Prayer for alcoholic son in a tailspin

Without going into too much detail, I would like to ask others to pray with me for my son, Alex, who is in a downward spiral that has affected our whole family for years now. It has gotten so much worse since this “virus” lockdown, and the breakup of an 8-year relationship. Despite praying the blood of Jesus over him, binding Satan, and trying to intervene in so many ways, I feel like I am in a losing battle. He is very hateful to all of us, especially me–the one who has physically, mentally, and financially taken the burden. Yes, I have sought professional help for him (he is a vet of Iraq and Afghanistan), and they seem to want to hand him tranquilizers and send him on his way. I know this is a spiritual battle, and the harder I pray, the worse the situation seems to get. I’m brokenhearted and broken. I know he is broken, too, and he just wants out of this world. I have no control. Thanks in advance for any prayers.



Cindy I will be praying for your son and you. I know first hand how your broken heart feels. Our circumstances are not the same but our prayers are.
Isaiah 41:10
Good Bless You🙏


thank you…praying for you as well. He upholds us with His righteous right hand. :raised_hands:t2:


Dear lord ,
you place Alex in your arms . we pray you
fight this spiritual battle for them . We give
you this and ask for peace for his family . we pray for healing . we ask this in your hoky name Jesus Christ amen


:pray for Alex and the family … I know how what a struggle this can be with family members :hugs:


Lifting you and your son Alex up to the Lord’s rescue and relief Cindy.

Yours in Christ


Hi, sweet sister. I have no words of wisdom, but want you to know I am fighting the same battle with my son. I more so just wanted you to know I am coming alongside you in prayer for your precious son, and the peace that passes all understanding to surround you, and lift your weary head. I know things may seem dark; but our God holds our sons, and us. If you would need a prayer partner who understands, and will not judge, please reach out to me. :pray:t2:


Thank you to everyone who prayed. This “Prayer Request” category seems to be where I hover lately. As much as I love prophecy and get so excited about likely being the generation that ‘goes up,’ it seems like the cares of this world keep dragging me down.

Being the empathetic codependent that I am, I’m usually the one who is giving a hug or a word of encouragement that it will “get better,” but I cannot lie. I don’t think things are going to get better–not in this world. Of course, that’s not very comforting to people who are struggling, but when I add–but God will rescue us, then I’m the “crazy religious freak” who reads her Bible all day. (I’d be in much better shape mentally and spiritually if I did read it all day–but I do work full time, so that’s not happening. That’s my sisters’ take on it, though. Lol :joy_cat:)

Again, I sincerely thank you all and hope that we can convert all the lost so we can go home! Grateful to have a few prayer partners to fight the fight with me… :sparkling_heart: :pray: :raised_hands: