Pray for Hospital Bed

Please pray that somehow some way I can recieve a hospital bed. Currently I am living in a recliner and I am now stage 2 with bed sores. My quality of life would be greatly improved. It is a necessity. At this point because I am not palliative - government won’t approve it.

Recliner doesn’t offer room for positon changes, I need to be elevated to sleep (not flat) pillows don’t work. Patient transfer would be far easier on and off a hospital bed as far as mobility goes.

I haven’t slept in a bed for months now.

Keep this in prayer please. I would love to be comfortable. Ofcourse Sully can finally sleep with me and do his nighttime tasks work consistently. In the recliner it’s very difficult because of room.

Thank you.


Heya Kate,
Will add hospital bed to your needs!
This is one of my fave sites. You might be interested in what this article has to offer. Tried all kinds of things to generate a preview, to no avail. But link is good.


Do you have a certain bed in mind? Does it have to be a hospital bed, or would an adjustable bed work?

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It would have to be a hospital bed - recommended unfortunately.

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Is there an option to rent one where you are?

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Yes its $175 I think a week or a month.

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Have you checked for used hospital beds listed in your area, maybe?


I have but affordability is the issue. 500+ plus isn’t feasible unfortunately.


Oh Kate,
How I wish I had the means to buy one for you…if I could, would in a heartbeat.
Have you thought of beginning a go fund me page to raise just enough money to cover it?
My prayers will be that our Loving Father will make a way for you to soon have what you need.


Adding to @HIS prayers over this, Kate. God will make a way.


Update - I got ahold of that link I showed you. It’s been four days. I have called (IP Relay for the Deaf) multiple places. Been so frustrating. I wanted a bed like tomorrow Monday. Everything’s been a dead end. Back to the original place I linked - he was very rude (just not very compassionate at all).

So in frustration I emailed my social worker on Friday evening. She said she would start the process of trying - be the word trying to get things covered thru a charity.

My OT - right from the start said that the hospital bed wouldn’t be covered because I am not end of life (government). I explained the concerns I had. Well my doctor wrote a prescription with an affirmative note explaining how imperative this was.

My PSW and the PSW company coordinator
also backed my social worker’s and my doctor’s prescription to the OT.

OT finally budged with the hospital bed referral, she’s helping my social worker with the application to a charity.

So 2 things. Firstly, I spoke to someone and they explained buying a used hospital bed that is not under warranty, not the precise fit for my needs, so many other factors (she explained - would not be smart). I could end up in a worse situation. For explain if the motor goes, or anything it costs more money to fix and have soneone come out to take it and then deliver (set it up again).

Secondly, the OT now will start the process of sitting down and figuring out what the best options, type of bed, kind of mattress etc would be suitable for my needs and enchance my quality of life… the appointment supposely is in 3 weeks.

I had an emergency meeting on Friday with my social worker. Now she said should I get awarded “funding” it will be the cheapest option - which means upgrades to add ons won’t be covered. It will be very much the cheapest basic according to what the OT writes down, the quotes highest to lowest she hands in and from what vendors.

I am not happy about waiting. As the bed sores are painful. I even discussed renting but after I had totalled it up it would be cheaper to buy (my social worker agreed when we discussed it). Rental is for someone who isn’t going to be alive long so the purchase is unnecessary.

Everything in my body is wanting a bed like now. When doors have been closed, I haven’t been successful with the various places I have called - I have just surrendered it to God knowing all I can do right now is wait and prepare as frustrating as it is for my flesh.

I know everyone suggested second hand hospital bed but the mattress that I am going to need is close to 2,500 alone (air mattress with ROHO cushion with a machine because I am thin/underweigh) I will be prone to battling bed sores - as my PSW was explaining.

Now I wait. Last thing I want to do is to make a mess. Purchase something not fit, not suitable and doesn’t help. My OT will determine what exactly I would need for what the conditions I have. I do know things whatever upgrades needed will not be covered, add ons etc (my social worker already made me aware).

Now - this isn’t definite. The paperwork - could be denied. Approval isn’t based on whether the social worker, PSW, doctor or the OT submits it. The organizationv (charity) very well may deny and then well - it’s not covered. But atleast I have what bed that I specifically need and go from there. I wish it was more simpler. :sleepy: It is not the government application it’s a charity.

Until then. Not sure what else to do but to do the only thing I know for sure - is to trust God.




EasyCare Hospital Bed - my PSW agreed this would be absolute one for me.

