Pray for my Dad

My dad has been under hospice care in our home for 6 months. He had a stroke in his sleep this afternoon, and I am now sitting with him his last hours-hopefully not days. Please pray that he goes quickly. He knows the Lord and was ready to go home.
This is hard to watch, but I am SO thankful that he will see Jesus soon. Please pray for me as well.
Thank you.


I will pray … my dad suffered a similar thing a few years ago; he lived in Florida so
wasn’t able to see him before he died. My wife did - she was visiting her mom there.
Sadly, he was Roman Catholic so I don’t know where he is now.


Prayer in a song for leaving and home going . . . :two_hearts::pray:t3:






May you be comforted, Letitia, and see God’s loving hand at work in these precious, tender moments. :two_hearts: Brenda


Praying for the Lord to comfort and give you His wonderful peace. May your dad go quietly into Jesus’ arms.


Heavenly Father

Please look down upon @Anchored’s father and allow the family, to hear the singing of the angels ready to welcome Letitia’s dad home with You. Six months is a long time in hospice and I can only attribute that to great care of family for family. We normally hear of hospice quite frankly, sounding like a torture chamber with reducing meds, and food and water to nothing over a short time.

To witness that is hard to watch and even though being at home surrounded by loved ones would seem easier, it’s still difficult to watch the degradation of family. While we pray that he is guided home soon, we know it will be Your timing that will be witnessed. We pray that all the family get to say their goodbyes before too late, and yet we pray for a rejoicing in the hearts and minds of family, including her dad as the time approaches to go home. Please allow this man to witness the angels sing as he is ushered to his final destination and bless the family with comfort of peace and calm in their hearts and minds as they say “see ya later” to this man.

Please let the light of Heaven bask the room and the house of Letitia and her family when the time comes for her dad to walk among You and the angels.

We pray for this in Jesus’ name


I am praying along with all here for a quick departure to Jesus’ loving arms for your dad and comfort and peace for you and the family. :pray: :pray: :pray:


He’s home!!!:tada::heart:

Your prayers truly mattered. Thank you!


Thank you Heavenly Father for answered prayer - please comfort and console Letitia and the family now, reminding us that though we still grieve for those that fall asleep in Jesus we sorrow not as those who have no hope.

Letitia I can sense the same relief in your words that I experienced when the hospital called 4 days after mum was admitted to convey the news that she had gone. Having spent the entire previous night begging the Lord to bring her home if it be His will I collapsed to the floor in praise and relief.


For you, Letitia For your family. For all of us in all of the sorrow and sad and hope and longing . . . One day, one day soon. . .


praying here for you and your dad.
when my grandma passed my mom could not figure out what was keeping her here,
I said maybe shes waiting for her sil to come say goodbye.
so my great aunt came and then she left.


Oh Lettia, praise God for His mercy and love in receiving your dear dad! I am sorry for your terrible loss.


:disappointed: Sorry, I was too late.
He’s near Jesus now :smiley:




Lord Jesus, I lift up this person, Anchored, and his/her dad. I am so relieved to hear this man is walkimg with You, Lord! What peace and assurance that gives to his family who are relying on You, Jesus, to lift them up out of this pain! They know they’ll see their dad again because of YOU! And, because of YOU, they’ll be together forever soon and very soon. Your will be done, Lord. It sounds like You’re putting the finishing touches on this man’s room and are close to coming and getting him. Touch the family, Lord! Protect them from evil. And, please come quickly for us all, Lord Jesus! I ask these things in Your Most Holy Name. Amen!


Keep courage.
I also have lost my dad ~1 month ago.
A terrible moment :pleading_face::sob:
But the important is they are with Jesus now.
Maybe they met together our both dads :relaxed:


Praying for you and this precious father of yours. He will be going in the first “Harpadzo” and what a blessing to be with him. I feel your hurt dear sis.

The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. Deut. 33:27

P.S. Just read that he is with Jesus and all those who have gone before us. I am rejoicing with him and hurting for you. God bless you with His peace and guidance.


Dear Letitia,

I’m so sorry for your loss of your dad, but so glad he is with Jesus now. And for your soon reunion with him in the clouds. Praying for your peace and comfort and your family now. :heart: :dove: :dove: :dove: :dove: :dove: :dove: :dove: