Prayer for 911 safety

We all know how those who hate America and follow a false diety, place weight in dates in history. Please be prayerful in the coming hours until Sept. 11, 2021. Please Father keep us, your children, safe in the next hours from harm from those who hate us and may your spirit touch them in a way that will remove their hate and revel the love of Jesus in a new way to them.


Please forgive me when I say this, but I don’t know how to pray for my Country anymore. I served in Her military for many years, and held all the American ideals and institutions in high esteem, but anymore I don’t recognize Her for what she has become. I can totally empathize with Jeremiah, also known as the weeping prophet, who warned Judah for forty 40 years to turn back to the Lord. Yet, they continued to “live as they saw fit,” until the Babylonians conquered and enslaved them.

Earlier this week I saw where the National Archives placed a “harmful language alert” on our founding documents. When you read those documents, it’s evident that G_d had a hand in there creation—and now they’re offensive. Also this week, I was talking to a coworker about the disaster in Afghanistan, and he mentioned in disgust that the Taliban flag is now flying over the American embassy in Kabul. My response was “what does it matter, since it only replaced the Pride flag.” If you look in scriptures, G_d used evil nations, to chastise and correct other nations, in order that they’ll come back to Him.

Please understand, I certainly don’t wish any harm on this nation, but it is evident that the course of our nation does not end well.

I do pray for my family’s safety, and the safety and peace to my fellow brothers and sisters around the world. In addition, I pray for the lost to hear the gospel one more time before the coming of our Lord.

I’ve been a Christ follower for a long time, and I’m still learning in my walk with the Lord. So I am open for G_dly suggestions, and or corrections on what I’ve mentioned.


I can fully relate with you on this matter. Served, held in high esteem, and now do not recognize the nation of my birth. Over the past decade or so I have watch the government fiasco grow exceedingly worse as an oppressor, corrupt at every level and think Lord can I please find the exit from this house of horrors.


I’m in total agreement and also realize that the end of our nation is at hand and will be destroyed not only from foreign enemies but domestically as well.
There was a time not all that long ago that I constantly gave thanks for having been born here in a free nation but it would seem that THAT no longer applies.
I no longer recognize what this country stands for or what most of its citizens believe. Nothing is as it was and will never be again because evil is ruling and reigning here.
My only hope is in Jesus/s rescue…