Motion - in my town is absolutely an amazing vendor. I hope somehow the charity will pair up with them. They are full accessible, excellent customer service, so helpful. Cannot say enough good about them. My PSW showered me again and checked the bed sores :frowning:


I’m praying my heart out as hard as I can for God’s intervention.

Unfortunately, the heartless and Godless are the ones who decide our fate BUT nothing is beyond His power to change circumstances and minds.

My thoughts are with you…


Amen I feel that. He already gave me a scripture to hold onto.


Why O my soul so downcast? The Lord has promised to care for every need. Has he not? Has he not brought you to and through all situations and circumstances. When will you settle and rest knowing he has it all together? I know today I have been super sensitive knowing I have bed sores and how serious this could become. I am desperate for a hospital bed. I keep running back and forth in my mind. Time. When? How? Where? I have to keep shifting on my side which is unfortunately uncomfortable in a recliner. My body in an awkwardly contorted position to keep off my bottom. Frustrating and beyond tears. I cannot lay down otherwise I have heart episodes. I have to always elevated.

I don’t sleep well because my bottom is sore and cracked now. I have to shift ongoingly. If I had a hospital bed it would be less restrictive amongst SO many beneficial things as far as quality of life.

My PSW couldn’t believe how excited I was over a hospital bed.
It means my boy can task and do all the night time service work as also being in a recliner is so difficult due to the room and his weight.

Lord I am asking and surrending this need to you. Allow this to be a testimony of your great love. Allow this to shine through the gospel of Jesus Christ. May it be an opportunity to witness and share to the world your loving kindness. I have had people be werid with me - perhaps because I post too much about you Lord but I am not ashamed. How can I be? You are the Beautiful One, my Saviour and my God. Being in a broken down body, having to be carried and patient transferred daily, having to rely on PSWs for showers, potty, dressing - I am in a vulnerable humbled state. Sure maybe people are uncomfortable Lord but this is where you want me. This is where it goes to, there’s nothing else left that can be broken in me. You are all and all I have left Lord. There is nothing I want more than to step into heaven and be with you. Lord here I am, send me. I, maybe in a recliner or a wheelchair or a hospital bed but send THEM to me. Let me shine my faith and show my good deeds so they may glorify my Father who’s in heaven. Help me guide me, remind me Holy Spirit to bring all issues to you. Friends, families, needs, my service dog, everything. Instead of trying to figure it out myself all the time first. I need to come to you Father and trust you in faith you have it all taken care of. So tonight I surrender it all. You know what the your perfect will and way is and I align myself with it completely. Thank you for the air I breathe Lord. Each and every day I am alive. For the love you have for me. For the love you have for everyone. Thank you what even when we mess up we can start again tomorrow and contiune with an attitude of repentance and then joy because your payment on the cross wipes it all clean. Today convict my heart and clean out what is needed. I want to walk as you walked Jesus. I thank you that you haven’t given up on me and you won’t stop now. My needs, concerns and desires for a hospital bed I release fully and completely to you. I will be patient and lean in - You, Lord will take care of all this. In Jesus Precious and Holy Name. Amen.


Beautifully expressed Kate…Amen and Amen in Jesus precious name!


Updated on the Hospital Bed

I met with the OT. She is definitely recommending the EasyCare hospital bed. She said a therapeutic mattress with a gel with it because of the bed sores. I have tried shifting all night off my bottom and now I am in even more pain today from twisted and shifted all night every 2 hours to avoid pressure on my bottom.

She also said this is extremely difficult to get coverage for. No one covers it. My social worker is going to try 1 organization and she said it could be months if not a year before anything is done. She absolutely agreed I needed one but unfortunately because I don’t have MS etc I won’t qualify in this category.

So - God you are the answer to the need. She will be submitting a quote to my social worker today or tomorrow.

Other than that - that’s all I can say. I wish I had more answers but I don’t.

God’s hands are the only thing that can make this happen.

Easy Care Hospital Bed


Now that the funds needed have been raised has the bed you’ve so badly needed been ordered…if so, when will you receive it?


Did I anwers you @HIS? I thought I did…


“LORD, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress.” — Isaiah 33:2

Father God, be the strength for Lya. I am praying for her again. My heart goes out to her. I know YOU love her so much and You will never leave her nor forsake her. She is always on YOUR mind. Please give her peace, comfort, joy and peace. Also healing and financial blessings. Let her know that many people love her and are praying for her. In Jesus’ name I pray amen!

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” — John 14:27

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” — Psalm 73:26