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I do not wish to turn LindaBeth’s original prayer post into a scientific debate on polio, I only responded earlier because I thought it worthwhile to give food for thought and address the suggestion that no vax=no trust.

If I am permitted to offer one more bit of food for thought, we are also called to be strong and courageous. Sad to say, there are many unbelievers who know Christians now that will still not make a decision to give their life to Christ before the rapture whether the Christians in their life are joyfully vaxxed or not. Some will realize what happened and hopefully make a decision afterward.

If, post rapture, having already seen Christians that stood against government that is lying, censoring & taking away God given free will gives them the guts to choose Christ and take a stand against the antichrist and mark of the beast, I’d say it was worthwhile as their soul will finally be saved. I have a family member who falls into that category, who doesn’t see his need for Christ and the attitude is ‘if it works for you fine. If I ever want it I know who to ask’. Getting a vax won’t change that attitude, but if nothing else, hopefully the rapture will. Seeing us stand strong in the face of adversity now just might give him an example to follow during the tribulation.

Peace to you as well, and I’m going to pray again for LindaBeth now.


Well said @pbandj - thank you for extending this discerning courtesy to OP.

@LindaBeth - joining with others to pray the Lord to make a clear path (exit or otherwise) for you and that His will be done whatever route things take.

In Christ


So many believers have now slid into those dark pits that cynicism is becoming vogue in many Christian circles as a self-identifying trademark of a new spirituality: edgy spirituality of the jaded. Since cynicism is emerging as a hip new way to be “spiritual,” religious disenchantment is often hailed as a spiritual virtue.
Cynics praise themselves for taking the red pill of “reality,” and then they stick it to “the Man” by unplugging themselves from the “matrix”.

But who does the Christian cynic “stick it to” if “the Man” is Jesus himself or the church he died for?

Cynicism is a sickness. To be cynical is to be “contemptuously distrustful of human nature and motives.”
Cynicism among Christians eventually impairs our spiritual health and destroys any chance to share the Gospel.

This may be the great falling away and many church leaders are becoming instrumental in dividing marriages, families and co-workers and alienating those we’re supposed to be witnessing to.

Paul said; “I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace”.


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There is a lot of truth here. Thank you for sharing. I can assure you, I am not trying to be hip. I am trying to discern this “loving my neighbor” argument. Given the plethora of side effects from the vaccine, my stance has been that loving my neighbor begins with my spouse and children by not subjecting myself to this unproven therapy. Pharma has complete liability indemnity, so if there are negative consequences from getting a vaccine one’s family is left to deal with the aftermath. Loving my neighbor, in my view, is not deliberately setting my family up to have to deal with potential debilitating side effects.


Well said. I’ve been noticing many church leaders (pastors) using humor to snipe at people who don’t go along with their agenda.
Pastors are dividing their own flock then blaming the division on the church members.
It may be the falling away spoken of in Scripture, indeed.
Sometimes Christians are their own worst enemy. Instead of keeping Jesus Christ and the Bible as the leader, they follow a pulpit personality. We need to always pray for discernment and guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Hi Lindabeth
I have 5 years on you, & out of curiosity had an antibodies test taken to see if I’d had it ( only time I can think of being sick was 2019)

Well I have had it- & am now naturally immune -!!-per the dr who seemed disappointed btw when he told me!
You will have more antibodies than your shot up co workers - keep that in mind when you go back—
Then if they force you to still get the shots- I think then the decision to make will be obvious


I’m not sure I want in this conversation. Go onto Dr Suzanne Humphrey’s YouTube channel on vitamin C. She does the history of vaccines and talks about the polio vaccine. It was a diaster, look at the medical history instead of “heresay”. Polio resulted from dirty water and poor waste management. In America, clean water and sewer systems allowed many viruses to stop affecting people.
It’s always good to have knowledge about what you are saying. Using general terms shows ignorance. Also grouping all Christians as cynical is crazy. There is a website called www.nvic.org that will help you learn about viruses and vaccines good and bad.
As pastor JD has said, you must do your own reading on this vax subject. If you believe it’s safe, take it. If you have any doubts, read about it. Another place www.americanfrontlinedoctors.com for information.
In Matt 24:4 Jesus warns His apostles about being deceived. Hot topic today! If you listen to mainstream media you will be deceived.
Last thing, you talk about “loving your neighbors”. Jesus tells us “to love our neighbors as ourselves” If I believe the shots are dangerous and go ahead and take them, then I must not care about myself. Also what you do to your body only affects your immune system. It has nothing to do with your neighbor’s immune system. Example: if I eat a greasy pizza then I get heartburn. The problem is in my body not my neighbors. Deception reigns today. Beware!


I noticed Amir is still in the Jan Markel, Jack Hibbs and many of the Prophecy Update group except they seem to have excluded JD. I’m wondering if he’s been too vocal in erroneous information and they all think he’s wrong in causing division in the church.
Just searching for truth just as you say you are.

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Thank you for working in a dementia unit. That’s a hard job and they need kind people in there. Please keep us updated. I’ll pray right now for zero symptoms and peace that allows you to go back to work soon to show your co-workers that it’s okay. Go back with a smile. They will be waiting to see your reaction. No fear, sister :pray:


I’ve wondered the same also. When I watched her latest prophecy roundtable on Youtube, there were MANY comments asking about JD Farag. Jan Markell herself responded to one of them and said that he has been asked but declines. I would LOVE to see it happen though​:wink::grin:!

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Hi Lindabeth. I do feel your pain. My biggest fear has been feeling responsible for having the residents’ liberties taken away from them because I either contracted or falsely tested positive for COVID. I am a social worker in a nursing home and I have had to be the one to tell the residents when a staff member has tested positive and they will now be quarantined to their rooms for 14 days. It is horrible to see their dejection and frustration for the staff “allowing themselves to contract COVID-19”. It has made for such a negative environment for everyone and pitting residents against staff and staff against staff. Nursing homes were already the most regulated industry in the country (we beat out nuclear power plants almost 20 years ago) and now have added so much ridiculous rules because of COVID that it seeks to kill all joy. But I keep being reminded of Esther and I am in this environment for “a time such as this”. The sense of burn out is real, but our God is bigger and His plan is best. I have had more opportunities to share my faith than any other time in my career. I pray for God’s peace for you and that He will show you His perfect will in the place where you work.


Hi Brian,
You are incorrect in your information. mRNA vaccine does prevent up to 95% infections, both symptomatic and asymptomatic which means you cannot spread it. It is 100% effective at preventing severe disease as seen in all the large scale RCT’s

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Thank you for sharing. During our first outbreak it was because lof “all those young college kids” on staff. Then it was because of “those visitors we let in”, now it is because of “those who didn’t get vaccinated.” People are frustrated and quick to blame. After this wave is over they will find the next group to blame. Praying for you. Not an easy field to be in right now.

So how about recommendations that fully vaxxed people do not need negative tests while traveling due to lower risk? If you cannot debate the merit of methodology from a study without your implicit bias then who do you debate anything? This is contrary to the above comments saying you can’t spread COVID after vax, which is false. CDC study breaks the narrative that we must mask/distance forever.
Continued evidence is mounting that vaccine is safe and effective.

Or see this study based in God’s Holy Land:

Large amount of people (>1million) showing effectiveness and safety.

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I have a question for you about the nursing home: do you have wifi routers? Covid is being compared to a high elevation respiratory illness. There is a lot of discussion today on the roll out of 5G wifi. Many doctors are discussing this and noting that 5G drops the oxygen level of the air we breathe.
When someone goes into the hospital emergency room with possible covid, they have normal P02 levels but are extremely short of breath. These patients have adequate red blood cells but their oxygen molecule cannot attach to the red blood cell for delivery. Causing hypoxia just like in high altitude sickness.
Please answer me if your nursing home has wifi routers. Thanks.

Also False. In dose finding trials it has been over a year since people have been getting doses.
Did you read the articles? That is where the information is coming from.
Where I live (Alberta, Canada) cases of covid are down 90% in adults of age >80 compared to the same case count in the previous wave. This is due to 90% of them vaccinated.
Deaths in this group are 1/5 and hospitalizations are 1/4. Seems like a good benefit to me. My Gramma in that group and she won’t die from covid.
This anecdotal experience matches the published data presented.

If you have a critique, please refer to data presented and offer your suggestion.

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Are you referring to the Flu vaccine? The covid shots came out in December 2020. They were allowed through Emergency Use Authorization. Ever hear of Operation Warp Speed that former President Trump bragged about?

Mass vaccinations started in Dec 2020.
However as I previously mentioned, patients have received doses pretty much a year ago in the Phase 1/II trials as seen here:

But again, in Israel almost 60% of population vaccinated and cases/deaths are exponentially down. How else would you explain that?
How do you explain India having 2-3000 people dying each day?

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Please quote me any inaccurate information from the sources I’ve posted, with your references as to why it is inaccurate if you’d like to discuss the errors.

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@LindaBeth Praying for you Linda, I can only imagine what a difficult situation you are in. God put you there for a reason, so I pray that your path becomes clear for you soon. He will get you through it if you bring it ALL to Him!

And as a general response here, I’m not sure why it turns into a vaccine debate here so often when the request is for PRAYER. If you aren’t posting to offer support and love towards Linda I would suggest you consider asking yourself why you are posting…