Please pray that I will be able to secure an apartment

To all who are praying for me.

We are scheduled to close on our house tomorrow which brings me to a critical juncture. I require the money from selling my house to secure an apartment. If the apartment I am looking to move into is available, then I should be fine, if not I will basically be homeless. Please pray that I will be able to secure an apartment right after I sell my house!

There are many other tasks I must complete related to moving, such as hiring a moving company that will be available when I need it. However all the other tasks are dependent on getting an apartment and have work arounds if I have a problem with them. So getting an apartment is key!

Thanks to everyone who is praying for me. God has really blessed me with all I needed to do so far and I believe he will continue to do so! I will give a testimony of all God has done once I am comfortably in my new apartment.


@goodboy I will pray that the Lord will give what you need, when you need it! My daughter is testimony that miracles do happen. She has to leave the place she rents now with one month rental notice. With prayer she has found a new place within 2 weeks!!! And that with the housing problems in the Netherlands right now. So…All these things are beautiful “But God…” moments.
Many blessings and hope everything will work out.


Thanks @TheNetherlandsJet ! :grinning:


I will be bless to pray things go well for you, " I am trusting in you Lord" to lead the way and help goodboy. Good luck with your move.


I am praying for you and your family. Put it in God’s hands…he will provide and care for you. When you feel anxious or worried, call the name of Jesus…he will settle your heart and give you peace no matter what happens.


With all sincerity, you’ve been such a good friend to me…even privately with such comforting and sound advice. My prayers are with you always!

Please keep us informed with updates so we can rejoice with you as God miraculously leads your way.


I hope to write a long version of things as a testimony when I have completed the move and have time, but here is a short version of where things are right now.

I found an apartment I liked about a month and a half ago. However, I did not qualify income wise as I am just getting social security. I told them that I would be selling my house and they said I could use the bill of sale from that to qualify for the apartment. My fear at that time was they might not have the apartment I wanted available anymore.

So Tuesday the day before my closing I called to see if the apartment was still available. Well the person I was working with was out that day and the person who answered was his manager who said he could help me. I told him that I would have the bill of sale from my house sale and wanted to know if the apartment was still available.

The manager stated that their policy does not include home sales as a method to qualify for the income requirements. I told him I was told over a month ago that they would accept home sales to qualify. He said he was aware that his staff had told people that, but it was incorrect and he was sorry. Sorry? Sorry? So now the apartment I was planning to get, I can no longer get? So now I have to look for an apartment some where at the last minute? All he could say was sorry which was no help to me.

At this point you might be thinking “If this is the short version, how long is the long version?” LOL! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: . So to keep this short God provided a much better apartment in a much better area that I qualified for and got! So your prayers worked! This time and many other times in my life God has provided answers that I did not see coming that are much better than the specific answer I was looking and praying for.

As Pastor JD likes to say But God!!! There is more to this that I will express in the long version later when I have completed the move and have time, but I wanted to let you guys know that your prayers are working!!! Thanks so much for your prayers and God bless!!! :smiley:


I was so sad when I read your post and when I read the end I was soooo happy. I cannot say how happy I am for you, especially with the struggle you had for years. When you can settle in your new apartment, I am sure you need time to adjust things. A toxic relationship will take some time, but you did it! You ended it and I am so proud of you. The Lord will take care and all I can do is that I am so glad we will meet one day in heaven. And I hope this day will be soon :blush:


Oh friend,
Nothing is beyond HIM. Tho it’s taken what must have felt like an eternity to step away from the unhealthy relationship you were suffering in, that struggle is now over. Then just when everything seemed hopeless HE miraculously closed one small door only to open a huge window.
Your faith has been rewarded with unexpected blessings. The God we serve is so generous, merciful, loving and GREATER THEN WE EVEN REALIZE.
Today you’ve been given a lovely apartment…but soon a mansion will be yours! Praise His holy name!


Awesome! Praise the Lord for providing you with a wonderful new home.


Here is my new apartment complex. Praise God!!! :heart:


OMGoodness…You’ve been given heaven BEFORE heaven. I couldn’t be happier for you.
Is God great or what???


Yes he is!!! :+1:


Please provide images from it, when you moved in - its so beautiful :heart:


I don’t have a smart phone or a camera so I can’t take pictures at this time. When I have my first guest I will ask them to take pictures and then post them here. :grinning:


Here is something I wrote that speaks to how God helped me secure an apartment. :+1:

Just Watch God Work

The following is a testimony regarding just how God works.

After 36 years of marriage my wife asked for a divorce. This was after 3 years of being emotionally separated and me sleeping on the couch. During this 3 year period my wife was not being very nice and we did not have any conversations. So then when she asked for a divorce I was not sad, but relieved to get away from her negativity. I say all this to explain what was next.

So my wife was not working and am retired only receiving social security. Fortunately our house was paid for, so we did have that. Of course getting a divorce meant we had to sell our house and split all of our assets. So my next step was to put the house on the market and secure an apartment. As it turns out, selling the house was no problem due the market, but getting an apartment was another story.

The last time I had an apartment was around 1985, so that was kind of my reference point. At that time the qualification to secure an apartment was first and last month’s rent and security deposit. So I found a great apartment complex in Trinity that had all the things I was looking for. When I went for a tour everything was going great until we got to the qualification requirements. I had to have either an income of 3 times the monthly rent or 3 times the yearly rent in my savings account. Neither of which I had.

I told the person I was working with that I would be selling a house and would have plenty of money. So he said he would ask his supervisor to give me a call and see if there was a way for me to qualify. Well the supervisor called me and said that I would qualify after my house was sold and I would just need the bill of sale. This was not the best case for me as I would have to sell the house before securing an apartment which would mean staying in a hotel for a while and putting my stuff in storage. However, at least I would qualify for the apartment that I wanted.

