Prayer for a suicidal young man

Hello Saints! My dear friend has a close friend named Marco who is feeling suicidal and facing deportation. I appreciate the prayers over his situation. Thank you to all :heart:

Yours in Christ,



May the Lord protect this young man from the enemy seeking to enter his mind. May the Holy Spirit give him peace and wisdom concerning his situation. Praised be the Lord God whom will always take that which our enemies seek to use for evil and use it for good. Praying with you!


Thank you Rodney for the prayers!

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Don’t know if he’s saved or not, so going to take a different approach to this one.

Mighty Heavenly Father

I don’t know the particulars of this Marco, but I ask that You inspire him to turn from the idea of suicide and know that You are God. To put his faith in You for him to be led where He must and learn the moral responsibility inquired or required to pass through this earth as Your children are doing at this very time. Help him to learn to lean on You always and trust in You and bless him with discernment to know when You are speaking as opposed to when Satan is destroying.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thank you Jon for your prayer! My friend said he is saved and the situation (the more I learn) is incredibly sad. Many are praying for Him so prayerfully He turns away from this darkness and back to the Lord.