Pray for Global Trade

Sorry guys and gals, this was my first post. I posted with concern and needed further information. I can’t figure out how to delete it…

Soooo, I have studied Economics, Government, Geography, etc. for many years. This Evergreen Ship being lodged in the Suez Canal makes no sense and looks suspicious. Do you realize what this means? It means I went and bought $40 with of toilet paper today and am gonna start replenishing my lockdown stock.

Why? The supply chain will be disrupted. The 300 ships idle with all our imports will either have to wait… we are in day what 4/5… until they are able to get the ship dislodged or… wait an extra 14 days while the ships travel around the Horn of Africa and risk piracy.

What does this mean? Supply shortage, higher prices since it cost more to ship. Higher gas prices. Inflation.

Where is my tin hat? Noah was a conspiracy theorist… then it began to rain.


Maybe it’s just me, but I missed the prayer request in this post.

There are many, many things in this world that just don’t make sense anymore. This is just one of them.

Let’s pray that God will give us wisdom to understand the things we need to so that we are not deceived by the many bits of misinformation that seem to bombard us nearly constantly.


The UN’s plans for a NET ZERO carbon future include shutting down all shipping. To achieve that, they must cause a SIGNIFICANT PROBLEM, get a REACTION, and then propose that SOLUTION: ending shipping in favor of a “new” supply chain.

THAT is the bottom line of this “false flag” attack in the Suez Canal.

Indeed there are already calls across major media for “rethinking the supply chain in light of the Suez situation.” Of course! That is the goal! – CW


I admit that I do not follow the news closely, but is this considered to be deliberate? I totally get the politician’s motto, “never let a crisis go to waste”, but was this planned as a deliberate disruption in shipping?

As I contemplate, whether it was deliberate or truly an accident, I do anticipate a lot of reactions that have nothing to do with it. On a local level, food grown here will probably have its price affected because of the sensationalized “talk”.


That makes perfect sense. They have already shut down the Cruise ships for a year now. Why not shut down the shipping? Why not shut down the gas supply so you have to go all electric.

Just trying to keep my mind of Jesus and wait for the WEF to take over so we can get out of this crazy world!

By the way, I am not taking the Vaccine!


People, please enhance your calm and resonate understanding over this situation. This wasn’t some sort of attack and it wasn’t some sort of diabolical evil genius plot to overthrow the economic blunders of our world.

A Captain of a cargo ship in the Red Sea took the time to allow his Nautical Tracking System to track his path to look like a phallic symbol in the Red Sea an hour or more before he entered the canal. This information alone should indicate to you just the type of situation we’re dealing with and the personality we’re scrutinizing.

Secondly, it has been reported that a wind storm/dust storm came upon the canal at the time this Captain was navigating and he didn’t deploy countermeasures to it and jack knifed in the canal. As a Captain of any vessel, you have to go through some rigorous training and a lot of situational testing to become one. That would be standard thinking. This Captain did one of three things:

  • Influenced by alcohol or narcotics at the time
  • Allowed his crew to take the day off and play at the helm
  • Was influenced by a little minion of Satan to be a juvenile delinquent

There’s probably other causes for this too but, I don’t know what they would be.
While some are saying Captain’s error, some are calling this a computer glitch since apparently most if not all ships are guided by computers anymore. But, the Captain is still in control of the Helm and it’s his responsibility to know what to do and how to counter problems that arise.

He didn’t do it this time and showed himself unfit for service (at least to me).
Even a fool can look like a diabolical-evil genius without much effort, and by accident no less.

I would have to state that this is an act of God to help us pull our reigns in on the absurdity of what’s going on in this world. Many Nations have slapped God’s hand of righteousness and protection away believing the elites and those in power can do everything better than God. He has allowed those of us considered common folk, to well, most of us to see with open eyes and hear with clear ears just how incorrect the elite and those in power are with their decisions.

This, as with many weather situations as of late, with economic situations as of late, people elected to power as of late have been great signs and notes from God that “No, you can’t do this on your own.” He’s known that from before any of us were born. We NEED Him!

So, since this is a prayer category perhaps we could fashion a prayer for us, the captain, and just as the captain needs, we need to right our course as well.

Dear Heavenly Father
We come to you confused and befuddled over the wondrous events you have allowed to overcome us. Many have placed themselves in a spirit of fear over such things not knowing what’s going on. You’ve allowed those of your children to see what’s going on and others to know the importance of prayer and repentance towards our ways as a Nation or as a people or individually towards our actions to you.

