Pray for humility


May God ask me to step down immediately if I start to climb up on any of these high places;

On my podium, as the knowing it all scholar;

On my soapbox, as the leader who’s out to change the world;

Into my pulpit, as the holier than thou could possibly be messenger of God;

Into the seat of judgement, as the gavel banging upholder of the law.

May God please keep me from vesting myself with all this unwarranted authority and keep me humble! Thank you God for helping me remember that, a heavy hand is NOT a helping hand.


God is still on The Throne. Serve your King in a humble way. Deny your tendency to be arrogant. We are but mere human beings being human. Surrender is the key to all our problems today.


But…but…oh, okay. Thank you for the prayer, Steven!

Amen, Steven!

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