Prayer for a place to live

My 24 year old daughter and I have to be out of our apartment by the end of the month. I am on disability and can’t find anywhere to rent. My daughter doesn’t work due to heart problems and deals with severe depression, anxiety and OCD. Trying to get disability for her but it takes so long. I am awating back surgery and hip replacement. Please pray I would stand firm in Gods ability. Thank you family :heart:


Hi Kristen,

i said a sweet prayer for you and your daughter from my heart :heart: :pray: in Jesus name.


Thank you :heart:


Oh, @krw Kristin, I’m so sorry.
If you are being evicted, please look into the eviction moratorium letter to give to your landlord. I did this for my son last year, and it protected him from losing his apartment.

I pray that the Lord will lead you to take the right steps to protect your living situation or lead you to a better place altogether! God will make a way when there seems to be no way.

Praying also for your health and your daughter’s anxiety. God please touch my sisters in their time of need and give them mental and physical strength to withstand these setbacks.

In Jesus’ name,


P.S. I was actually born in Bama! :heart:


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