Please say a prayer for me. I may have had a seizure

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if I had a spiritual attack or a seizure today. It happened in front of my parents and my dad said it lasted about 15 minutes.

I could hear them talking to each other and asking each other if they should call for an ambulance.

Earlier today I was at my sister’s having a yard sale. For the most part I was okay, but towards the end I felt weak and began to get nauseous.

On the drive back home the nausea increased and I felt very weak. I tried to eat a banana and midway through I felt weak and suddenly had a sensation like I was “fading away”.

I could feel myself staring into the distance but I don’t know what I was staring at. I could feel tears flowing down my cheeks and I had trouble speaking. I was trying to quote scripture in my head, but it was difficult to piece the sentences together.

I had this weird feeling building up around me, and I was finally able to tell my mom to come sit with me. All of a sudden I could hear myself let out a loud cry and my body began shaking and jerking. I could hear myself crying and I could hear myself screaming. But I don’t know why I was. I could hear myself saying the words “no” and “stop”. And I could hear me saying Jesus. But other than that, I lost all control of my motor functions and my arms and legs started to move and shake involuntarily. I had trouble controlling my breathing and I could hear myself making weird sounds and I had full body tremors. Face, legs, feet and hands.

I was fully aware of everything that was happening around me and to me. But I couldn’t control my movements.

I truly don’t know why or what happened. Not sure if this was neurological or If I just had a whopper of an attack. But please pray for me.

I’ve had a dull headache for days, weird dizziness and just feeling tired and fatigue.

Part of me is embarrassed that happened in front of my parents. But I’m really glad it didn’t happen during the yard sale.

:sparkling_heart:Thank you & God bless



Prayers for discernment and healing.


Maybe you just need to sleep and relax.

I have dizziness when I don’t sleep enough.

Maybe you fall asleep and begin to dream.

Better not to drive, until it’s in order.

Try to sleep, eat and drink water.
Inform your parents.
Pray :pray: and relax.
Maybe you are too much stressed.
Why you don’t sleep?!

I will pray for you :heart:


Hi Alissa. Wow, that does sound scary. I will definitely be praying for you as God leads me. All I can see at the moment is that God was surely with you & protecting you as you were sitting & with your parents who could watch out for you when this happened.
As you didn’t ask for advice I won’t offer any. You already know our Father. He’s the best source & He loves you & knows you better than anyone. Rest assured in that, & you have at least one sister lifting you up to the throne in your weakness. :heart::pray::partly_sunny:


Please go to the doctor and be check out.


I’d say in many respects be glad it happened in front of loved ones and not strangers. Although, perhaps some stranger would have a better answer for you than what you have now which is nothing.

Loving Heavenly Father

Please give @Alissa answers from her questions and transform her problems into solutions. Transform illness within her to health as right now a mystery befalls her and many of us. Please carry her into the stable presence of Your love, through grace and mercy. While I may say she needs a nap, others rightly say she needs to be checked out. Bless her with Spiritual wisdom and understanding while blessing her with a boat load (that’s a lot You know) of discernment.

Galvanize her with protection from evil touch her with your calming presence thus transforming her anxiety into peace and worry into calm. Also, please help her find more than a banana to consume if this happens again. Not like a steak, but maybe something more robust she may need? V8 maybe? Only You have the answer, Father. We rest on Your guidance and I pray this request coincides with Your will being done.

We pray this in Jesus’ name

I haven’t had the reaction you have but have felt those symptoms in the past. It felt like I was going to have a seizure. I’d get the headache and fatigue and felt like I was going to vomit. Drank some water and laid down and fell asleep. It was due to looking at a video screen for long periods of time and not. Resting eyes, in fact, it’s feeling like it’s coming on now with my head sweating.

I say, get checked out. Stat. You are in my prayers, sister,


Thank you all for your kindness and prayers. I truly appreciate it.

My apologies for the silence. I’m still trying to bounce back. I’m still feeling kinda weird, but much better than how I was feeling during that episode.

I’m currently in between insurances and asking the Lord for wisdom when it comes to seeking the right doctors.

Since Covid, I’m struggling with trust when it comes to medical professionals.

I know there are still many who truly care, but sadly we are living in a era where profit is winning over proper care. :two_hearts:


I hope you do go see a doctor. Especially if your recovery time drags in or you continue to feel off. It sounds like a seizure and possibly even a stroke a mentioned by @BayouBushi.

If it was a spiritual attack , it certainly could’ve been aimed purposely towards your health via your body which would still warrant an exam imo.


Hey Alissa @Alissa,
I’m thankful that whatever happened took place while you were with your parents (and not during the yard sale) and I bet they are too. No reason to be embarrassed; you did nothing but suffer an attack. Glad you’re better but concerned you’re not totally recovered. I hear ya about not wanting to submit to untrustworthy medical people. The best we can do is do what you’ve asked, pray.

Father in Heaven,
Thank You for seeing Alissa through her attack. Please heal her. Protect Alissa from all things not of You. If she needs to see a doctor, please make a way clear of who You want her to see and put peace in her heart about an appointment. Bless Alissa’s health care team should she need one with wisdom and compassion. Lord please also bless Alissa’s resources, making a way for her to receive medical care if that is Your will. Thank You for taking care of Your beloved daughter Alissa and her family, Father. In the Name of Jesus, amen.


It’s been a hot minute @Alissa si ce your episode. Did you get to find anything out yet? Or find someone in the medical field you trusted at least? Hopeful we hear some good news.


Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate them more than you all know :sparkling_heart:

And Hi @Gold

Sorry for the delayed response. I haven’t been on here all that much the past few days. I’m still trying to bounce back.

I’m in-between insurances atm and trying to self medicate/heal (for the most part), but once that is all sorted, I’ll be proactively looking. I may already have a pulmonologist lined up and since my sister is in the area, she may also know of a neurologist.

Tbh, I haven’t felt like myself since that episode. It’s been difficult to bounce back. But I’ve definitely been trying. I will say, I’m better than I was on that day :pray: (Thank you, Lord), but still feeling off and struggling with symptoms.

Truth be told, I’m not sure if this is a new but underlining side effect caused by me having long-term Covid, but whatever it is, it’s gotta go in the name of Jesus! I’ve been sick for far too long and ready for this chapter to be over.

Until then, I’ll be praising God, praying for wisdom and still believing for a healing.

But regardless of the outcome, May God use all of this nonsense for his purpose and glory. And may His will for me forever trump over mine! :open_hands:

(But seriously Lord, I’m ready to give this praise report already :wink::heartpulse: lol)

Thanks for checking in on me. I’ll keep ya updated once the doctors figure out what’s going on.



Im praying for healing for you and provision so you can get checked out. In my late teens and early twenties i used to pass out and urinate while it happened. My drs thought i was having petit mal seizures but my EEG i had done was normal. I was 16. They kept happening periodically. Then when I was 22, i went to my dr to get a wart shaved off. I saw blood and passed out. My dr saw it and asked what I’d eaten that day. I said a cheese sandwich. He ordered blood sugar tests. He diagnosed me with hypoglycemia. From then on i made sure i ate regularly-before i was skipping meals. I haven’t passed out since i was about 24 years old. I never had any shaking like you did though. I would definitely investigate getting health insurance and get an EEG done to ensure that you don’t have a seizure disorder and also a brain scan to make sure you don’t have a tumor or something.

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I come into agreement with you in prayer Gustafsen for Alissa.
@Alissa, you may be border line diabetic, be experiencing thyroid issues, or have a brain tumour. None of which can be diagnosed without a doctor. I pray you will be lead to a doctor you trust and get the tests needed to determine what is going on with your health.

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Reading what your saying and others. Not a doctor but sounds like your blood sugar. Are you diabetic or low blood sugar? Both of these problems can make you feel that way. And eating fruit would make it worse. I am low blood sugar myself and have to carry snacks with me. Praying what ever happened won’t happen again. Try eating something if a small meal before garage or yard sales. Those can tire you out. Praying it was a one time thing. May God bless you.l and heal you. Sandra

@Alissa , praying for you. :heart::heart::heart:

May God bless you in a special way tonight. In Jesus’ mighty name, amen.