Pray for me and my family to find an apartment

I am back and needing prayers from my church family for me to find an apartment to move to. The apartment office wants my 85 year old mother, 15 year old autistic son, and I to move because of renovation. I am in between careers so my income verification may not go well for a new apartment. Please pray for me as I am feeling weak and broken. Thank you for your prayers last month.
God has a plan for me. Please pray for me and my family.


I am praying for you and your family that the Lord will provide an apartment for you. I am also praying that the Lord would strengthen and encourage you during these troubled times. He cares for you and your family very much. You are his child and he only wants the best for you. Trust Him. He will provide. :pray: :pray: :pray:


@sachal12 i will keep you in my prayers for the Holy Spirit to show you where to move to… God has a better place in mind for you and your family. There are so many apartments/duplexes apps that you can download to search. i’m sorry you had to hear the news from your apt manager to move. God is orchestrating all this for His purpose in your life.

p.s. let us know if you found a place that you’re happy about ok?


Hello Samuel @sachal12,

I am sorry your life is so unsettled in this tumultuous time. It must feel like the world is conspiring against you— :butgod_dark: He Who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. And your heavenly Father has promised to never leave you nor forsake you. So hang on! When you think you can’t hang on any longer, lean into Yeshua, your Savior.

Father in Heaven,
Thank You for this man Samuel, that he is trying to do the right thing in a world gone mad. Please hold Samuel and his family in Your mighty arms and give him the strength he needs to do Your will. Please direct Samuel’s feet to a new home for his family and a new place to earn a living, and work all things together for an easy transition.

Thank You for watching over Samuel’s mother and son. Please bless them with the best of health, peace and safety. Thank You Father for taking care of Your children. You are so good to us! Thank You for working all things for the good of this family, for using this situation to bear witness of Your lovingkindness, and for using it to open the eyes of someone not yet saved by Yeshua’s victory on the cross at Calvary.

May the blessed Name of Your only begotten Son Yeshua be lifted high on this earth and in the heavens! In His Name we praise You and pray. Amen


Thank you for your prayers!

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Thank you so much for your prayers!!

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Praise God and Glory be to our God! I found an apartment and I am all moved in. Thank you for all your prayers. Please pray for my finances to come around as I am starting a new career in the finance industry. I am not ready for all the big bills yet as it will take time. Please pray for my finances. Thank you all and pastor JD for his Holy Spirit guided prophecy sermons. Jesus, please come soon, Maranatha!