Pray for the people in Iran

I’m Persian and I’m really touched by your prayers. Thank you all. :pray:
Just having a little problem with this


Please watch this video and read what the word they’re shouting out to the ones who walk on the flags means.

@FearNot Dear sister Karyn, this website ( is interesting, I didn’t know it. Thank you for sharing.


You are right–it would be better as
“civilized” or even “once civilized.” Even still, I stand corrected because my knowledge of civilization (in places I’ve never been) is limited and tempered by corporate media. Thanks for drawing it to my attention!


The video was not referring to your post, dear Karyn. It was just to show that many don’t support the government’s propaganda. Unfortunately, there are also people that behave in a uncivilized way…


I was trying to respond to your concern/comment but couldn’t find a break.

But I think it’s interesting that Iranian students respect the US flag more than many of her own!

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Dear ones, I plan on sharing this thread with a precious Persian friend who has seen such evil in how Americans can behave regarding the country of Iran. Persecuted Christians need our prayers daily, and the way to win hearts to Jesus with precious people who have seen “religion “ destroy countries is to show your RELATIONSHIP with a loving, friend… our Jesus. :pray:t2::heart::pray:t2::heart:


Dear Holli, I apologize for reacting to your answer to Becky.

I would just like to share what came into my mind, without any intention of instructing. But first of all thank you so much for your good thoughts and your prayers. :tulip:

It’s not Americans in particular behaving “evil”. People from every nation can be ignorant. Look at them in the context of this plandemic… no explanations needed, right?
They are influenced by the media (all the horrible images of savage uncivilized people shouting, burning flags and wishing death to whole nations) or by books like “Not without my daughter”. I was asked wether we had windows in Iran or if it is true that we take a shower only once a year. When confronted to such questions I think to myself ‘How silly must they be to ask me that?’ But people are just misinformed. And I don’t live in America… you see.

Furthermore I can also observe a certain willful ignorance - similar to people’s beliefs in regards to all that is going on since spring 2020. And let’s not forget that there are Iranians that do behave in such an unacceptable way and who are to blame for the bad image Iran has had since 1979. Before that we were respected and welcomed everywhere.

What I’ve learned “thanks” to Corona: People are more or less the same everywhere. Human society operates on the basis of some universal principles - some of them being very dangerous. And then there are also nice and well educated individuals everywhere. :butterfly:

Blessings to you dear sister!


Tina - I wonder what is your impression of the Crown Prince of Iran? He came across my screen not too long ago and it was after hearing a prophecy that the antichrist would be a Muslim. This man, being born on Oct 31, 1960 (Halloween here in the US), seems a good candidate when you check his global presence up through 2018. His comments about the “Syriazation” of Iran are interesting.

Hi there, could you elaborate on this please? The fact that he was born on Halloween can’t serve as an argument really… :smile: I’ve read the article you mentioned and haven’t found anything suspicious in it.

I thought his birthdate interesting as it is a celebration of satanic influence in our country. I was just wondering if he has any following in Iran and what the Persian people think of him, if anything. He seems to have had a global presence. It is something that got my attention as I study end times prophecy, but not for long–we won’t be here to find out who is antichrist!

It is my understanding that Iran is one of the fastest growing Christian population and your right Iranians need our prayers, as do all of our persecuted family.
Here is some of what is going on in Iran and under their influence.

Lord I thank you that we can come before you in prayer. we ask you to provide for their needs food clothing shelter and your divine protection. Lord breathe on them anew each day, lift them above their circumstances, hide them in you. Draw them close to you and hold them steadfast in your peace that passes all understanding. Strengthen them and uphold them with your righteous right hand.
Pour out your Spirit and draw those not yet saved to you. In Jesus name I pray and Thank you


It’s difficult for me to tell how many follow him but he certainly has supporters. Me personally, I don’t think that he’s the Antichrist.