Please forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who have sinned against us. Please guide us to a course correct favorable in your eyes. Please look after this Captain whom we honestly know know what happened to make his decision making paradigm go to this level, but we ask that you look into his heart and bless him with understanding and a sober mind and spirit to never attempt such goings-on again.

We beg you to protect, guide and instill upon the crews working on the canal with knowledge to circumvent this problem and allow safe passage to those in need of the canal whether cruise, or cargo or others. Please let this moment be a learning exercise for the crews of the canal, and all Captains to be of sober minds at all times. Never to let down their guard and Lord willing, look to You for continual guidance.

Please allow no circumstance to overcome us with fear from this or any other situation from here on out till the time You call us home by rapture of rupture. And Heavenly Father, please enhance our calm in all things as we keep looking up and waiting for the Blessed Hope.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


There is an incredible timing of events happening. An absurd event has occurred that may push further favour of the Israel canal going forward at top speed, which will only bring more (tempting and plunder-able) wealth to Israel.

Praying we trust the Lord. Praying that many eyes open. Praying His will be done!


A ship called “Demolition Man”. :wink:


Well, Israel has to have Plunder and Booty to Hook Gog of Magog to take a Spoil…



Don’t know about you, but the prayer request seems to be Come Soon Lord Jesus! :slight_smile:


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Be well ! :wink:

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Be well, fellow citizen! You have given me Joy-Joy feelings to share with those around me today!


This may be one possibility…

GPS systems, which are often relied upon heavily by pilots, ship captains, and many others, are not without occasional problems or glitches, occasionally even complete failures.

I experienced a glitch on my own personal GPS a few days ago when it couldn’t figure out where we were despite us being on a very old road that’s been there for decades and also a place that particular GPS has been hundreds of times with no problem at all. It was not a problem for me, I knew where I was anyway. But had I been relying solely upon the GPS, it would have been very confusing and would have taken me in the wrong direction before finally turning me around and pointing me in the right direction after a short period of time.

I would not discount the evil deeds of evil men. But I would also consider that other things could have happened that wouldn’t necessarily have been planned or obvious.

Perhaps just seeing things like this lead us to understand that we cannot rely upon the things of this world nearly like we become accustomed to thinking we can.

May God help us all to continue looking to Him! Many times he said not to be afraid. He will take care of His own. Blessings!


Somewhere in the distance a moth lands on a rusted shipwrecked hull and nods wisely…


Highly agree with ya. Also, the GPS system that we as consumers use is not of the same caliber as pilots, ship captains, and many others use. Ours finally trickled down to us from Military use that upgraded their systems decades ago and the antiquated tech they used was then placed on the consumer level. Ours has far more problems but glitches are not isolated to just a consumer level instrument as you said.

Creating a phallic symbol in the Red Sea is one heck of a glitch though lol. (I just snort-laughed on that one too). I can just see the operator of the tracking system looking at what was going on and thinking…“Am I seeing this correctly?”

In the end result, even with where I went with my speculations, we’ll have to wait till this gets investigated (as we know it will) and see what the determination is. Until then…all we can do is pray, right? Thanks for replying and expanding the options and thought analysis!

You’re very kind. I was just commenting, only thoughts that came to mind, conversation among brethren if you will. :slight_smile: Sometimes my thoughts are a bit silly but perhaps if the Good Lord inspires, some little gem may come forth. :slight_smile: Blessings!


Many ideas and thoughts we think are silly, or others insinuate anything other than a waste of their time to hear or ponder are sometimes advancements and leaps in order of magnitude to further a conversation into exciting and new frontier. In fact, often times it’s the thoughts and comments that help propel people into deeper thought and epiphanies they normally wouldn’t have. Helps others who are listening or observing to see more sides of a topic than just a two way scenario.

As it has been said, “Modest beginnings start with the single blow of a horn.” “A journey of a thousand steps begins with the first.” “You dipped your chocolate into my peanut butter while I dipped my peanut butter onto your chocolate.”

Stuff like that.

In a more serious tone, there are many people that don’t know about the levels of tech that we as consumers have and where it originated, so you helped expand on that information alone. Stroke of genius if you will, to present that. Not trying to stroke your ego, but just seeing things from my perspective and rather thankful you shared that. Brethren conversation is always exciting. Even better when you can bounce ideas off each other like a super ball to a wall.


@JackN, I just have to wonder if postings like this are an excuse to talk about things we want to talk about instead of honoring what @JDForumTeam wants at this time…For this to be a forum for prayer requests, salvation stories, and prophecy updates only. If we would just honor them as the authority…since this is their forum…and wait until they reopen things to talk about what we want to talk about, maybe they would open it up more quickly??? We would certainly be blessed for honoring them and what they’ve asked of us.