Pray for me please

Listening to Pastor JDs prophecy updates always leaves me with the feeling that the rapture of the church is so close i may not see the end of the day much less tomorrow.

Today his message was no different… that being said I wanted to ask for prayer. For some reason since the start of 2021… I don’t know what it is. Maybe the devil knows his time is short and he is sending out his demons to torment every christian as much as possible.

Maybe it’s a root of unbelief in myself, I really don’t know. I just feel like a lot of the stuff I used to be tempted by is trying to come back in my life, memories of my past sin, how I treated people, things I said and did. I hate who I was, I hate the sin I comitted in the past. I hate that there is such an evil nature with in me. Without Jesus Christ I am nothing, I have no hope. I realize that and I know He has forgiven me and I do have hope in Him. Yet I still have this sense of fear and what if question in the back of my mind.

I know the time is so short and being hit with some of these memories and even temptations from the past. It’s almost like nothing has changed in my life. It reminds me of my depravity, that there is no good in me… and a part of me fears what if I’m wrong? What if I really don’t believe? What if my repentance was never real to begin with and all this temptation and memories are coming back because I never really believed and fully put my faith in Christ. I have heard it said in the past head knowledge won’t save you, you have to believe it in your heart. Do I really believe as I say, or is this just a bunch of knowledge built up from years of being exposed to Christianity? I know religion can’t save me. I’m saved by grace in Christ Jesus that’s what his word says.

I don’t want to feel this way anymore, the doubt, remembering my past, the temptations of my past. I just want peace, peace in the assurance of my salvation, peace in knowing I won’t be left behind.


Praying for you. The enemy attacks those he knows will be doing much for God. He is trying to stop you from doing what God has planned. Put on the full armor of God and know that you are not alone. Stop and take control of all your doubts and thoughts. Talk to God and plead the blood over these thoughts. Guard what you see, hear, think and your walk. I know there are many strong people here who will also pray for you. Don’t let yourself be deceived. The enemy wants you to doubt. Stop him in his tracts by refusing to believe him. Search your heart if you are not sure of your salvation. Make sure get into.the Word and look up topics on here pertaining to spiritual warfare and salvation. Don’t give the enemy any room . Praying for you. Stay strong and Know.


Do not let yourself be condemned for who you once were that has been washed in the blood. I have done things and am thankful washed in the blood and am waiting excitedly for the Rapture.


Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid as our Lord Jesus said. We are in a state of constant spiritual warfare. The enemy knows his time is very short and he and his minions are working overtime trying to detail Christians as much as possible and inflict every kind of misery. As JD has mentioned repeatedly, we are not living on a playground but on a battleship. Romans 8 is a chapter full of reassurance regarding our salvation. You believe and His grace is sufficient, praise Jesus! The enemy is definitely attacking you. He loves to instill fear and doubt in Christians, but remind yourself that Satan is a defeated foe! Our Savior Jesus Christ has given us VICTORY and NOTHING can change that! I pray our Loving Heavenly Father would give you peace, joy and comfort through the power of the Holy Spirit. May you be richly blessed! Maranatha!!


Matthew I have been going through the same thing as you! What I am realizing more than ever is how much of a spiritual battle it is and how desperately we need a savior. At the end of the day, all we can do is to cry out to Jesus because it is Him who saves us.


Upon reading through the opening post again, I decided that what I said previously wasn’t the appropriate response. My apologies, never meant it to be rude, and it might have been seen that way. So I deleted what I said.

Once again, I’ve failed to read the WHOLE post before commenting and once again, well…

Still hoping you all have a blessed day.

Signing off for a while.


