Praise the Lord

I am looking for some suggestions of good praise songs. Just starting to play guitar again and was wondering what are some praise songs that you all like.


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Here’s an easy one that popular now and a tutorial by Phil himself…

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Anything by Phillips Craig and Dean :
Revelation song
Mercy came running
The great I Am
I am a friend of God
When the stars burn down
Let my words be few
Crucified with Christ

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God uses the foolish things to confound the wise.
Brokenness can break habits, change mindsets & bring healing. Mistakes & failings teach us a better way. Living & learning & stumbling, face planting & getting back up strengthen our gait. To walk taller, straighter & with more determination to not return to the worst of our ways. To stay out of the gullies of our own making - & some dug by our enemy. To. Keep. Moving. Forward.
Lord help us to see Your hand, recognize it & take it. We know we can trust You. You never lead us astray.
Your ways are not our ways.
Save us from ourselves God.
In Jesus’ Mighty All-knowing Name,