Pray for the people of France


so i want to FIRST say that this post involves feelings that followed a dream i had. if you do not give credence to dreams, i totally understand, and you can completely disregard this post. but im aware that there are many on here who do think there is meaning in dreams beyond our personal lives, at least sometimes, so if youre one of those people, this might get your attention.

heres the headline that prompts me to tell you all about this:

so heres what i have to say about how the headline strikes me:

several years ago, when i was engaged to be married, i had a dream one night. my fiancé was still pretty deep in new-age stuff back then, and had been going down a really rough path in life. i was still in the process of getting him out of the depths of that muck, but he had gotten really far- and if not for me, he never would have cared to climb out of his hole. as he puts it, he was “killing himself” slowly.

as such, i was at the time his only motivation for getting to a better place in life. the dream i had, reflected that.

so now that you know the background for us “characters” in the dream, here is how it went: first of all, this must have been in 2017. covid culture was 3 years away still.

in the dream, i was walking with my fiance down like a street or sidewalk. we were on some kind of vacation or trip, because it felt like a different region entirely, and we were so leisurely strolling along, talking pleasantly. we walked past a cafe of sorts, and there were lots of little tables outside, with people sitting at them, drinking coffee etc, reading the paper, talking with people who sat with them. very NORMAL scene of people just going about their normal days at the cafe/restaurant.

we passed it up, and just a few minutes later, we headed back in the same direction we’d come from. when we got back to the cafe area, we were shocked to see that a bomb had exploded or something. everyone whod been sitting at the cafe minutes before, was blown to pieces, dead, blood splattered all around.

my fiance (Tyler) and i were then walking straight forward on a sidewalk there, a plain paved walkway, and there were hundreds of people lined up sitting on both sides of the sidewalk there, no space between each person, looking like panhandler types. they were all wearing dingy old dirty clothing, and no one reached out to us for help or anything, but they all murmured amongst each other, appearing desperate and they were beaten down by life, and we continued to walk down the sidewalk between them. no one bothered us.

i was doing okay despite the shock and horror and uncertainty. but i looked over at tyler walking alongside me, and a blank expression was taking over his face. he slowed his walk, seeming to “shut down” mentally; he was traumatized by the sight, and was losing his ability to keep going.

immediately, i put my left arm around his waist, to support his walk, and i covered his eyes with my right palm, so he wouldnt have to be distracted by the horrible sights anymore, and i said to him, “i promise that i will always love you and i will always be here for you.”

with that, i felt his strength come back. we continued to walk, my hand still covering his eyes and the other arm still around his waist, and i could feel his energy “mix” with mine, flowing all throughout both of us, i could feel his complete trust, that he could continue on now. i no longer could see the desperate people around us, or the sidewalk, or anything- it was just me and him walking, energized with the love of God. faith that we would make it through this together.

so that dream previously MOSTLY meant to me just an expression of my relationship with Tyler. since i didnt see covid coming, i didnt know what the cafe bombing meant. i did feel already that something big is coming eventually- “the bubble will burst one day”- and so i have always wondered since then what those parts of my dream would mean.

when the whole covid thing came up, and i began to understand within a month that this IS the bubble bursting that ive felt for years coming on, i remembered my dream in THAT light, and was like, is this was it was warning me of?

fast-forward to yesterday, when i saw the headline i just shared with you.

i clicked on the link, and was shocked to see the images that looked just like my dream- just the idea of cafes with the tables outside, people enjoying themselves together at them, as if everything is normal, when little do they know, its NOT going to be okay… it seems just like my dream:

now, i do understand that all of this could be simple conjecture and not based on something that will actually play out. but please bear with me. recently, when the Biden administration announced that we dont have to wear a mask anymore if we are vaxd, so many people- including on this forum- were like, oh this is great, how wonderful, its getting better out there! - well that is NOT how i have felt about it. i felt immediately that this is what leads to a covid passport, because the next obvious question from many would be, how do we prove whos vaccinated?

sure enough, within a few days, that very question was popping up everywhere, and covid passports are being talked about everywhere now, even being implemented in some businesses and some areas. and definitely in other countries.

so with that fact, and along with a few other things that felt sure to me, ive come to a place of feeling like i do have an understanding of where this is all headed. i was right about the covid passport. this isnt about tooting my own horn, its about being aware of my own awareness, and feeling prepared to share this warning with you, even if i may be wrong.

because after being right about that, this headline really struck me, and i felt its worth telling you- this is EXACTLY the precursor i saw in my dream: everyone chilling at a foreign cafe as if everything is okay.

is this what we are going to see in france or somewhere similar? where people think things are getting better, going just fine, yet moments later, everyone is blown to bits and everyone around me is penniless, physically dirty, and desperate?

i dont know for sure. and i will be so sorry if i turn out to be wrong, im not trying to scare anyone or make a false claim. i just have seen so much that adds up in my mind before it comes to true fruition, that its worth sharing with you.

the general content of these images were my dream. i dont know whats to come. but it mirrors my dream. so, that is my prayer: please pray for the people of France. travelers to france, the leaders, the citizens, anyone in there in the near future. even if my dream is wrong, prayer cant hurt, right? i dont know what else to do with the dream i had and seeing this headline that spoke so deeply to me. i felt it is worth telling you.

EDIT 5/22/2021:

I had a moment today where I put 2 and 2 together on something else regarding a dream, and I am wondering if it will mean anything, as well. let’s test this one out too.

but first I want to tell you a tidbit to quickly explain why I specifically am targeting my dreams as possibly having truth in its messages:

there is a lot to my dreaming history but I’m skipping over most of the story to make my main point regarding the question. and that main point is, I had a dream a year or 2 ago where I saw 2 male friends from the past, talking together. we were in the same group from friends from like 2003-2017, when I got engaged and realized I shouldn’t hang out with men anymore. when I had this dream in 2019, I hadn’t seen either of these 2 guys in years.

just like 3 days later, I ran into one of those 2 guys while I was taking a walk. he stopped his car to talk to me. I was like deer in headlights, feeling bad that I knew I’d end up having to explain that we aren’t friends anymore. he talked on, not seeming to notice that I was not acting my usual self. eventually, he asked if he should get my number or something, and that’s when I had to break it to him and it was tough but he accepted it and moved on.

but before we had that seriously awkward moment, he mentioned the other friend from my dream. he told me, “Eric hit me up wanting to hang out, but I decided no, some stuff happened, that I just don’t want to see him anymore.”

so after we parted and I continued walking alone, it hit me pretty quickly: This guy and Eric were in my dream just days ago, talking to each other! how weird- especially since I hadn’t talked to or thought of them in years. why did I suddenly dream that and then see one of them in “real life,” talking about the other one to me?! and pretty ironic that he told me that story about rejecting an old friend’s offer to hang out. hed had no idea I was about to do the same thing.

so since then, I have wondered what else I dream that may happen in real life somehow.

so, as for the dream I want to test out as far as whether it’s a “premonition” (is that the right word? I don’t want to be new-agey but I don’t know what to call this, “vision” maybe?), here it is:

[percolator parts window you may not have a heart but I still do]

I will come back to fill in the details but it’s a beautiful day and I need to do some power-washing. essentially though, for this dream, my prayer request is to please pray for my family. we have a special trip scheduled in late June, for my parents 40th anniv, and we have had sudden rare financial windfalls in the past couple years and that’s the only reason we can afford this. we are not like people who vacation every year etc. we have always had what we really need but we have had little excess so this is special timing for us. my dream involved end-times-type scenario and I have felt strange about the trip itself because of the times we are in, not knowing if we will even GET to take this one special trip you know? things are nuts out there. so I will come back later on to edit this post to type out what I saw in this dream that came to me within the past year or so. see ya soon


Is that Emmanuel Macron in the photo?.. his name means ‘god with you, mark’…
I’m having strange day too… was reading my bible and printed a map out so I could see where it was talking about, I noticed a name on a list of Judges, printed next to the map no4 was Barak, I though ohh, I’ll have to have a look at that, so I went to judges, ch4, and found Barak, son of Abinoam… an anagram for "no Obama…? Someone has probably spotted it before, but I thought wow, God leaves this stuff everywhere dosent he!

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I love your thought process <3 I agree God leaves signs everywhere!! I do not want at all to put this one down because I sincerely want to encourage what you’re getting at in general, finding these things and picking them apart like puzzles. i looked up the definition of anagram so I could be sure before saying what I’m about to say: There is only one O in abinoam, so it can’t be shuffled to “no Obama.” very close though!! and even if not, at the very least, doing the puzzle was in your heart. always feel free to share when you see things like this, it intrigues me <3 I will always be real with you as much as I can manage, and I never want to disagree when I don’t have to. I highly respect what you add to the forum always Julie!!

(and actually I don’t know what Macron looks like!)

Oh my, this sounds like part of a dream I had in March of 2021

I don’t typically share my dreams or visions with people. With the exception of my sister

I’m still praying for understanding, wisdom and confirmation on most of these.

I tend to save important dreams either in my email, or in a book i have next to my bed.

But the part you mentioned about the bistro reminds me of a dream i had back in March of 2021.

As a disclaimer : I dont have dreams all the time. It just so happened, i had quite a few in 2021.

So im going to share 4 separate dreams/visions I had. Simply because somehow i feel like they are all connected somehow. .

Vision #1

On Wednesday, February 10, 2021, Alissa G.

While in prayer, I had a vision of the statue of liberty crumbling.

She had a blow to her head and she started to crumbled into pieces.

