longer than any of us hope. All we know for sure is that we are to occupy until we are called home— by death or trumpet. I know the enemy is at your door, trying his best to intimidate you and your family into bowing to him. I pray for your strength.
I just “discovered” a preacher named Brandon Holthaus. Somewhere on this forum someone linked the sermon I show at bottom of post. Have watched two of his sermons; one from 7 Nov and one was from the 28. Both tied end times to Exodus. In the first one, Holthaus opened my eyes about the division so many are experiencing, like you are now. The message encouraged me to stand strong if I’m ever put in your position. Maybe it will give you encouragement too.
Did you know that after the golden calf incident, Moses drew a line in the sand? Those who refused to join him were sentenced to death. Read Exodus 32. The Levites killed 3000 men in one day. Brother against brother…. Archaeologists who have snuck into the desert (forget which country, sorry— it’s on video) have actually found the graveyard at the bottom of the Biblical Mt Sinai.

I think you’re wise not to take anything from China— they’ve been enslaving and killing people for years. They’re way ahead of the game.
As far as things with your mom, maybe you should just bite the bullet and tell her that that particular subject is off the table. She will have to agree to disagree. Perhaps openly setting those boundaries (before she travels to the Philippines) will open her eyes— and hopefully save tears. I know it’s difficult, scary even, to oppose your parent. My commitment to boundaries was the final blow that severed my relationship with my father. Raphonzel, we are EACH given ONE life; no more and no less. Sometimes people make decisions that break hearts— like my father. And may be your mother. I guess that’s where the idea that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything comes from.
Soon— if not now— you (each one of us) will be forced to stand, or you (we) will fall. Our Father tells us to stand, to occupy until the end. I am praying that you have strong legs Raphonzel! I’m sending you love and hugs and praying for you to persevere. Our enemy is using your mom to get to you; he has no shame and will stop at nothing because he is hell bent to steal, kill and destroy. Do NOT let him!
You are in my prayers Sister. Shalom.

Almighty God, our Father, our Rock, our Shelter, our Redeemer:
I call to You Abba. I ask that You make a way for Raphonzel and her family. You know that all Your children ask this same thing for so many, but today, right now, I come before You on behalf of this one particular child of Yours. I pray that You give her strength to stand, that You send Your angels to watch over her and her family— protecting them from the evil that roams the earth seeking to destroy. I ask that You make a way, providing all that is needed for Raphonzel to do Your will. Thank You for covering her family. Thank You for making a way. Thank You for holding her and her family in the strong and loving arms of Your protection. Thank You for all that You do and will do on her behalf. I ask these things but as always Abba, not my will - but Your will be done. For You alone are wise and You alone are good. We are so fortunate that You are a God of righteousness, love, and mercy; we praise You for Your holy ways. I pray and we praise You in the name of our blessed Kinsman-Redeemer, Your only begotten Son Yeshua. Amen.


Good afternoon @GR!

Thank you so much! Prayers are the powers that make me stand taller and stronger in Jesus’ name.

I will never get the vaccine. If my mom has to drag me, then that’s what she will have to do to me.

I just finished watching Perpetua, a Christian martyr.

Nothing and no one is going to make me take the vaccine. My husband is doing everything to get a fake vaccine or fake vaccine card. My God help him. I don’t want to control my husband, I can only pray for him and ask God to be GOD. God is the head of our family so I know HE is faithful to guide us in all our ways. We keep praying for our situation.

Fascinating, I feel peace, comfort and joy. Unlike before, when I was first bombarded by my mom’s messages about my family taking the vaccine. Now, I just ignore her messages. I’m at peace with that. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will always guide me on how to deal with my mom. All for the glory of GOD, not because of the vaccine.

I want my mom and my stepdad to be saved. I love them so much. I know nothing is impossible with God. So I hold on to that belief.

There was a dream that I had, 10 days before my mom announced that she is coming to the Philippines. In my dream, God whispered, “10 days.” Before that, I was praying so hard for my family to be saved, I mean my parents. After that dream, I had a dream of being raptured. I kept that dream to myself, my husband, my child and one friend. But now, I am sharing it here.