Keep in mind that the greatest battlefield the enemy will use is the mind. Apply God’s mind screen (Philippians 4:8) to those attacking thoughts. When those thoughts enter your mind ask yourself:

  1. Is it true (take it back to God’s Word0
  2. Is it worthy of respect or your time?
  3. Is it right? (Does it conform to God’s Word ?)
  4. Is it pure? (Does it defile and corrupt or is it impure?)
  5. Is it lovely? (Does it keep us in knots, tension and strife. Does it prevent peace of mind? or is it pleasing and promotes peace of mind and assurance - in other words, is it lovely?)
  6. Is it of good repute? (Does the thought promote a healthy, godly, growing mind? and can it be spoken well of by our Lord?)
  7. Is it excellent? (Do these thoughts focus on eternal values or worldly issues?)
  8. Is it praiseworthy? (Would God approve of it?)

If those thoughts do not meet the requirements of God’s mind screen - reject them. Take those thoughts captive to Christ. Be encouraged. God has given us His Spirit to resist the devil - we are on the winning side because of Christ.


I have heard that phrase “take captive those thoughts” many times before. I addmitt I never really understood. It. I have been praying daily for the Lord to renew my mind, but some days that stuff just hits me out of the blue.

Praying and thinking of you because I am walking through a similar time. Reading through Galatians really has helped me, especially Galatians 3:3 where Paul calls the Galatians foolish…having begun in the spirit now made perfect by the flesh? You, I, and other Christians realizing our true depravity, and we are seeking Jesus. I went through my conscience and confessed anything that came to mind, asked for forgiveness, and asked Jesus to help me crucify my weaknesses daily. It is He who saved us, it is He who continues to save us, and it is He who will finish what He started. There will be a day when our bodies are glorified and there will be no more sin, no more devil. But right now, It doesn’t always feel that way. We sin…we feel the righteous discipline of the Father but we also get Satan continuing with the attacks and lies. Satan tells us we can’t be forgiven, that we aren’t good enough, that God will take away our salvation, etc. No matter where we are on the walk, we have never been worthy. Right now I am in the process of asking the Holy Spirit to give me power to do the things I should do…to witness, to be loving, to avoid lust, etc.


Thank you, and everyone else as well. Not having a local church is hard but it’s good knowing there are other believers i cam reach out to for prayer and support.


I can tell that you love Jesus just by how you speak. You love him and don’t want to miss him. You won’t. I am having to hold many of my thoughts captive lately but I know where they are coming from, so I just give them all to God to deal with. His yoke is light so trade with him for awhile and be calm in his spirit.


Oh my goodness! You are not alone! I have been feeling the same with all the things and questions that you pointed out. :thinking::thinking::pray:


Matthew, you’re not alone in this turmoil of torture and torment. They are little moments that pop up just out of nowhere and they play on continuous loop over and over again until…you fight back spiritually. They leave, then they come back again. Sometimes stronger than before. Sometimes about a person you treated wrongly, or that time you looked at that movie/video and thought of this person or that. Dude, Satan is having a hayday with you, just like with many of us. Through his minions, he’s doing this to many of us. I know for a fact, myself. I’ll be trying to sleep and BAM a thought hits me. A conversation I had that went wrong. A woman that I was interested in but wasn’t interested in me or knew I existed. A time I started a fight without even knowing it. Mind you it is ironic how he will only give us moments of screw ups and never moments of triumphs, isn’t it?

Matthew, let me ask you a couple things and this isn’t meant as belittling you either.

  • Do you believe?
  • Did you really mean to ask forgiveness from God for your sins?
  • Do you long for Christ in your life?
  • Do you pray often?
  • Do you have some money I could borrow? (Okay maybe not that one)

If the answer is yes then fear not, my friend for YOU ARE SAVED! That’s right, not since the creation of the wheel has such a marvelous statement been heard and an understanding that as the wheel takes you places easier than a square, so does your belief in who Christ is and what He did on the cross for you, and me, and everyone reading this. It moves you forward to places nothing else can. And for $19.95 you too can have this powerful knowledge if…sorry got carried away.

