Please pray...I am too sensitive?

I have problems with daily life routines and things like handling authority matters…

I dont like it and I cant do such things well…

Although I have two teenage children I didnt grow up in this world like the normal, average person…I am confused with impressions, all things I have to do overwhelm me fast…

I would say I did never arrive on this earth and I feel like an extraterrestrial, I dont know how to function in this money orientated world…

People are quite cold and seem to have no heart…

This is not my place, but I have to get things under control, it hurts so much to feel so incompetent…
This is especially a real problem since I am a single mom…my ex isnt approachable because he isnt allowed to help with children, so I am like a widow…

Furthermore I didnt learn how to function in this complex world, because I have been extremely overprotected of my parents…I didnt learn how the reality of the world is…

Now I have to learn it and it hurts…

Please pray, there a things ahead I have to find solutions for…



The first scripture that comes to mind:
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Yes, many people are cold and heartless, but some are just putting on a protective armor so they won’t get hurt. There is a lot of fear right now, and we are sort of extraterrestrials as we are not made for this world. Our home is with the Lord. We’re just passing through.

Since I know you are German, I’ll share this quick story to illustrate. I was a newlywed military wife living near Mannheim when I ran an errand to pay the rent at a bank. I had walked more than two miles to the city center to find this bank, but I found myself lost near a cemetery. My German was decent, but my pronunciation was probably affected by my Southern twang (accent). Some young German friends previously had warned me to only approach Germans 40 and under for directions, etc. since they would likely understand English or “broken” German. Unfortunately, the only person on the street was a much older woman. I politely approached, “Entschuldigen Sie, bitte. Wo ist die Bank?” She snapped at me, saying something like: “Die Bank oder die Park?” I just lowered my head and muttered, “Machts nichts. Danke.”

I laugh about it now, and my young German friends found it hilarious, saying “we told you so!”

This was an early encounter and I was far from home feeling very alone. It was winter and I was in a cold strange place–far from the friendly town where I grew up.

This world we are living in now is growing colder, but there are a few of us sprinkled around who still love and care for others because of who we belong to–a loving God who sent His Son to make the ultimate sacrifice for all. In this fellowship, I’ve seen people help each other not only by praying but by advising on job searches, chainsaw maintenance (lol), gardening, exemption letters, etc. I’m not saying that this forum has all the answers, but it’s such a diverse group with a lot of experience in living. You never know until you ask…

Praying that you find the answers you are seeking, @Ann1.

In Christ,


I am praying right now, for strength and protection for you and your children! That God will give you the peace within Him and that the Spirit leads you in all your decisions. That you feel the love of our Saviour Jesus!



I can relate to most everything you said.

I didn’t as a kid and still today, as an older guy, haven’t had much interaction with the world.

I was raised to be a servant, so, I never knew how to interact with kids my age nor do what most would call “common sense” things nor common interactions in the world.

When I was young, I was very confused and overwhelmed by most things in life because I had no understanding nor experience at all of how humanity worked.

Yes, the world hurts, and it lies, cheats, and steals, that is what I have found from the majority in the world, that is how they function.

What I finally discovered was that the only true peace possible, even by those “in the world” was to Turn From Sin To Him…Jesus, The Christ and His Word.

There is no other answer other than a daily focus on Scripture and Prayer that can make even the most dire situations, tolerable.

Not one other thing in this world has ever worked nor has anything else I’ve ever attempted been satisfying.

My opinion, Wisdom from Proverbs is the greatest single book of all-time to gain understand for even the most complex of situations while also being a prime teacher of life.

Ann, I believe time is very short, and those who will wait upon the Lord from this point forward have a beautiful reality awaiting them.


I think it’s good to be sensitive. God wants us to go to Him as little children, and I think sensitivity is a part of that.

I am very sensitive too. my parents sheltered me as well. I had a ton of freedom but I have the apparent-luxury of being surprised when someone is rude to me, and feeling hurt by it, instead of being able to brush it off easily.

I am praying for your skin to be thickened. in no way shall I hope you lose the edge of your sensitivity. I only hope you will indeed learn to tame it to the degree you’re praying for. being able to see things as God does, and acting on that, even if it’s hard.

your sensitivity and empathy are gifts that I’m so glad were not whittled down like so for many others out there. <3 this will serve you well after you are transformed by the results of these prayers.

it hurts me as well that so many are cold. they were not protected like we were. praying for them in your heart, in those moments, really helps. then you can see them as God does. it will make you stronger. even if they don’t seem to be affected by it. many will be. keep the smile on as much as you can. you can spread to others the shelter your parents built on your heart. <3 God bless!


