Pray for Deaf people to hear the Gospels

Please could everyone pray for the worship team to problem solve and overcome technological difficulties to provide accessible closed captions on all video clips on for Deaf people to follow. 1 in 5 people having hearing loss which is 20% of the population ranging from hard of hearing to the profoundly and tone deaf. (re: mild, moderate, severe deafness). As only so few deaf use sign language, by providing English captions will reach as many as possible, to go hand in hand with download option for sharing as well. Thank you,


I agree! My nephew is hearing impaired and relies on captions to read and understand. Please let me know how I can help.

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Never thought of it but, it must be impossible for those who have to read lips., with everyone wearing masks. I pray for help for them. Forgive my ignorance. Doc

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Yes, please pray for my cousin Jerry who is deaf and blind and wants to learn about Jesus but has no one to answer his questions. Please also pray for his sister Laura who is also deaf and blind but I do not think she knows the Lord. So many forgotten classes of people who desire to know about God


Consider it done and welcome Douglass.p31

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im hearing impaired and know sign language. Thank God all of JD Farag’s videos have closed captions! :yellow_heart: