Praise God for our beloved Pastor Farag

After watching this past Sunday’s Bible study I was so moved that I needed to post this homage to Pastor Farag.
What an unbelievable sermon which could easily be called a study. I can’t imagine any church has a more informed, more dedicated, more genuine, more devoted, giving or loving Pastor than our beloved teacher in Christ JD Farag.
We who attend for such short periods of time to hear and learn can’t fathom the selfless hours he spends compiling countless facts into these condensed teachings.
Our Loving Heavenly Father has brought each of us in this last moment in time to this church and this man to represent HIM IN TRUTH FOR HIS GLORY.
What a personal gift we have been blessed with.
Thanks be to God…


I agree Vicki. I was feeling the same thing these past months as my husband and I have grown and become more alive and spiritually assisted with the teaching JD provides. I support CCKaneohe as my church. The churches in my area are dead and the only church in our area that is spiritually alive is Jack Hibbs. It is such a big church and we find no parking so we quit trying to get in, BUT GOD provided this beautiful little church to meet our needs. Thank you for your loving thoughts toward this body of Christ. I whole heartedly agree!!


At first, when considering adopting a Pastor, I always test them to see if they are Biblically sound, trustworthy, and they must be a Pastor / Teacher that I can learn from.

Pastor JD uses the same method as Pastor Chuck Smith in his verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter teachings, which is very difficult to find and an essential for me.

Pastor JD also includes Book, Chapter, and Verses in the title of the teachings, which very few do. This is important to me as it lets me read ahead and get my mind on the time, events, and people that will be addressed in the upcoming Scriptural teaching.

Pastor JD has a sincere love and passion for The Word Of Almighty God that is unparalleled.

And, Pastor JD always keeps me engaged with the style in which he presents his teachings, including his humor, which in my opinion, makes Pastor JD a very likable Pastor.

There are other good Pastor / Teachers, however, there is only one Pastor JD…I give Pastor JD Farag an A++ as my most favored Pastor / Teacher.


Yes, i give Pastor JD gold stars :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:


I will feel forever Blessed that I found JD and his ministry, and this forum.
I’ve shared with my kids and a few friends and will continue to do so.
I listen to his sermons and am reminded constantly that the Word of God is ALIVE AND WELL!
thank you Pastor JD for your tireless, steadfast efforts- You are loved.


Greetings my dear brethren in Christ,
Thank God indeed for a man with a true shepherd heart, love of Truth, seeker of the things of God, faithful Minister of the Word. My soul is hungry for encouragement and truth, not as the world peddles it’s corrupt wares, sinful values and vain illusions. Encouragement in the sense (the word has taken on a milky sentimental texture in recent times) but to hold up the Word so that it faces us head-on and points to the Cross and our Lord —so as to put 'Courage-In" in my heart. Because these are truly the last days, astonished as I am to see it happen in my time, the neo-bright signs cannot be missed…be ready says my Lord, I come soon. Brother JD thank you for faithfully serving our Lord, I live on the other side of the globe, but your faithful preaching is like oil to my soul. I thank our God for you because the flock needs shepherds who love the Shepherd of our Souls. I also love your sense of humour, God made you just the way He needs you to be at this time. For such a time as this, you were Called. Thank you for answering the Call. May our faithful God and Saviour, encourage your soul as you have been an encouragement to us, and hold you and your family close to his heart always. Deuteronomy 33:27. Psalm 91. Romans 8. Thank you Father. :sunflower:
Sister R


I am so grateful to Pastor JD for His weekly prophecy updates. I started listening/watching him May 2020. He verbalizes what I feel and know, but I don’t have anyone to share my thoughts with. I always take notes and read them quite often to keep my focus on track and keep encouraged. Life right now is heartbreaking, but Pastor JD reminds me that soon we’re going home and this world is passing away. In my prayer time, I’ve asked God to please make sure that I meet Pastor JD so I can thank him for all he’s done to strengthen my walk with the Lord!


Welcome to this community, Deborah.
Now you have many people with whom to exchange thoughts about the end times/last days and people who will offer you the hand of fellowship :handshake:and pray for your needs.

Your sister in Christ


Thanks. I’m not quite sure how to use the Forum. Seems a tad confusing, but I’ll figure it out.


Yes, it is somewhat complex, but that’s because it offers so many features.
This might be the place to look :