When selling our house I found out that the new owner would not be moving in right away. So I asked him if I could rent the house until the end of the month after the closing and he agreed. This gave me 11 days after to closing to leave the house, meaning I would not need to stay in a hotel or put my stuff in storage. This is when I first notice that God was working with me! So the day before the house closing I called the apartment complex to tell them I would have the bill of sale tomorrow. The guy I was working with was not there, but his manager said that he could help me.

I told the manager that I would have the bill of sale from selling my house tomorrow and would be applying for an apartment there. The manager said, that I had been misinformed and they would not accept the bill of sale from the sale of a home as qualification to get an apartment there. He said he just told his staff not to tell people that, as it was incorrect. So now I am somewhat panicked as I have no idea where I will be going after selling the house. Fortunately I was only panicked for a short time. I then just prayed and told God, “I have done all I can and you will have to assist me”.

So God then spoke to me (in my spirit) and said “Why not look for an apartment in New Tampa where you use to live. You know the area is nice and you are very familiar with it”. I don’t know why I never thought of that area, as it made perfect sense. I now felt that God was leading me. So I looked on Google Maps and found an apartment complex in New Tampa called The Oasis. It was located only 2 miles from where I use to live. It was being built when I left New Tampa 4 years ago, so it was basically a brand new apartment complex.

So now came the big questions. First of all, do they accept a bill of sale from selling a house as qualification? Second, do they have any apartments available that met my criteria? So I called and the first thing I asked was do they accept a bill of sale as qualification for getting an apartment there. The woman I spoke with said yes. I then asked her to please check with her manager as I had been misled before. She did and said yes again. So the next question was do you have any available apartments with my criteria? She said not today, but would have one available on the 29th. As I would be staying in my old house until the 31st, that date would work for me.

So on October 29th I moved into my new apartment. You may be thinking what is so miraculous about that? Well let me explain. God worked it out much better than what I had planned and here are the reasons why.

  1. The 3rd floor apartment I wanted had no elevator, but the 4th floor apartment God provided me does. I found I really needed an elevator.
  2. The apartment I wanted had no garages available, but the one God provided does.
  3. The apartment I wanted had a small balcony (possibly if available), but the one God provided has a very large balcony.
  4. The apartment I wanted had no stores close by, but the one God provided has almost any store you want close by.

Not only the 4 things I mentioned above, but the apartment God provided is on the corner of the building, so I only have one neighboring apartment.

So here is the thing, not only did God provide me access to the apartment complex, but the apartment and garage I got are exactly what I was looking for! No my mistake, not exactly but much more than I was looking for! I was looking for a good apartment, but God provided a fantastic apartment! The ONLY explanation for me getting this apartment and just when I needed it, is God!

I will say though that God made me both work for it and trust him along the way.

I also want to thank all those who were praying for me. :heart:




I’m so touched by your devotion to God’s WORD as proof of His greatness. It’s oh so easy to simply say With God all things are possible but to live by it is another thing entirely. He wants us to put our trust in His good intentions and faithfully wait as he works His miracles in His time. By nature we are an impatient people led by selfishness and greed BUT GOD is the embodiment of selflessness who has given us EVERYTHING tho unmerited. Your testimony should encourage us all to WAIT ON THE LORD knowing that our best interest is His priority.

I couldn’t be happier for the blessings God had bestowed upon you and the glory you’ve given Him as a loving witness to His majesty/
With much love…your sister in Christ, Vicki.



Thanks Vicki for your well thought out and encouraging response! :heart:

There is something I should mention regarding my marriage, which is a great example of how we need to wait on the Lord who knows what’s best for us.

The three years I spent on the couch emotionally separated from my wife praying for God to intervene in some way, I was wondering why he wasn’t doing anything. When I look back I can see he was doing something. He was preparing me for what would normally be great sorrow from losing my wife of 36 years. The very uncomfortable three years I suffered made me very happy to lose my wife who was being very unkind to me. Not only that, my wife was the one who asked for a divorce leaving me with no guilt feelings for our divorce.

A relative told me I should go to “Divorce Care” which is a free Christian service for people going through divorce. So I went, but realized it was not for me. One guy was crying where he could hardly speak as he told of his situation. When I spoke, I could not help but smile as I was being released from a really bad situation. I was prepared to go back though to possibly help others with my story. Well both the leaders got Covid-19 so they suspended the class. I think that was God’s way of telling me “Son you don’t need this!”.

My point is that God heard my and others prayers for me. However, God responds with what is best for us, which most times is not what we expect. While God will always do what is best for eternity, it will not always be what’s comfortable or best for our life in this world. Fortunately for me he has done what is best for me now and in eternity!

God bless!

I told my Pastor’s wife my situation a few months back and she was praying for me. When I gave her an update regarding our getting a divorce, she responded “That is not what I was looking for”. What she really meant was “That is not what I expected”. What’s the difference? Well we should not expect God to do what we want, but what is best. We really should stop praying for our will to be done, but God’s will which is always best.


Hello Goodboy,
Our God is good- if the apartment in question is His desire for you then all things will fall into place. However, if something should fall through, trust Him, that He has something better in mind. Sometimes what we see in “reality” can be deceiving.
Did you ask for His direction in finding the apartment you hold in prayer? Are you looking for another apartment if this one should fall through? There’s no fault in having a Plan B…. That said,
I thank our Father for your home selling and ask that He lines up all you have planned so that you will be able to settle your home-life and your heart. I’m asking that He wrap you in His mighty arms, giving you all you need. In the name of Yeshua, amen.