Matthew, close your eyes (not right now) and calm your heart and mind by thinking of nothing. Well, nothing minus what I’m about to write. And say to the Lord with a fervent desire in you “Lord, I had no say in my existence, but I can chose who has control of my life. I give you control over my life today, O Lord.”

We’re all going through despair right now in one form or another, man. We’re getting beat up and that’s why you put on the whole armor of God every day. Some of us have to sleep with it on and thankfully it is not a tangible armor per se. It’s spiritual as that’s where our battle commences. Jesus is there with us. Helping us hoist that shield and laughing as the tink of the fiery darts hit it, as they blot out the sun.

I guess we’ll fight in the shade today, Matthew.

When you accepted Christianity you put a target on your back from evil to take aim at you. I know that is not to be put on a recruitment poster for Christ, but it is true. We can handle it because we never show our back to the enemy. We learn from our mistakes, we correct what we can but we leave it all with Christ. No matter what. We fight to escape it continually. When you find temptation luring you like a siren song:

  • Recite scripture
  • Sing a song of praise
  • Find the most annoying tune and sing a song of praise with it
  • Call upon God for help
  • Walk away from the temptation

You’re not always going to be able to win and you’ll stumble and fall. We all do. No matter what it is. But that’s what we have God’s grace and mercy for.
The fact you ask these questions to me, shows you ARE saved, and you DO believe. Someone who was not saved or does not believe wouldn’t care. We all have a continuous battle of the mind and we fight drifting away from the truth, sometimes, when we’re new to the faith.

We also need to remember even Paul fell into despair sometimes and God never faulted him for it. He won’t fault us either. We just gotta stand back up, and carry on.
Build your faith continually, Matthew. And you ask the Holy Spirit and He will guide you always.

Understanding, Loving, Heavenly Father

Please place upon Matthew an overabundance of discernment in the dark times he faces of his past. Protect him from the relentless volley of fiery darts through the shield of faith and the breast plate of …actually the entire armor of God. Help him and instruct him how to put it on and use it. Especially in these times. Please show him the significant change he has accepted by accepting You O Lord.

Help him to understand that every time he fails (and you will fail at times) to go to You and lean upon you as a mighty oak or a cedar of Lebanon that will not topple no matter how much we lean into it…just as we need lean into You the same way. Mend his heart and multiple his confidence through You. Galvanize him with bold strength and courage to know, seek, and adhere the truth to him without question or doubt.

Please comfort him of his questions and doubt and anxiety as we beg you to guide him to the answers and solutions he needs Guide him and help him to know the signs of attack and how to overcome them. Ease his heart of worry that he is not saved. Please visit with this young man of his worries and speak a message fitly spoken to him over his concerns, please?

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Jon thank you, I needed to hear what you said, that helps. Now were do I send the check and does that come with the blessed holy water mixed with ground angel feathers or the end times emergency kit? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Seriously though thank you.


BrianT Apology accepted :+1:

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Glad I could help you, man.


The fact that you are so worried about your salvation shows Satan is working hard ON you and the Holy Spirit is working even harder IN you.
I struggle with impatience and wondering if I truly love others like we’re commanded to do.
I know I’m saved but I beat myself up over things that are still works in progress.
We are still living with a sin nature that struggles with our new nature. ( it’s frustrating for sure)
Satan loves to create doubt but your post reveals in your heart just how precious you know Jesus and salvation is.
Keep reading scripture and going to the Lord in prayer. The Holy Spirit will guide you and comfort your heart and mind.


Thank you, I know the Lord will finish the work He started in my life. The encouragement here on this forum has been a blessing.


I think people have said this in various ways. But the verse came to mind, so I’ll share it here.

“Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, “Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down.” Rev 12.10 (my emphasis)

It seems to me, Satan wouldn’t bother accusing you relentlessly if you weren’t one of “the brethren”. God bless, Matthew. I’m praying for you to know the “peace that passes all understanding.”


Just remembered you need prayer for peace too. God bless you, Thomas.

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