Pray for my wife's appearance on Newsmax TV

My wife was shut down by three police officers while speaking at a local school board meeting that past Tuesday. The liberal majority school board does not like that she exposes their BLM and LGBTQ agenda. She is going to be on Newsmax tonight at 10:30 pm with Rob Schmidt. Please pray that the Lord Jesus be glorified and that the right people see this story and that the evil can be exposed.


Hey there Thomas @TBFL,
Kudos to your wife for her faith and courage! And, ahem, tv debut?
May our Lord bless her for speaking out. My husband told me he heard that a school had a gender reveal party for a student and it sent me into tears. The boy went into the bathroom and changed into girl’s clothing— voilá. He was reintroduced to the class as a new girl. What some schools are doing to our kids is absolutely disgusting and demonic! May God be with every parent who speaks out against this.

Father God, You made us male and female. You created each one of us to be WHO You wanted us to be. Please help us to protect our children from those who want to turn them into someone other that who You created. Please bless and protect those who are speaking against this evil.

Thank You for Thomas and his wife, for their obedience and faithfulness to Your Word. Thank You that his wife has chosen to speak boldly. May her words bring glory to Your name. May her courage inspire others to uphold Your will. May her efforts stir the hearts of the lost to search for You. I pray that her news story reaches as many people as is possible, that the children she seeks to protect are safe, and that You are glorified in all of this.
Thank You for Your grace and mercy. Thank You for upholding us with Your Spirit. In the Name of Your blessed Son Yeshua, our Kinsman-Redeemer. Amen.


Thank you @GR and everyone else for your prayers!




Morning Thomas @TBFL,
Checked back to see how meeting went… had not seen link you provided. So today I watched it. I say bravo again to your wife, for her courage AND her composure.

That school board president should be asked to vacate her seat. I’m so glad your wife did not immediately leave. The way the woman dismissed her— like she was some serf who meant nothing! And of course that president cares nothing for law, as evidenced by her questions and comments. Reminds me of another president… but I digress. I almost feel sorry for those police— but as they’ve taken an oath to uphold the law (which should override their fidelity to a school board) — they should have been escorting the president out of the building.

I pray God stops these people and their ilk from ignoring our laws and their remaking of rules of order to suit their nefarious aspirations. I pray these people discover their Savior before their time is done here on earth. God bless your wife for her actions! And God bless you Thomas, for supporting your wife.


Thanks for watching!! She is on Newsmax again today at 4pm with Eric Boling. Tomorrow she is meeting with attorneys who want to represent her against the school board. Praying that evil be exposed and removed. One of Satan’s biggest targets is the youth, and the commies have been hijacking our schools for the last 30 years. I pray that Christians will start taking back their school boards.


Yay God! Yay Melissa! Boo evil!
I will add your family and your wife’s mission to my prayers. Please keep us all posted. Shalom.


Thank you!

Today’s Newsmax interview begins at minute 22:52 and ends at 33:40

Local newspaper just released an article calling for resignation of this Jezebel school board member:

Thank you again for the prayers!


Thomas, thank your wife for her unwavering boldness!
Expose, expose, expose.

Superb interview, etc.


Dear Father in Heaven, by your Holy Spirit, give this courageous child of yours words to speak, and may there be ears to hear and understand. Father, for the sake of the little ones, the innocent ones, who are under such attack by the evil one . . . amen


Wow! What an article! And written by the editor/CEO no less.

Hey there Thomas @TBFL,
Well I started this note a few days ago. Didn’t finish writing or send it. oops. Glad I checked back today. Will watch video shortly. Hope the attorneys who want to represent Melissa do a good job! Tell your wife again how very proud we are of her! You guys (and this fight) are in our prayers.


Hey there Thomas @TBFL,
Checking in to see how your wife’s fight is going. I pray all is well and God is giving her victory!


Hey @GR , thanks for checking in! The school board election is August 23 (they purposely hold it in the summer when everyone is busy), so she and other parents are spending the summer going around to churches to motivate people to get out and vote godly candidates in. We have a chance of having a conservative school board which will block the LGBTQ indoctrination as well as other things. Opponents running include a proud former Planned Parenthood employee and a lady who wants to bring restorative social justice circles and yoga to the schools…God help us! Could you imagine if just 10% of the church would engage? I think we would have a different world. I thought you might like to see my daughter speaking at the school board:

Watch As On Fire 11-Year Old Ainsley Grace Bakondy Gives The Gospel To Gay School Board Member While Rebuking Their Child Grooming Agenda • Now The End Begins


Busy day today Thomas, but I look forward to watching this when this day is done. I made this ‘flyer’ to ask a few people to pray for us. Sending it in lieu of an explanation…. will respond with prayer as soon as I can but have added school board election victory to our prayer list!

I am writing to ask you to pray for my cat, Charlie. He is scheduled for euthanasia on Friday morning. He has become quite aggressive, continuously attacking all of our other cats without provocation. We can no longer let him go outside— and that just makes him angrier.

Vet says no illness. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for his aggression at all. Even tranquilizers have not helped him get back to his old, loving self.

If you would ask our Father to heal him, I would be forever grateful. Here’s a pic of my boy; he’s only two years old. Yes, he was neutered as soon as he was old enough (everybody asks).