Pray for Global Trade


There’s two moderators participating in this very thread… It seems they have no issue with the current topics that are being discussed here…


We talk about the things that are on our mind. Those tend to be the same things we pray about.

I am probably one of the biggest offenders so I will try to do better about using this as a place for conversation among believers. Many times, I really have no one else to talk to so I tend to want to interact with others online. Right now, I don’t have a church family either, not even a group of friends that I used to go to church with that I can be in touch with.

Sorry for the offense. Not intended. Perhaps just lonely. :frowning:


@Kevo4Christ Yes, one reached out and told me that as long as things are civil, they will let the posts continue. That being said, it was not their original intent for this category, and I wasn’t aware that the rules had changed. I don’t know that they’ve technically changed, but it seems they aren’t being followed. Certainly the prerogative of @JDForumTeam .

I guess even if they are okay with it, it’s okay for me to have my own opinion about it, and I believe it’s a Biblical fact that if we respect those in authority and the rules they’ve set up, we will be blessed.

I can’t apologize for my post, and I stand by what I said.

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No apology necessary! One of the moderators let me know privately that they are allowing conversations of all kinds on this thread as long as they are civil, so talk away!

I am in your exact same boat as far as no one to fellowship with goes. I have a feeling many of us here are as well.

@Cornpop5050 …no worries, there’s just been a lot of independent policing going on, and I think we should leave that to the moderators and the forum team.

To you and @BrianT both… if you are looking for more fellowship and freedom to speak about whatever is on your mind, you may want to consider starting a group message thread, where up to 30 of your favorite members may be added. You can start a generalized thread, or gear it toward a specific topic. And, as the creator of the group, you are essentially your own moderator.

There are a few ongoing as we speak, but due to the 30 user limit, you may not have had the opportunity to participate yet. I have been privileged to be added to a few, and have been blessed and edified by them all. I encourage you to consider creating one as well.

Much love to you both, and God bless.


This is exactly why I am not discouraging people talking. It’s a lonely world out there. So long as posts don’t descend into bickering and they are respectful of the person with the initial plea for prayer I don’t want to restrict anyone from conversing.

If anyone feels they need to discuss the moderation and management of the forum my inbox is open and I am sure @jasonacts177 would be happy to help as well. Let’s let this thread get back to the initial topic now :slight_smile:


You are certainly entitled to your opinion.

Thanks for the heads up about the private message groups. I’ve heard a little about them and the drama that goes on there. I will probably pass, because I wouldn’t want to moderate that. My hat is off to Twi and Jason for their bravery! :smiley:

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I personally haven’t witnessed any drama in the groups I have been included in… nothing but love and respect… but I suppose that all depends on the character of those who are included.

Blessings :slightly_smiling_face:

(p.s. sorry to stray from the original topic)

Well… I will defer to OpryGirl2 and the two mods in here as far as usage goes.

I also do not apologize for my comment and stand by my comment as well.

Come soon Lord Jesus! :slight_smile:

Oh really? First I have heard of it in mine.


Does anyone know the claimed reasoning for why this ship got stuck in the first place…? Is it wedged, or is it beached…?

I mean… shouldn’t this ship, and countless others of the same size, have travelled thru the canal unscathed for many years prior…? Was the water level lower than normal…?

I guess I just don’t understand how something like this could have happened without someone knowing something was off in the canal in the first place…

It is both… As to how? Not sure.

Nothing wrong with the canal, and this ship is one of the largest ever made and heaviest as well. Probably doesn’t take much to ruin ones day with it.

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I could see how it could get wedged… but getting beached is an entirely different story…

That canal smells fishy…
:blowfish: :fish: :tropical_fish:

(sorry… I think my tinfoil hat is showing) :upside_down_face:

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Will do…

@JackN, I wasn’t addressing you, you weren’t called out for your comment, and I didn’t ask you to apologize for your comment. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and you are certainly entitled to your hypothesis.

Your private group is not the only one, and it’s not the one I was referring to when speaking of drama.

By the way Jack, I heard glowing reviews of your group.

I’m in the exact same situation as you. I don’t have anybody and it’s a very, very lonely place to be. Especially in this current world situation. And then, I don’t know what happened to this forum. I was excited as it first was set up and people started chatting and discussing many things, encouraging each other, supporting and guiding one another, and I’m sure people felt it was wonderful, many of us just don’t have likeminded Christian friends in our lives.

I was away for some time and only now as I opened this thread, I realized something’s happened and the boards are no longer what they used to be. It’s so sad. I did notice some unkind attitudes and some bickering now and then in the past, but I had no idea it would get so much worse. I’m actually very ashamed, as a Christian, that a Christian forum isn’t able to live up to it’s name. We all need to go to ourselves and examine our hearts. We’re supposed to shine the light to the world. But if we ourselves are lacking light, it’s pathetic…

And I notice this is not about the ship at all so I should perhaps stop here. :sweat_smile:

BrianT I hope you find some Christian friends, here, on some other forums, and especially I pray that in your day to day life, face to face. That’s what we need. That’s what the church is called for. But we do know these times are difficult and many do not live in real fellowship in their lives with other Christians, and for that, forums such as this are a blessing. When used appropriately!

God bless you!


Your first comment here was a direct reply to mine, and you tagged me in it so… the other things you commented later I felt were a part of that. So I misunderstood, and I apologize for being snarky. :slight_smile:

I still pray Come Lord Jesus! though… :slight_smile:

The lord has me busy today… Torrential rains last night for many hours. I’m busy re-raking the gravel in my driveway today. But! Everything is turning green.

Grace and peace to you all on this fine Palm Sunday! :heart:


Apology accepted. I am definitely an “over tagger”. :laughing:

What region of the country are you in with your torrential rains and all @JackN ?

Middle Tennessee… Not far from Sparta, TN

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Not far from Deer Lodge, Jack! Nice to see another middle Tennessee person here. Never know if the paths may cross someday. We don’t get down that way too often, mostly traveling northward in our typical limited travels.

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