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Dear Lord ,
we come today in prayer for the believers in Iran we pray for safety and shelter . We pray the Gospel can be shared and we pray you
pour your holy spirit upon the people that they will come to you Jesus . We pray in Your
Holy name Jesus Christ amen

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Tina, Thank you for your gentle spirit, and thoughtful words. You quite right about the general ugliness, not just pertaining to Iranian people. I believe I have a bit of a biased opinion because I have witnessed first hand the prejudice and bias displayed toward my friends. I wish we could all look at one another as the Lord sees us.
God bless you bunches, my friend! :pray:t2:


@Dovee Hi Maree-Lauren, I appreciate your message, your prayer and the video, thank you. In the video though the scenes on the streets from min. 1:19 on are not in Iran. I had this impression immediately and was confirmed in min 1:34 where one can see a sign in Arabic, not in Persian. There you see how the media can present us things without us being able to control their veracity. Just a little note…:relaxed:

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Have you already heard about this calamity?

Now these dirty mullahs have sold Iran officially to the Chinese. :pensive: I have to think about the army of 200 million (Chinese?) marching towards Israel (together with the Iranians?) and traversing the Euphrates which by then will have been drained (by the Turks?) :thinking:

Revelation 9,16
Revelation 16,12

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Dear Lord , We lift Iran to you , we pray for the
abused people that they will come to you ,
we ask for safety and rest . We ask this
in Your holy name Jesus Christ amen

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Dear Lord ,
we pray for Iran , we pray for the people to open their eyes and see you as their savior .
we pray for protection for the believers in you and we ask you give them strength and safety when they preach your gospel . Dear God
we lift Iran up to you .
In Jesus Christ Name Amen

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Dear Lord , we place Iran and its people in your hands . we pray your gospel will be preached and to protect your herd . We pray the lost will open their eyes and call upon your name . We pray for rest tonight and comfort .
we ask this in Your Holy name Jesus Christ

Dear Lord ,
we lift your people in prayer , we pray the list will see you and repent . we ask you will protect the people suffering from cold and poverty . We lift Iran to you
in Jesus Christ name we pray amen

Dear Lord , I pray that we can read your words
and your scriptures will bring peace and knowing we have different views .
I ask for peace and assurance of your love for us and sparing your bride from the tribulation time . We pray for Iran and the believers will be strengthen by your words . Protect cloth and shelter your believers . We ask this in your name Jesus Christ amen

There is many different views whether he will
be Jewish , Assyrian , or European , ect ect . We will not know because the bible says ; 2nd
Thessalonians ; read the whole chapter
"the lawless will be revealed "

2nd Thessalian 2:6 the holy spirit is the restrainer for the ac .

2nd Thess 2:7 denotes the aim of the ac is to
over throw the law of God and establish his
own rule of law . This is not necessary a violation of the law but no law , “lawless”
absent of right and wrong . He will make a
peace covenant with isreal .

2nd Thess 2:8 "then the lawless one will
be revealed "

when the church is raptured Rev 4
the restrainer is no longer restraining the ac
false prophet . You have two players
ac false prophet and then satan who wants
to be worshiped like a god - Daniel 9 .

Daniel 9 - read the whole chapter

Nimrod was the first world leader and he carried a bow , he was Assyrian . This is
food for thought.

Gen 9:13 first mention of a bow .
Bow ; greek word toxon , a bow not necessary
a tool of archery . It was mentioned as a token of a covenant .

Amos 5 :15 - Neither shall he stand that handeth the bow , and he that is swift of foot shall not deliver himself ; neither shall be the
rideth the horse deliver himself .

The bow symbolizes both first world leader
and the last world leader .

From my understanding the bow symbolizes the first world leader ( Nimrod) and the last world leader ( ac) both being Assyrian .
however , there is different views . We cannot
say for sure this is a subjective opinion .

When Jesus is asked about the end of days in
Mathew 24 - He points them to the prophet Daniel 9 :23 - read the whole chapter
Daniel 7:8-11 ( little horn )

Other scriptures
Micah 5:5-6
Isiah 10 : 24-25

Zech 11:17
17 Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.