Pray for good results please

Please pray that all of my future tests come back with good news. There is something wrong with my stomach area; don’t know if its liver, stomach or what. I am raising my 14 year old granddaughter and right now, I am the only one she has. She has lived with me for 12 years. Her mother was addicted o drugs but has completely turned her life around and has found God. She lives in another state, and is planning on moving back here soon, but has no means to get here to us. I feel terrible because I feel like I’m not trusting God enough even though he’s never let me down.


Dear Rae,

May your faith be ever strengthened by the very “author and finisher of your faith.” May all doubt and fear flee fast away even in this time of uncertainty. May our loving, Heavenly Father, by His Spirit, bring healing and strength. He sees and knows your every need, and may He continue to provide and protect and make a way where there seems to be no way . . .

I speak the name of Jesus over you, and your granddaughter, and your daughter . . .


May your very own “but God” answer come, soon and very soon.


Father in Heaven, thank You for Rae— for her faith and faithfulness to You. Thank You for her willingness and ability to raise her grand daughter. Thank You that her daughter is sober and willing to reunite with them.

Thank You that we can come to You in prayer with confidence that You will hear our plea and are already working in our lives to bring us closer to You. Please pour out Your blessings upon this family Father. We ask that the tests Rae has taken will reveal something easily treatable. Please bless Rae’s healthcare team with wisdom, compassion, integrity and success in treating her. Bless them, their families and friends with a desire for Your salvation.

Please keep Rae’s grand daughter safe Father. Comfort her in her worry and guide her relationship with her mother. Please keep Rae’s daughter strong in her faith and in her sobriety.

And please keep Rae Father. Send Your Spirit to comfort her anxiety and heal her body. Pour out Your abundance in Rae’s life— bless her faith, her relationships, her home, family and friends. Please bless her resources— her finances and insurance needs.

Thank You for loving us, for what You are doing in the lives of these people. Thank You for Your Spirit given to guide us, Your love to uphold us, and for Your Son Who has bought our salvation. We praise You for all You have done! In the Name of Yeshua, our Kinsman-Redeemer, amen.


Praying this beautiful prayer in agreement with you @GR .


Thank you all for your prayers; they mean so much to me


Morning Rae @rae1953,
Any news yet? I hope things are well with you. Lifting you and yours in prayer just now.


All of my tests have come back with good news so far. A few other prayers have also been answered over the past few weeks. Just one more test to go, but Gods got this. My worrying is over. God bless all of you for your prayers.


All praise be to our Maker, the Most High God!