Praising the lord all the way all the time!

Oh how i praise The Lord ALL the way and ALL the time! HOW great He is, HOW loving He is, HOW merciful He is, HOW understanding He is, HOW patient He is, How great He is… ALL THE TIME!!
Everyday, on my knees i praise and thank Him for my salvation!
Knowing Him and loving Him, yet not born again before… 2011 was MY year where the Lord stirred inside of me, pulled and tucked, never to stop.
I became “born-again”
SO many sins, so much wrong i did… and yet He did NOT give up on me.
Oh Lord if you can save me… you can save anyone is what i say
The love i feel for Him… there are just NO words…
The love He gives me… there are not enough words…
There is NO life without YOU in it Father! Thank you Thank you for never giving up on me…
for ALL the Blessings, the provisions, your love, your forgiveness, your protection
My heart is yours… and soon i will stand in front of you face to face HALLELUJA!!! PRAISE TO THE LORD!
I am overjoyed, can jump up and down ALL day… full of the Holy Spirit and His Joy!! SO overwhelming but in such a awesome and good way!!! PURE BLISS AND JOY!!! and peace all together…
ONLY GOD can do that!!!



So Awesome! The Lord is reviving me in ways I could not have imagined…it has truly taught me that it is indeed the Lord Jesus, by the Holy Spirit in us, that saves us and keeps us saved!


AMEN!!! :heart: :pray:


Glory to God in the Highest!!! Our Lord of ALL for eternity!!!