Praising the Lord in the midst

(Was meant for praise section.
And then couldn’t post the same thing sorry. )

My Dad came to live with my husband and me in Feb. He is under hospice care for his heart, but he is able to take care of many of his needs, so we are very thankful!

On one hand it has been a big adjustment; on the other hand, it could be so much harder. My Dad is fairly easy going and mostly quiet -what a blessing! The Lord is still having to teach me some patience-don’t much like it but appreciate it.:grin:
I never expected to sell his house til he went to be with the Lord, but the Lord took care of every detail of the sale, and I am so thankful!

Some days I simply wake up ungrateful and irritable and selfish, and then I remember to praise the Lord for all the myriad things that I am thankful for, He quiets my spirit and gives me peace-again! Thank You Lord.