Hi there, Sister in Christ. So sorry things must be this way, but we’ll get through it, God promised. You’ve received so many great answers here so far, but I would like to add one suggestion: when I feel overwhelmed with tasks, I make a list. Sounds simple, I know, but checking off the items one-by-one really helps me focus, and makes them seem less overwhelming. Hope that helps a little. I will definitely be praying for you too. Remember how much God loves us too - that’s the biggest help in this mean old world!


Loving Heavenly Father

With mercy and grace that you present and bless us [with], we ask you to help Ann in all her troubles. For a person to feel they don’t belong is a notion that many of us have felt over our lifetime in different wants. We feel the world is too small for us and we’re just not fitting in. We belong elsewhere far away from this place. We are given opportunities and lessons that we’re just not ready for. In many instances we’re like Esther and in others, we’re the prodigal son. Other times we’re like David and then there are times we’re like Peter or Thomas.

Please bless Ann with the mending of her broken heart and bless her with bold strength and courage within her faith. Please help strengthen her heart and mind to what she needs and when she needs it. Please speak through her by the Holy Spirit when she needs to speak truths that otherwise people would freeze up and silence ourselves.

Please calm her mind and heart with peace and calm and please pluck from her the anxiety she faces daily. Please, in some way (Creator’s choice) fill her with a message fitly spoken to her, and for her so she can grow and expand her wisdom to equal her innocence as she may need.

Through the overprotection of her youth, may this come as a helpful aide in knowing what to and what not to do. May the moral responsibility placed in her heart and mind rival and help overwrite any turmoil she faces from this moment forward. Please comfort her and deliver her to the answers and solutions she needs, even more so when she’s doubtful, depressed, questioning, worried, panicking and frightful. Instill upon her the wisdom of Solomon, if you will, and help her properly use that armor You have given us to carry out her purpose for the day, and for the time we live in.

We pray this in Jesus’ name

Your statement, Ann about people getting colder, it’s an obvious statement of truth and it’s going to get worse as time goes on. You have brethren here to talk to, and you have God as your perfect security team.
Holy Spirit
Keep your head up and I pray the Lord revitalizes the Holy Spirit within you daily and fills your heart with an over abundance of joy in the Lord daily.

You keep taking those slow breaths in through your nose. Deep. Then exhale slowly and gently. I’d say close your eyes while doing this, but you may have to do this while driving or walking, and we don’t need an accident to form just to keep ya calm.

You’ll get through this, Ann. You have gifts presented to you to use through you to help you and you have strength you don’t realize in what you’ve done. Or, maybe you do. Either way, you will succeed.


I will be bless to pray with you. Sounds like God can really use someone like you. I would find a good church and read God Word. That will help you understand life here on earth and give you a good path way to walk and help others. Your wright people can be cold and even heartless at times. And that is why we must not be like them, Jesus told us we our the light, in a very dark world. So shine your light and Trust God with all your heart all your soul and all your mind, Amen.


Hide yourself in the Word of God, Ann. the answers to life are found there. this world is not home to believers. We all know and understand this world is temporary and is going to get worse instead of better. People are cold because they do not know or want God in their lives. We are strangers among the lost here on earth. Our citizenship is in Heaven; not here. Whatever you are going to soon be facing, I pray you seek the Lord for the answers. Our God does not ever fail us.


Thank all of you for your prayers and encouragement.
I feel depressed. I had depression much time of my life as consequence of trauma in childhood, but I fought against and have been free of symptoms more than five years.
But now, problems seem to be overwhelming and I really dont want to start with the stuff…

How will rapture be? How will we be and exist, in which manner?

I really cant imagine how it will be 🤷


It’s going to be wondrously amazing!

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Good morning.

You are not alone. I don’t feel like I belong here too. The world is getting too dark for me. The only light that I get is from my sisters and brothers in Christ, like here in this forum. But this is not enough for me. I really yearn for peace, for humble and gentle people, for justice and mercy, for unpolluted surroundings, for purity…until then.

Praying, waiting and watching for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.