I have been watching Bonhoeffer and Corrie Ten Boom. That’s how I got the idea that Christians need to be wise too :grin: and worldly, if the situation calls for it.

Oh yes, I am familiar with Pastor Brandon, through the Olive Tree Ministries. I found out about Pastor JD through the Olive Tree Ministries of Jan Markell and I found Jan through Amir Tsarfati. Amir used to visit our church once a year and talk about the end times. That’s how everything started for me. God opened my eyes about the end times, through Amir. Sadly, my church now is not talking about the end times :worried: I asked and I mentioned many times before and during the pandemic, they just don’t want to. So I started to search, and I thank God everyday for this forum.

I will watch this. Thank you for sharing.

True. I have a cousin in Taiwan and communist China is taking my country’s natural resources. Nobody stopping them here in Asia. My husband already asked me if I want to take Sinvac, but right now my stand is “No.”

Thank you again for your prayer. I :heart_eyes: it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Father God, thank you for @GR . Thank you for sending GR to me and my family. Such a blessing! Thank you Lord Jesus for all my brothers and sisters in Christ. Lord, we are waiting for You. Until then, we will occupy. Give us the strength, wisdom, protection, peace, comfort and provision for all my brothers and sisters around the world especially in this forum. I also pray for Pastor JD and the church in Hawaii.

In Jesus’ name I pray amen!



These movies helped me to realize, we, also need to be worldly when the time comes. I know these are cartoons, I can’t find the movies anymore. Nevetheless, these I believe are very timely. We are going through the same discrimination now because of the vaccine, because we believe men are men and women are women, that homosexuality is an abomination, children need to be protected from these evil things. The world is getting so dark, I’m really excited that Jesus will soon come back for us.



This is so true now. My church of more than 15 years is now silent when it comes to the rapture and end times. My husband told me that maybe it’s because they are not well equipped that’s why they do not talk about it.

But my argument is, I opened the topic to some elders and church leaders and over and over again, they dismissed the topic of end times. They have no interests. They showed no passion for the coming of our Lord Jesus. One leader even said to me “Jesus is not coming back in a thousand years from now.” How dare her say that? She love this world more than the coming of our Lord. I dared that one person in the church to tell the other church leaders about the end times, about what I said, about Amir’s messages. She never got back to me again.

I’m not angry. But I am very sad. So sad for them because they claim to be Christians but they have no desire to see Jesus again. Sad.

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Good morning Raphonzel,
You’ve been on my mind and heart almost continuously since I read your last post (the one you just responded to). You sound stronger, more resolved. I often think of all the saints before us whose witness gives us wisdom and strength long after they have gone on to be with our Lord. God is soooo good to us! May each of them be blessed more for the impact their faith has on our modern lives.
I was re-watching Pastor JD’s prophecy update from Oct 31 (I think; opened a new window to write you but somehow lost the window the update is in. Sorry) and I think it will speak to you if you re-watch it too.
Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for being so strong and giving me encouragement and hope.

I imagine we here in the USA will also face a time of trial similar to what your family is facing now. We may or may not still have access to free speech and communication at that point. I am storing up scriptures from our Father and messages from my brethren against such a time. Know this: when that time comes, should I not have access to fellowship, you dear sister, will be foremost in mind. I will lean on your strength and example. I’m looking forward to meeting you on the other side! May that time be sooner rather than later.
I will add your stepfather to my prayers; you’ve not mentioned him before (that I noticed). That Jesus will turn hearts to Himself before it’s too late is my greatest hope and what I ask for most.
Father God, You know all hearts and their future. If it be Your will, please open the eyes of Raphonzel’s mother and stepfather, of all those she loves. Bring them to the saving grace that You dear Son bought with His own precious blood. Thank You for always listening to our pleas for the lost. Thank You for Your long-suffering and loving kindness. You are our only God and our blessed Hope. We praise You for Your goodness and holiness. We look forward to how You will work in the lives of those we love on this earth; calling them before it’s too late and we can hardly wait to be with You in Your heaven. In the name of Jesus, our Kinsman-Redeemer, amen.
Shalom Sister.