I heard the words “the United States is crumbling, I will bring her to her knees in one fell swoop”.

I asked the Lord in prayer, “Will we be here to see it?”

But before I could even finish my full thought, I knew we were already seeing some of it.

I then saw a very dark night sky filled with millions of stars. Suddenly I saw these very fast and very bright beams of light. It seemed we were being shot up from the ground. I didn’t see people persay, but i got the impression that we were being “raptured up” and those beams of light represented angels who were taking us home.

We were being captured very quickly, without warning and being sent up, way past the stars. I saw the beams of light going back down just as quickly as it went up.

Then I saw a tree in the desert standing alone. Suddenly in the distance I saw horses, many many horses running. And on the horses I saw men wearing armor, holding swords and running fiercely through the desert.

I heard the words “War” … “Waging War”. With the feeling like it was coming soon.

I then saw a hill where I saw people standing. The desert led a path to the United States. There were people standing on the hill holding and waving american flags in their hands. They stood there cheering and welcoming this “army” into the US.

As i watched this, i had a feeling of disbelief. I had a feeling of confusion rush over me.

Why were they were welcoming them in?
I felt they were being “deceived”. They thought they were offering them a peace welcoming but instead they were going to be “plundered”.

Suddenly i had a flash back of the Statue of liberty crumbling. I saw buildings around her collapsing. As the statue of liberty went under. I could still see the army of horses running. They were running along an edge of a cliff, but suddenly a path formed from the side of the clif.

Rocks and clay started to tumble down this path very quickly. As i watched the rocks and clay fall, I saw a new army rising up. But this army looked like it was being raised from the ground. They were made of red clay/dirt and stone. They started to run, but they were running underground. I saw them in tunnels and running over tracks. They kept hitting walls of stone, that would tumble and roll towards them, causing them to run away.

But as soon as they ran to safety, they would turn right back around and attack again.

Finally at the end of the vision I saw what appeared to be a empty tunnel. Out of nowhere a train flew by very fast, running over and burying anybody that was in their path. I didn’t see anybody on the tracks, but as soon as the train was in the distance, i saw dark figures that looked like people digging themselves out of the dirt. They stood up and watched until the train was completely gone.

Dream #2

On Wednesday, March 3, 2021, Alissa G.

In the dream I saw an area that reminded me of India, but in the distance there was a huge explosion that could be felt from India to the United States

I saw the Statue of Liberty get hit in the arm. She didn’t crumble, but she was hit.

This explosion was so powerful it could be felt in both directions (India and the USA).

I suddenly saw two men, one was lying on the ground, and the other one was sitting at a bistro table. They were both disabled (unable to walk). The man on the ground was knocked down by an explosion. The man did not appear to be bleeding but he could not get up.

While still laying on the ground, he looked at the man who was still sitting at the table.

He professed his love to him. He said he always loved him.

I dont know how he saw me, but the man at the table looked directly at me. He wanted help getting to the man on the ground. I didn’t see anyone helping him. But i kept my distance and kept watching.

Suddenly I saw him slide down his chair and “slither” his way to the ground.

He “slithered” his body like a snake over to the man who was knocked down by the explosion. And just as it looked like this slithering man was about to kiss this other man, My father turned off the television.

Confused and not realizing i was watching a program. He looked at me very sternly and said “Everything in this world is going in this direction”.

He then proceeded to make a list of occurrences that were taking place in the world.

I cant remember the entire list, but i do remember him using the word “genocide”. And then something that eluded to perversion.

When i woke up, I thought the dream was odd and I tried shaking it off. But moments later, while awake i had a vision. I could see the explosion going off again.

This time I was standing in what i thought was India. I could see an explosion going off in the distance.

I then heard the word “France” and I could see the “Eiffel Tower”. This explosion was so powerful that it affected both India and the United States at the same time.

And in the same way I heard the word “France” i heard, “Alissa, you will be okay” repeated 2x.

Dream #3

On Tuesday, June 1, 2021, Alissa G.

I saw a Large American flag that was being held by foreigners. They were pulling the flag and tearing it at the Seams. As they tore it, the flag began to look like the shape of United States. As soon as the shape was formed, the people began to get more aggressive and started to tear at it more violently. They used hammers and chisels. I saw large black holes swallow some states. I suddenly heard the word “dismantle”

Dream #4

On Thursday, June 3, 2021, Alissa G.

Sitting next to Mom watching TV on the couch. She was very sullen. What ever was playing on TV was devastating. I looked over to her and said “I know you don’t like to talk about things like this. But we are really living in the end times”. (In my heart I knew God was coming soon). Her eyes never left the TV, but she said “I know”. This was the first time she ever acknowledged that we were living in the end times. I leaned over to put my head on her shoulder and started to get teary-eyed. Whatever was playing out on the TV screen was heavy and serious. But I knew God was in control

Yes it is!